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Art by Tamara Yufa in 1965
First who is Väinämöinen, aside from us knowing him from Kalevala as a man who perform heroics and is born old and wise to begin with - he is in the esoteric circles known as Our Divine Will.
When you use The Kalevala as a holy book to discover your way to live a spiritual, good life and connect to your "Christ Consciousness" ( Higher Consciousness, also called Cosmic Consciousness, God-Consciousness and Christ Consciousness, are expressions used in various spiritual traditions to denote the consciousness of a human being who has reached a higher level of evolutionary development and who has come to know reality more accurately ).

Second what is Sampo?
From my earlier blog Kalevala Studies Part 1 Poem 50:

" What is this Sampo he comes to usher forward in us?
Let's investigate a little. A loose quotation from Kauno Mannonen's "Uuden Ajan Kalevala Avain" on pages 83-84: "Sampo can be interpreted as our Ethereal Body our Spirit Vessel that we forge life by life better and perfect. When it is our time rise up as we ascend (like jesus did) this Sampo will be our vessel. [...] Samboo in Sankrit mean Highest Awakening. Tibetian word Sangfu means secret source for all happiness, hungarian Sampog means Father God and Buddisht Samboodha means Highest Knowledge, Wisdom."

And here is where last night comes to play - you might recall my earlier blog called Earth Ascension Update.
Last night I cared not so much wither we got to keep our bodies or not, it did not matter one way or another ( Living in the Now ) BUT as I got to bed, warmed up under covers with a book in my hands I had an epiphany! ( I suppose you don't have to guess what book as we talk about The Kalevala here ;) )

" Up until now, the only option available when anyone wished to ascend from a planet was to raise the frequency of light of their subtle bodies, i.e. their mental, emotional and lower spiritual body. Their physical body would die.
When the Starseeds came to help the Earth, included in their many blueprints they were to create, was one for a new blueprint to allow people who were ascending to also raise the frequency of their physical body to the level of light required to enter the 5th dimension. The benefits of this blueprint would mean no physical death need occur when one ascended. It also meant that after raising one’s physical body to a higher frequency of light (and therefore still actually having it, in some form) if that person ever wished to visit a 3rd dimensional planet in the future, they could simply lower the density of the physical body and use that as their body.

Originally, it was thought that this blueprint may not be created in time for the current situation of Earth’s ascension, but would be in place for other planet’s ascensions in the future. However, after the Starseeds arrived on Earth, the Earth Mother requested extra assistance from other universe’s in order to hurry the blueprint along so that it could apply to humanity for her own ascension. This occurred. Since their arrival here, the Starseeds and many Lightworkers have continued to create this blueprint daily. It will be completed in time for Earth’s ascension."

I got so excited I had to interrupt my husband watching a Miami-Virginia Collage Football game and tell him what ideas now ran rampant in my head! He was very calm about it, muted TV and let me go at it.

And why were these things put together an epiphany?
Well-- because of Runo 50 / Poem 50 where at the very end Väinämöinen our Divine Will inside us says he will return, when certain things come to pass...

479 Väinämöinen, shamed and angry,
Walked away down to the seashore.
There he sang his last enchantment:
Conjured up a copper boat,
Closed-in vessel decked with copper.
487 There he sat, steering seaward
Out upon the clear sea surface.
As he sailed he went on speaking,
And he said as he was leaving: 440
"Let the rope of time run out-
One day go, another come-
And again I will be needed.
They'll be waiting, yearning for me
To usher in another Sampo,
To sing another song,
Set a new moon in the sky,
Free a new sun in the heavens
When there is no moon, no sun
And express no gladness on the earth." 450

I had to tweak this english translation a little ( in italics to set the words and their meaning right, see Väinämöinen won't make a new Sampo like many translators take liberations, no, he brings forth, ushers in a new Sampo - see he never made a Sampo to begin with, Ilmarinen did ).
As I talked in the Kalevala Studies entry the Moon in esoteric studies means Death (Kuolema or Kuu'olema/Death' to be/Moon' to be) to die in Finnish is Kuolla/Kuu' olla/To be Moon.
Finnish Language is tricky for a reason, it has inside it a whole myriad of meanings, hidden and in plain sight, esoteric and spiritual right inside the common language.

If you aren't a natural speaker of Finnish you cannot understand for example what you are truly talking about when you speak of the moon. Finnish, it is like a double edged sword, in one end you speak of the physical full moon and its beauty, in the same words you speak in esoteric about the Beauty of Full Death ( as the true nature od dying can escape a man/woman, this might sound morbid, but trust me death is not morbid ). Or when we say whole ( kokonainen ) we also speak of the fully balanced human that has the divine feminine and masculine attributes and divine wisdom together in full spiritual package, Koko'nainen/Fully'woman -- I could go on on about this but there is the Sampo to consider. Perhaps another blog entry of this will have to be made.

Väinämöinen returns when we have forgotten our knowledge of Death ( Kuu'olema ) and forgotten our Knowledge of Spiritual Wisdom our Spiritual Light, The Sun and Ei Ilmaista Iloa/Express no gladness on the Earth. In Finnish language it literally says no free or to express, the word Ilmaista means them both. ( it also means 'ilma' and 'maista', 'air' and 'earthly or taste' but I won't confuse you more ;) )
So what if it means that there is no longer Free Joy, Free Gladness in this earth - money has taken over and rules happiness. ( gee - when might his be)
You will not happy unless you buy this car or this house or these shoes or this wedding package or this or this or this...
Or perhaps it means both there is no free happiness and people do not know how to express happiness anymore? We might try to express our gladness with what then, well think of people today going out to dinners or buy gifts to celebrate... This is quite sad that our happiness is no longer free but has to be bought with gifts and trinkets to express it.
Look at this from a spiritual point of view - not knowing how to express happiness...

I add this up for it to be clear - Väinämöinen returns when we have forgotten our knowledge of Death and forgotten our Knowledge of Spiritual Wisdom our Spiritual Light. And when there is no free joy and happiness and we do not know how to express our gladness.

Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
And he ushers in a New Sampo - perhaps this is it, right now, past two hundred years and the future hundred to come, perhaps our new Sampo - not the one that in the past we have forged and forged to be our Spirit Vessel for our Ascension - is the perfect one our Ascension Body. Taking into consideration that we can ascend in these bodies with Earth now seems to match perfectly in this thinking.

It is never easy to put ideas and epiphanies to words.
And the best talent is to read between lines with our intuition.
So I hope that even with my rambling you can read between the lines as well.

To me, as my personal truth, this hits home. All that I have learned in my 28 years support this theory.
From Cultures Reincarnating, to historical document, to Akashic Records, to the Kalevala meaning of my maiden name... I cannot wait to learn more about The Kalevala, to see what Finland and our Deeva has to offer to the world.

Love, Light and Joy!

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