Tuesday, October 5, 2010


A Free Teleseminar called Women On the Edge of Evolution.

Our question:
What is our role as women in creating the future of our world?

"The world will be saved by the western woman."
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Something amazing is happening for us as women. As one of the first generations liberated from the tasks of mere survival, we now have the freedom, the credentials, the resources and the interest to turn our attention toward the full transformation of ourselves and our world.
Never before have we as a global group of women been holding so much potential, or so much power, to shape our collective future....
Yet, what is the pathway to awakening the fullness of our authentic power as women?
Where should we give our energy and attention in order to make our greatest contribution?
And how might we work together and support each other in this process?
We invite you to join our global community of women as we come together to engage the most important questions of our time.

Participation Is Free...

There is no cost to participate in this live, interactive event. Thanks to our generous sponsors and to all the visionary women who have volunteered their time and wisdom, we are able to offer this event for free to the public.
All you need is a telephone or a computer to participate. You can listen live on the phone, online or download the recording to your computer or audio player.
We want to make the teleseminars as interactive as possible, so there will be an opportunity to ask questions and engage in dialogue with each of the presenters.
~ To all that we can catalyze and co-create together,
Claire Zammit & Katherine Woodward Thomas

As you sign up you are sent an email with link, one of them to over 40 old downloadable webisodes, with password woman.

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