Sunday, June 29, 2008


Bambu with Sented Candle
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
I talked with a new spirit guide today.

I invisioned myself in Japanese Garden, sitting in small garden temple with no wall, just a floor and pillars and the roof, surrounded by a pond, cherry blossom trees, pine needles and a forest.

I was guided by Lii, who told me why I was so invested at the moment in Historical Japanese Culture.

I needed tranqulity, stillness, peace, slow rythm of routine. I had during the past stood too much in the middle of a hectic, busy, nerving, spiralling windtunnel of stress and anxioty. When I finally detached myself from it I slowly found balance that has now grown to search for stillness, peace and tranquility to truly be happy.

First I had to force feed myself joy and happiness to get out of the depression and now that it's done I can really stop and listen what it is that I need so that I can genuinly be truly happy.

Simplicity, Peace, Stillness and Tranquility.


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