Monday, November 10, 2008


I should start by saying I see people....

I sometimes do have to force myself to really see the person, but normally it comes naturally.
I can meet someone casually, or stand next to them on a bus stop, and no matter if they happen to have something that bothers me, I force myself to see the good, the positive, the purest quality they have. Why? Because we should be able to love everything. Why? Because the opposite of love is selfishness.
And your Soul gets nowhere being selfish.

It's the natural state of the soul to exist, the Soul itself doesn't need love or an ego, it's beyond that, it's pure and needs no adjectives to describe it.
But while we are in our bodies, we do need love and ego to balance us until we continue on from earth.

Selfishness in it's natural state is introverted, guarding, possessive, fearful and negative in all it's aspects.

in it's natural state is unconditional, forgiving, empowering, giving, positive and pure.

What I've found that works for me is, equality.
Every single person gets from me positive loving attitude, words and actions. I admit I have my moments of cussing, but it's directed at me. Which is no better, as I am just as unconditionally lovable as everyone else. But I am still a person with an ego, we can't get rid of it, and we shouldn't try, we will eventually be born without it and when that's the case you no longer will be in school (read earth).
My ego does try and rule me, of course it's the Fear in me, ego fears everything that I love, but it's easy to calm it down when you know what it's motives are, after all it's only trying to protect you in it's twisted own way.
It doesn't like it when you are hurt, when people hurt you or when you lose something. It's the epitome of possessive.

It's surprisingly easy to see everyone as equals.

I started when mom use to get into hospitals a lot when I was a kid, she showed me doctors are just as much like us as anyone else.
After that her best friend became star of couple TV shows, and few famous people visited our house too, and again she taught me they are just as human as us.
Many things followed that taught me the same thing, no one is above you or below you.

I have to say seeing people aren't below you is harder than seeing they aren't above you, I think it's in our genetic make-up to feel we can't be put down, but harder to see if we are putting someone down in the process.
When I see something hard for me to accept, like a person who still choose to live on the streets and drink and shout and cuss for a life, I find it hard to find anything positive to see or say. Nothing gets to me like people who don't love themselves… I see this empty vast black hole where there should be a person with gracefulness, light and joy. It is so hard for me, and that's where I have to grow, even if I don't for the love of the goddess and the god understand it doesn't mean I have the right to block that person, they probably need me more than any person who knows love themselves.

To see the good in people and focus on that, makes the person in front of you hold on to the feeling of being loved and they go about wanting that feeling more and acting accordingly to achieve it. What more can you ask from that little life we live than to love and be loved in return.

All this beautiful art that resonates deep into the Soul, can be respectfully found here at Kagaya's Home page: and

Thursday, July 10, 2008


What's the Origin of Me?

I have, countless times, wondered and tried to educate myself in the matters of spiritual origin of people. Spiritual Origin of Me.

There are many ways to go with it, and still I seem to relate to the weirdest of them... I know souls come to earth from different places, different pasts...
I still feel that it's important for me to know how human beings came to be.
I know we are just one small portion of DNA away from primates... There is something in that small spec of life that makes us different. Scientist don't know it... people speculate a lot.
There is Personal Truth. Personal Truth depends on the scale of wisdom, scale of experience and scale of memory at the current reincarnation.
That is why people argue, no two minds are at the same level of all three indicators of Personal Truth.
So there is no point in arguing the Origin, the Essence of Humans, because no one will really be able to agree with you in all the details.
So have your personal truth and when you grown, let your personal truth grow too... it would be so unfair to not let part of you grow with yourself.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Bambu with Sented Candle
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
I talked with a new spirit guide today.

I invisioned myself in Japanese Garden, sitting in small garden temple with no wall, just a floor and pillars and the roof, surrounded by a pond, cherry blossom trees, pine needles and a forest.

I was guided by Lii, who told me why I was so invested at the moment in Historical Japanese Culture.

I needed tranqulity, stillness, peace, slow rythm of routine. I had during the past stood too much in the middle of a hectic, busy, nerving, spiralling windtunnel of stress and anxioty. When I finally detached myself from it I slowly found balance that has now grown to search for stillness, peace and tranquility to truly be happy.

First I had to force feed myself joy and happiness to get out of the depression and now that it's done I can really stop and listen what it is that I need so that I can genuinly be truly happy.

Simplicity, Peace, Stillness and Tranquility.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Hobby Basket of Yarn!

Hobby Basket of Yarn!
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
I've gone nuts for crochet and knitting!

Truly I can spend three hour straigh with stick and yarn. LOL!
After that tho I'm so nearsighted it's not funny. ;) Okay maybe a bit funny.
But it just gives me this gorgeous Zen feeling when I have my consentration pointed to one thing only.

I recommend highly. :)

Easter Grass! Happy Easter!

Easter Grass! Happy Easter!
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
In a Finish Tradion we plant grass on small pots or baskets (such as is here) inside the house, we put little chicks in it as a symbol of upcoming spring and fertility, as Finland doesn't have green grass outside yet, and as the ground isn't warmed up yet it means it's not in it's fertile state.
It's sort of an incantion of symbols for an upcoming Spring.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Angel II
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
Archangel Chamuel works on the pink ray of love and being blessed with this archangel card indicates that you are ready to open your heart to unconditional love.

Love has no restrictions and accepts all people as they are. Nor does it judge. True love is so powerful that it dissolves hurt, anger and separation.

Let love flow from your heart and touch your loved ones, those you dislike and strangers.

This creates a bridge of light which the angels can move along to bring hope and peace.

In return your life will be blessed and filled with love.

Affirmation: My heart is filled with the flame of love.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Originally uploaded by NiinaC.

Helinä kirjoitti ihanasti yksinäisyydestä viestissään:
Joten niin kirjoitan nyt minäkin:

Luulenpa että viimeisen vuoden masennuksen ajan en ole pitänyt tarpeeksi yhteyttä perheenjäseniin ja ystäviin sillä tunnen oloni nyt kieltämättä hiukan hylättyksi.

Järjestelen kaimani kanssa kynttilä bileitä eli naisten illan istujaisia ja kutsumistani ystävistä ja perheenjäsenistä vain 1 pääsee tulemaan, ja olin kutsunut 7.

Voitte siis kuvitella että olo on vähän orpo. Olisin niin kovasti halunnut jutella ystävilleni ketä en ole nähnyt pitkään aikaan, mutta...

Syy kyllä tähän löytyy minusta. En ole antanut aihetta laittaa itseäni tärkeyslistoille, en ole kertonut ystävilleni miksi en ole ollut heihin yhteydessä. Joten itseään on katsottava suoraan silmiin ja löydettävä oma osa-syyllisyytensä. (menneestä) Masennuksesta huolimatta.

Olen aina pitänyt yksin olemisesta, mutta kieltämättä silloin kun haluaisi järjestää jotain hauskaa niin on ikävää kun ei ole ystäviä kenelle järjestää.

Mutta tänään menen ja pidän hauskaa! Saanpahan tavata uusia mahdollisia ystäviä.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
I resigned from my current permanent job. A strange feeling. I was excited for multiple reasons:
a) I am embarking on an adventure! b) What will people say. c) How people at work will take the news.

But lets say, b & c were the lesser excitement cause I've learned that ultimately, even when living in an intervined sociaty, the person who matters most to you upon making decisions is Yourself.

But it is always intriguing to see how people react, you learn about their character a lot that way.


Irtisanoin itseni nykyisestä vakituisesta työstäni. Outo tunne. Olin jännittynyt muutamastakin syystä:
a) Lähdin kohti uusia seikkailuja! b) Mitä ihmiset sanovat. c) Miten ihmiset töissä vastaanottavat nämä uutiset.

Mutta sanottakoon että, b & c olivat vähemmän jännittäviä sillä olen oppinut että pohjimmiltaan, vaikka elämme toisiinsa sitoutuneessa yhteisössä, ainoa jonka mielipide on "tärkeä" päätöstä tehdessä on se joka on Sinun itsesi.

Mutta on aina mielenkiintoista nähdä miten ihmiset reakoivat, heidän luonteenlaadustaan oppii sillä hetkellä paljon.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Angel II
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
According to Universal Law you can have anything your heart desires.

However if your happiness, sense of security or feeling of power depends on someone or something in your life, then you are attached to it. It is a chain which binds you to a lower frequency and keeps you stuck.

Your guidance is to ask the angels to help you cut the cords that tie you to people, things and emotions.

When all attachments are released you can no longer be manipulated emotionally. This enables you to reclaim your power and be genuine.

Free your spirit and that of others. Let go now.

Affirmation: I release everyone and everything. My spirit is free.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Softer Side of Cactus
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
In finnish there is subtle differerence in the tone of truth and honesty, truth is always the truth but honesty can be translated to "truthful" which is almost always used as a question.
I found it interesting.
I consider myself truthful and as long as my new life style has been up I have also been telling the truth. Before that there were white lies and such.

With this new situation at the moment I'm again pushed to say thing, what makes me wonder is should I just bluntly say what's going to happen or should I dance around it, not hurting anyone until absolute nessacery. When it's time people will have hurt feelings cause I'll be forced to tell the Truth.
But my place is not to feel for them, I know all consequences of my actions and as aware as I am of them, I know all actions have consequences and this is right for me.

And when I know it's right, it's also the right decision.


Pidän itseäni totuudenmukaisena (vaikka sillä suomenkielessä onkin hieman kysymys luonne) ja niin kauan kuin olen ollut tällä uudella ilon elämänlinjalla olen myös puhunut vain totta.
Ennen tuota oli valkoisia valheita, ynnä muuta.

Tämän uuden tilanteen johdosta minua taas yritetään saada sanomaan asioita, jonka vuoksi mietinkin tulisiko minun möläyttää suoraan mitä tulee tapahtumaan vai tanssia vastausten ympärillä, niin etten loukkaa kenenkään tunteita ennenkuin on pakko. Kun tulee se aika ihmisten tunteita tulee loukattua, ja vain sen vuoksi että minun on kerrottava totuus.
Mutta minun paikkani ei ole tuntea heidän puolestansa, tiedän kaikki seuraukset teolleni, samoin tiedän että kaikilla teoilla on seurauksensa ja että se mitä tulee tapahtumaan on oikein ratkaisu.

Ja kun tiedän että se on oikein, tiedän että tuo päätöskin on se oikea.


Angel II
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
Honesty is as important in business as in every sphere of life. People sense your level of honour and integrity and respond accordingly.

When you are completely honest with yourself you can be totally open for there is nothing to hide. People respect and trust you and they want to work with you and do business with you.

At all times maintain your own standards regardless of those around you.

Truth ultimately prevails, therefore the sound course in business is to be honest and build your career on a solid foundation.

Affirmation: Honesty pays.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Angel II
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
A still clear mind sees everything from a wider perspective and enables you to pinpoint your vision.

Allow your true wisdom to come forward and dissolve the chatter of your mind.

Know that your business angel has drawn this to your attention in order to help you, for a clear mind is sharp as a diamond.

Take some time to find the stillness within. Then you can clarify the issues in your life and take the right decisions for the highest good.

As you become clear about your business and personal life you will see things differently. You will be able to make decisions from strength and find a new way of being.

Affirmation: My clear, calm mind perfects my judgement.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Chakra Cat
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
Kaikista tärkeintä minulle juuri nyt on pysyä omalla tielläni.

Kysyin mieheltäni olenko ihan sekaisin tehdessäni tämän päätöksen, sillä maallisella tasolla siinä ei ole juuri järkeä, MUTTA Henkisellä tasolla se on Enkelien ohjaama juuri oikea ratkaisu elämälleni.
"Sinun tulee elää päätöksiesi kanssa." Ja hän oli aivan oikeassa, siltikään se ei tarkoita että eläisin kärsien päätökseni kanssa... Se ei ENÄÄ kuulu tyyliini!
Oli päätös mikä tahansa elän sen kanssa ja olen ILOINEN!

Turha muistella menneitä, turha uppoutua toisten tunteisiin.
Kaikki mikä tapahtuu on tarkoituskin tapahtua.

Ennen joulu kävin työterveyslääkärillä joka yritti tuputtaa minulle lääkkeitä "keskivaikeaan" masennukseen. Täytyi melkein taistella sanoin häntä vastaan, tämä oli 3 kerta viimeisin vuoden aikana kun minulle oltiin tuputtamassa lääkkeitä.
Kuten aikaisemmin sanoin ajattelen asiaa, vaikka minulla ei ollut aikoimustaakaan pistää mitään suuhuni.

Mutta aloin silloin miettiä mikä minun oikeasti on.
Ja tasan viikko sen jälkeen masennukseni oli poissa, ja vain siksi että tein erittäin suuren/pienen päätöksen, päätin olla.... ILOINEN.

Niin yksin kertaista se oli.

Siitä lähtien minulle kelpasivat vain vastauksiksi ne teot sanat jotka tekivät minut iloiseksi.

Ja juuri siksi seison tämän seuraavan päätöksen päällä.

TASAPAINO elämässä on niin tärkeää että kun unohdamme sen on jäljellä vain negatiiviset asiat jotka ottavat vallan. Ja SE ei tule enää tapahtumaan minulle!

Hyvät Ystäväni,
Minä arvostan ja rakastan teidän kaikkia hyviä puolianne!
Ne tekevät teistä sen ystävän joka on oikea juuri minulle.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Fine sand
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
Olen löytänyt uuden polun, ei enää sairauksia, ei ruumiin, ei sielun vaan uusi alku, elämän uusi haarautuma, tässä sitä mennään eikä meinata!
Suru, menetys ja stressi ovat vain voimaa joka tarvitaan valjastaa Intohimoksi.
Elämä on juuri sitä mitä sen haluat olevan!


I have found a path, no more illnesses, none of body, none of soul but a new beginning, new fork in a road, here we go with no second thoughts!
Sadness and grief and stress are only Power that need to be harness to Passion.
Life is exactly what you want it to be!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Angel II
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
Life is an adventure. Be ready for the unexpected and make the most of all opportunities. The angel wisdom suggests you get out of any stuck habits or ruts. Do things that are different and face life with a sense of wonder.

If the path ahead seems dark, do as you would if you were exploring a dark place. Ask your angels to light up the way. Then watch for the signs and signals that tell you where and how to go.

Explore the new with excitement and courage. These magnetic qualities attract money and career openings and add zest to relationships.

The angels are inspiring you to move forward with anticipation, expectancy and hope.

Affirmation: I face the adventure of life eagerly.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Angel II
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
An unruly dog is a hazard to itself and others. The animal which has learned discipline and obedience can be trusted and will loyally and lovingly serve its master. It is then allowed off its lead.

Through discipline comes freedom.

The master you are called on to obey is your Higher Self. You came to earth on a mission and only self discipline will enable you to fulfil it. Tune in and ask your angels for their help and support so that your life becomes happy and rewarding and divinely directed.

Discipline is a key to fulfilling your destiny.

Affirmation: Self discipline brings me freedom.

Saturday, January 5, 2008


There are seven mighty Archangels who are particularly radiating light onto us and helping all of us on Earth now. In accordance with Spiritual Law we must, of course, ask for their help.

Ray 1
Archangel Michael works with the blue ray of protection. He appears with his sword and shield to protect you and will place his deep blue cloak around you to keep you safe, if you ask. He gives you strength and courage and helps you to bring about positive results. He will use the power of his sword to cut away negative cords, which attach you to people, thought forms or objects. His etheric retreat is in Banff, Canada, which you can access during sleep or meditation. Executives, leaders, military, commanders, policemen, sports people and public servants are often on the deep blue Archangel Michael ray.

Ray 2
Archangel Jophiel works with the yellow ray of wisdom and illumination. He uses his might and power to inspire and light up the mind, so that people become open minded and wise. . His special task is to help all aspects of education and learning and he is particularly available to students and teachers, ambassadors and artistic people. He will help you to be tactful and have foresight in difficult situations. His etheric retreat is south of the Great Wall, China, which you can access in sleep or meditation.

Ray 3
Archangel Chamuel
works with the pink ray of love. He expands the flame of love in your heart and helps people to find compassion and forgiveness. Artists and peacemakers, philosophers, metaphysicians and musicians are particularly enfolded in his light. His etheric retreat is in St Louis, Missouri, which you can access during sleep or meditation to be filled with more love.

Ray 4
Archangel Gabriel
works with the white ray of purity. He offers guidance and helps people to find their next step in life or their divine mission. When you invoke him he brings joy and grace, clarity, and order into your life.. He opens you up to sympathy, understanding and generosity and will help you purify negative emotions and beliefs, which are locked in your energy system. His etheric retreat is in Mount Shasta, California and he has a retreat at Findhorn for purification and awakening. Spiritual leaders, spiritual scientists, astronomers, biochemists, physicists and musicians are often enfolded in this ray.

Ray 5
Archangel Raphael
works with the emerald green ray of balance, healing and abundance. He helps travelers and healers and stands for vision and truth, so he will enable you to find a sense of justice.
His etheric retreat is at Fatima in Portugal and doctors, surgeons, inventors, mathematicians, chemists, electricians, engineers and researchers work with his ray.

Ray 6
Archangel Uriel
works with the purple and gold ray of wisdom and peace. He directs the angels of peace and helps you soothe conflict so that you can find serenity, brother and sisterhood. He breaks your mental and emotional chains and frees you from fears.
Missionaries, priests, ministers, healers, lawyers, social workers, blue-collar workers, farmers and business people tend to be on this ray.
His etheric retreat is above the Tatra mountains, Poland.

Ray 7
Archangel Zadkiel
works with the violet ray of transmutation and ceremonial magic He directs the angels of joy and mercy to transmute lower energies and help people to find forgiveness, diplomacy and tolerance. He is associated with St Germain and the Violet Flame.
Visionaries, diplomats, mystics, leaders, royalty, community organisers and high priests and-priestesses often work with this ray.

Archangel Azrael
He is an Archangel in the Hebrew and Muslim traditions. His name means, ‘whom God helps’. He is known as the Archangel of Spirit because he is an intermediary between angels, Archangels and anything spiritual. He is the only angel not to have an aura because his light is within him, so that he is translucent but does not radiate out. He often wears a black cloak and has black wings because he is quiet and still, offering comfort where it is needed, especially at times of bereavement. He is with you when you die, soothing any suffering, and helps with the journey as you pass over.

If someone is at peace when they are dying, they surrender to him, slipping into his arms and allow themselves to be taken away. He reminds that death is transformation.
He also stands in the background at a birth, while Archangel Gabriel radiates light as he connects the new spirit with the physical body of the baby.

Archangel Azrael also works with Archangel Metatron, helping to keep the Akashic records.
For more information about the Archangels read A Little Light on Ascension or listen to my tape A Little Light on Angels. Here is a very powerful and beautiful invocation and meditation, which will help you to align with the energy of the Archangels and bring them into your aura. You may care to put this on tape so that you can concentrate on the energy coming into you.



Angel II
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
Discernment means sensing what feels right or wrong, trusting your judgement and acting on it.

Your angel guidance is to look at the people and situations in your life now and respond to your gut feeling.

Learn to develop your intuition and ask the angels to help you to discern the good from the bad. They will prompt and guide you.

You will feel safer, happier, stronger and clearer.

Angel wisdom reminds you that when you can be trusted to use discernment you can serve the Universe in a great way.

Affirmation: I trust my intuition.


Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
According to people’s notions there is a gap between the following two – day to day life and individual spirituality.

I don’t believe there should be, still people insist behaving as if there is. Remember me telling about frustration some posts away? It’s exactly like that, I have found a way to unite the two and find it so amazing it used to make me frustrated that other people couldn't do it… I knew afterwards they would feel amazing.

Now here is the growing point for me! I should not care about others; they can find their way back despite of me… right? Right. BUT… yes I still have a but. There are clear messages out there that your actions and words can totally change a person’s view in life, if they are open to it.

Think of it this way; a telemarketer calls insisting you need to order Helsingin Sanomat. You do no such thing, you need no newspaper. You politely say; sorry not at the moment.
Then two weeks later a friend says you’d be perfect for a job in her new company at marketing, so you decide I need to be on top of things, hence you say; I’m ordering Helsingin Sanomat.

It makes perfect sense then that I stay as me, an ever flowing, ever changing personality who has successfully united in my life, my own spirituality and daily routines such as work, cooking and grocery shopping.

Every time a see an ambulance I send angels with it to help the person in need and guide the people helping them. Any negative action against me, words or deeds, I brush off immediately, with help of Archangel Michael I cut the energy cords trying to bind me and give my energy to the aggressor. I calm myself down meditating. I smile and love people for all their good qualities until they themselves cut their ties to me with actions or words of their own.

Life is so much better now that I can finally, after this last teaching ordeal, to life my life as it was always intend it to go.


Puheista päätellen näiden kahden seuraavan välillä on kuilu - arki elämä ja oma henkisyys.

En usko että sitä tulisi olla, kuitenkin ihmiset väittävät kiven kovaan että niin se on. Muistatteko kun kerroin aiemmin Turhautumisesta? Niihän se on, olen löytänyt tavan yhdistää nämä kaksi ja sen tulokset ovat olleet aivan mahtavat, ennen jopa turhauduin kun muut eivät siihen vielä kykeneet. Tiesin miten hienolta tuon muutoksen jälkeen tuntui.

Ja tässä oli minun kasvun mahdollisuuteni! Minun ei tulisi huolehtia toisista; he löytävät oman tiensä ilman minuakin... eikö vain? Kyllä vain. MUTTA… kyllä minulla on vielä mutta. On olemassa aivan selviä viestejä siitä miten tekosi ja sanasi voivat muuttaa ihmisen elämän katsomuksen täysin, jos he ovat avoimia muutokselle.

Ajatellaanpa sitä näin; puhelin myyjä soittaa vaatien että tilaat Helsingin Sanomat. Et kuitenkaan tilaa, koska et tarvitse uutisi. Sanot kohteliaasti; sori, ei tällä hetkellä.
Kuitenkin kahden viikon kuluttua ystäväsi sanoo että olisit täydellinen hoitamaan markkinointia hänen uudessa yhtiössään, päätät että haluat olla tilanteiden tasalla, joten sanot; Tilaan Helsingin Sanomat.

Joten on täydellisesti ymmärrettävää että pysyn itsenäni, aina virtaavana, aina muuttuvana ihmisenä, joka on menestyvästi yhdistänyt elämään, oman henkisyyden ja päivien ruutiinit kuten työn, ruoanlaiton ja ruoka ostokset.

Joka kerta kun näen tai kuulen ambulanssin lähetän enkelitä auttamaan autettavaa sekä antamaan ohjausta auttajille. Kaikki minuun kohdistuvat negatiivisuudet, sanat ja teot, heitän pois selästäni, Arkkienkeli Mikaelin avulla katkaisen energia siteet agressiiviseen ihmiseen joka yrittää sitoa ja viedä energiani. Rauhoitun meditoimalla. Hymyilen ja rakastan jokaista ihmistä heidän hyvien ominaisuuksiensa vuoksi kunnes he itse katkaisevat siteensä minuun teoillaan tai sanoillaan.

Elämä on niin paljon parempaa nyt kun vihdoinkin, viime vuoden opettavien koettelemusten jälkeen, voin elää elämääni niin kuin aina oli suunnitelmissa.

Friday, January 4, 2008



Your angel guidance is to examine yourself and your current situation in depth so that you have a clear awareness of the underlying reasons for your challenges and situations.

Acquaint yourself with facts about situations and attitudes before you take decisions.
Self awareness is a necessary foundation on which to build strong relationships, friendships and work.

Understanding your personality is a basis for understanding your spiritual self and your mission on earth.

Ask your angel to help you.

Affirmation: I seek an understanding of myself and my life.

Thursday, January 3, 2008



Your guidance is to take time to enjoy yourself. Relax and find your sense of humour. Treat things lightly.

Fun brings lightness of spirit and the most difficult situation can be eased if you see the funny side of things, so cultivate a sense of the ridiculous.

How can you bring play, laughter and fun into your social life, your relationships, your work life?

When you have fun the angels rejoice for there is nothing they love more than joy, play, humour and laughter.

Affirmation: I lighten up and make everything fun.


Conte Crayons
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
Eka päivä töissä pitkään aikaan. Tarkastelen miten oma muuttunut asenteeni vaikuttaa työhöni. Huomasin eilen ensimmäisenä päivänäni että olin paljon rauhallisempi. Luulenpa että ennen kaipasin hiljaisuutta itseeni niin paljon että luulin työpaikallani olevan paljon enemmän meteliä. Nyt kuitenkin olen sisälläni rauhallinen ja minun ei tarvitse janota hiljaisuutta ulkopuolella.
Nyt kun olen valinnut Ilon, Onnellisuuden, Positiivisuuden ja Tyytyväisyyden en aio kääntyä takaisin sille aivan turhalle tielle jota olen kulkenut jo puolitoista vuotta.
Pitää minun tehdä mikä tahansa päätös niin teen mielummin sen kuin hukkaan itseni taas täysin.
Se minkä olen saanut takaisin voi tehdä elämästäni ihanan, sellaisen joka on mahdollisuuksia täynnä!
Kiitos, Kiitos, Kiitos.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008



The angels remind you that every situation or person is placed on your path with a purpose.
It may be to strengthen you, offer you an opportunity to resolve or forgive the past, release old patterns, or for enjoyment.

Your life purpose is ultimately to do that which brings you joy, satisfaction and fulfilment. Seeking these soul qualities will place you on the path of your destiny. Once on your life path, allow nothing and no one to deflect you from your mission.

Your guidance is to ask your angel to help you find the purpose of your current situation or, if you are ready, your life mission.

Align your strength and willpower and hold your intention to fulfil your purpose. The angels will support you and you will succeed.

Affirmation: I am strong and determined.


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