Sunday, October 3, 2010


Haven't had a tarot reading in a while so I was suprised I wanted to do one this morning.
I suppose next week has a special meaning if it needs to be shouted out through cards. ;)

When you believe that the world arranges itself to accommodate you and your life with signs and synchronicity it's easy to use our newest tool of deviation - the internet - to help peek into the meaning of our current state (past and future included). That is why it was easy to use the online deck this morning (if you want to use it scroll down my blog and find it at the right hand side, around the middle of the side bar).

Before I start I should say I aimed this reading towards work. And as you read on you should be aware that this week we will as whole group of all-ages of co-workers going to go put out some fires as a part of a safety course.

The card on the middle represents imagination - the prophetic image that stems from the creative force of the previous card to initiate the project.   Ten of Staves (Oppression): A final trial before an enduring reward. The greater the struggle, the greater the reward. (organization, fire department, saving lives, trial by fire, struggle to maintain life)

The card on the left represents emotion - the feelings aroused by or surrounding the ideation of the project that takes place in the previous card.  Eight of Swords (Interference): Emotional disaster. Loss of a beloved person or a valued situation. A sadness that creates a new strength and resolve. (To save lives, to act, you have to feel sympathy and empathy for the people in need of help to be able to thrust yourself to act) 

The card in the top represents the creative force behind the King of Swords: A man of volatile temperament. A born fighter and ruler. A person in complete command. Self-mastery. Expertise. A person who prefers action to reflection - above all, dramatic, decisive action. (In Firefighting you have to have calling, powerful temperment, call to action, strong will, resolution and andrenaline)

The card on the bottom represents thought - the analytical process of organizing the project and capturing the emotional content of the previous card. Page of Swords: A Passionate young person given to seeking out the heart of the matter, even to the point of spying. Vigilance and quiet intensity. (No need to shout out how important life is, how important it is to act right - but it is important to have that fire blazing inside you to do the Right thing) 

The card on the right represents manifestation - the real work involved in completing the project, and the form it will take upon culmination. Two of Swords (Peace): Friendship, especially between student and teacher or younger and older. The adventure and excitement of childhood and adolescence. (What can I say! Who doesn't think putting out fires and saving lives is RUSH? Huh?! ;D )
    All these Wands and Swords are screaming deep clear wisdom and authority to hack away opposition, both signs of  ACTION
    Could have not been a clearer message. "Pay Attention, you will physically need this!"
    With this in mind I believe next week will be something that will be of importance in the physical plane - everyday is in spiritual level.

    Love, Light and Joy!

    P.S: If you do ask question with the generator, ask without yes or no answer, hold intent of the question as it processes it and  use your intuition as you read the answers, like I did above with the green italics.


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