Thursday, April 28, 2011


"The way others treat you is their path, the way you respond, is yours..."

Friday, April 22, 2011


Interestesting  data on HAARP @

"Updated April 21, 2011 – The HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) website has been down for the past 3 weeks. It was ordered taken down by the US government to conceal US weather modification and earthquake inducing warfare activities against foreign states. The HAARP website was publishing very damaging evidence of US military weather modification and earthquake triggering operations against foreign states. HAARP’s waterfall charts and magnetometer charts gave evidence of an ongoing weather war between the United States government and foreign states. The magnetometer presented concrete evidence that HAARP triggered the Japan earthquake and ensuing tsunami.

HAARP’s magnetometer can be used to predict as well as give evidence of a HAARP created earthquake. A magnetometer measures disturbances in the magnetic field in Earth’s upper atmosphere. HAARP was broadcasting a 2.5 Hz frequency (the signature frequency of an earthquake) from just before midnight on March 8, 2011 and continued to broadcast the frequency for the entire days of March 9, 2011 and March 10, 2011. The 2.5 Hz frequency continued to be broadcasted and recorded by the magnetometer for another 10 hours the day of the Japan 9.0 magnitude earthquake."


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Love, Light and Joy!


There are people who go on about life with a deaf ear to what the body wants, they are those determined to do what they want and nothing else - whatever might be needed is not listen to because it doesn't come from the Mind.
There is another extreme as well, the ones who are slaves to the wants of the body. The body sees something and it has to be had, new shoes - oh must get those, new tea - oh have to have that, new chocolate - oh I want that so bad! The filter never really kicks into gear.

Alright, so is there a Golden middle? If you've ever visited it, you bet your behind there is!

But what to give in to? Guidelines, anyone? No, I'm afraid not. There really isn't a universal way to listen to your body, for the simplest reason, we aren't the same we don't eat the same things, we don't wear the same things, we don't have the same genetic make-up - where the guy next to you might have iron deficiensy, you don't. Where the girl on your other side might have too much salt in her diet, you do not.
This is why there cannot be solid rules. We have to go by ear and start to little by little learn to intepret the signals and needs of the body.

Had salads for four days straight, and graving chips? Instead of saying in your head I'm graving junk food, give this a thought - salt deficiensy, now instead of chips, get the healthier option, try pickles. Graving to eat Fish - you might be in need of Potassium or vitamins A and D.

Why I'm blogging about this is because I've been a vegetarian for 8 months now, before that I still ate fish while otherwise on a vegetarian diet since last April, so since I stopped eating fish 8 months ago I haven't given it second though as a food. But then about two weeks ago whenever I saw fish in a magazine I felt like "yummy I want that" - slightly confusing. I first ignored, but as it didn't go away I asked myself a question. Why am I denying what my body needs? It isn't going away it would have already passed in a week, it isn't a want but a need, so why am I not listening to the messages my body is giving me?

That struck bit of a core with me, I am very attuned to my body and what it needs and lately I've been truly ignoring it. So what I did was get a fish for dinner, quit my 'dark months of winter' candy habit, and begun to exercise ( speaking of which after I'm done with this blog, I'm ready for my Zumba 50min Cardio Party! ).
Instead of just being about one dinner of Fish, this topic when thought about set off a whole flair things!
And the funny thing is I haven't graved fish sence. ;)

Sometimes fish isn't just fish, sometimes food is a key ingredient in a little life change!

But truly listening to your body, everyone should do daily. Atleast once a day have a really good listen to something that your body wants and needs - there is a whole world to Discover about yourself, trust me you know so little and there is so much to learn! And it can be great fun! Atleast I love nothing more than that Oh, That's Why! moment that comes out of the blue.

So wether its about eating something, buying new shoes or getting the right brand of tea, trust your body - it is capable to pick up color and pattern signals of things you need, but more than that it's a channel to your conciousness and mind to give you things that are right for you at the moment, and with them an insight to your life here.

Love your Life and Listen to your Body!

Off to get my cardio done for the day!

Love, Light and Joy!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011


It seems I have been gone for a good month & a half, not on purpose... March is when sun starts to shine a lot more in Finland ( has to do with tilt of the earth ) and I almost always have the same reaction to it which is I get tired ( very odd, it's suppose to be backwards ) and it takes me a while to yawn my way to latest to May to cheer up. ( seriously yawning even as we speak )

Now what has been going on while I was gone, I've been going to work every work day and watched spring come to life with the kids. I got tired to my hair being in Winter shape and cut myself a fringe/bangs. ;)

Went to see "Wicked" with my sister who turned 14, had my husband's 39th Birthday where I got him a PS3, discovered that part of my March Blues were probably due to the fact I stopped exercising during the winter so picked that up again just lately, and it has helped as I am here! in my blog again! Also returned to a free and the sanest workout and diet site on the web ( if you are there, you can find me as SlimmerMe82 - 4,776 fitness minutes so far! ).

Last post I made was about my hair, and about coloring it. It's driving me mad! Mad! Right now it's the color that makes it look always dirty, my natural hair color is lighter than the package brand I've bought so what happens is the roots do look 'dirty' if I don't wash my hair daily - and even wind will cause problems - but I will ride this out, I'm strong - and also I Am Not My Body, that bit always helps when a nasty little though "people must think I'm a slob" crosses my mind. It's still hard for my ego to come to craps with the idea that people don't really think of me that Much, you know! ;D

Also there are bad news from the past month as well, my husband's brother's grand kids, two adorable little girls were killed in a car crash, their parents were very badly injured. There is no pain like children dying. Them living in america and seeing them only few times didn't make it easier.

But now I'm enjoying finding my happy, energetic Niina again - with the help of eating prober food again, exercising and visiting my blog. Bring on the Spring! I want green grass and warm weather. :)

Love, Light and Joy!

P.S: Check out the third to last Teleseminar episode March 20th, 2011: Michael Dowd – “Big Integrity: Deep-Time Eyes and a Global Heart” HERE for a truly wonderful view on Knowledge and Science being an Island in an Ocean that is Mystery - and there is no harm to making the Island bigger it will always be surrounded my Mystery. ( at 29:00 in the teleseminar )
Another gem in the Beyond Awakening Series - and it's still Free, always will be.


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