Saturday, October 30, 2010


Plashdar Answers A Question About Money 

We hear a lot about the law of attraction. What is the best way to manifest prosperity and abundance (meaning money) so that we can have a joyful life experience?  Thank you.  David.

"I am Plashdar. Thank you for your question. There are many factors to attracting abundance and prosperity and any material thing. There are many factors to not attracting it.

Money is a humongous thought form. Everybody is constantly, constantly, constantly thinking about it, and it is growing. It is always gaining power, gaining life and energy. This system will not go away.

We have looked into the future. We do not see it collapsing as many Starseeds wish to think it will. They do not understand what they are dealing with. This is a thought form, which is a program that all Earthlings have created and all Earthlings sustain. Even primitive cultures who did not use coins traded. The only way to cause the thought form to work for you instead of against you is to stop empowering it.

There are many people affected by this, so there are multiple ways to answer this question. I’m going to try to address as many people as possible with my answer.

There are many Starseeds who hate money and want the money system to go away. They spend their time hating and hating and hating money. What they really want is to have money, but they have convinced themselves that they don’t want it, and that it’s a terrible thing to have, that the money system should not exist, but they disprove their point, because they have not learned from the money system yet, and so it has not fulfilled its purpose. It is a teacher, like all things. It teaches us. It teaches us.

By hating money, you hurt yourself financially, and not only that, but your energy is sent out and someone else picks up on your thoughts about hating money, especially if you are a Starseed, because your thoughts are meant to be picked up on. Starseeds must be especially careful what they are thinking about at any given time. They are here to bless the Earth, and they are here to send out thoughts and emotions that other people will pick up on. It is in their programming. What I mean is, it is in their DNA. Starseeds are here to affect people’s minds, to give them new ideas.

The money system will never go away when the money system is hated. What you repel away from you is always what you will attract more of. What you repel away from you will always exist. What you fight will become bigger and stronger. Even if you defeat it, it will show up in another form. Money is not to be hated. It is a program created to learn.

You are learning from it. God is learning from it. We are all learning, and you are learning through the system of money. It will not go away because you are wishing it would. That will cause it to grow more. Instead, you must focus on people living abundantly. Stop focusing on the people in power having all the money and control. Think about what you are thinking about.

Now, let’s move on. All planets have a system. You can read my other article, “We Are People,” and you will see that we have a credit system. But no one is in control, and anyone can move up in the system, and everyone is appreciated, and everyone is given credit for what they have put out, for the amount of energy they have put out. Time is energy put out. When you give of your time, you give of your energy.

Money is energy.

Money is energy.

Money is energy.

Money is just energy, and that is all it really is. You cannot blame the energy for the form it has taken. Don’t let the thought form despise itself. If it pities itself, it will grow in a very negative way. It should love itself. It is just doing what you all have told it to do. It is just a program. You must stop feeding the program negative thoughts, and begin to love it instead. It is an energy, a mass of energy.

What you hate isn’t money. It is what is done with the money. You hate lack. You hate that some people are abundant when other people are not, and you focus on being not. People in general focus on being not -- not abundant, not prosperous, not, not, not."


What I am concerned at the end half of this article is the attachment, the more you have things the more things belong to you and control you. If you can have anything then how will you feel when it is taken from you?
The first part makes perfect sense, hating money does not work... Wanting happy money, emmm... not sure that will work either. Letting go of attachment to money seems a good way to go, you don't need to fly where ever you want to or have material things in abundance when you know these are borrowed things to begin with.

I have recently grown from hating money and the lack of money to believing I am supported by life, I have always, what I need to live. I do not need excess because it will easily cause attachment.

I am the Housekeeper of my wealth, none of it is mine.


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