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You can visit Leija Turunen on her website @ http://leijaturunen.com/

Let's be aware of our shadows on this 3 Dimensional Reality, and by being aware bring on change if we see it nessacery.

You can visit Leija Turunen on her website @ http://leijaturunen.com/

On the video above she talks of a documentary What On World Are They Spraying?! here is part one and by clicking the link you can view the rest of the movie and by scrolling down this entry you can view them on DailyMotion. ( edited as DailyMotion has much quicker buffering of the videos than YouTube,  ) Be aware of the world around you.

Part One - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xfgbd0_1-7-what-in-the-world-are-they-spraying-y-s-t_tech
Part Two - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xfgolo_2-7-what-in-the-world-are-they-spraying-y-s-t_news
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Part Seven - http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xfksfm_7-7-what-in-the-world-are-they-spraying-y-fin-s-t_news

Whole documentary (in parts) also on YouTube @ What On World Are They Spraying?!


How amazing will this Yule Time be, we have on the Winter Solstice with a Lunar Eclips happening. Surely this Power Point has  energies that will blow som socks off. ;)

[ Updated on 2nd of Dec & 3rd of Dec & 17th of Dec ]

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"Let us explain both your panic and your fog. Astrologically, the 21st of December, 2010 is a day “written large,” if you will, as lunar eclipse and the winter solstice occur on that date. You are beginning to feel the effects of both. More importantly, you are shifting dramatically internally to meet the Universal deadline for both happenings."

Your Latest Internal Shifts Are Compromising Your Holiday Preparations
Posted: 28 Nov 2010 - Channeled by Brenda Hoffman 

Dear Ones,

It is almost as if too much sunshine is streaming through your windows. Emotionally and physically, so much is happening to you now that even we are having difficulties keeping up with your latest and greatest shifts.

We are aware of the wide array of holidays impacting a large percentage of those now on earth – as well as your unusual feelings that you will not complete all of your required tasks in the time alloted.

Your internal shifts and change are compromising this holiday season, as are your unexpected needs to be somewhere else at the same time you try to continue your family traditions.

Many of you may have had similar feelings of panic during past holiday seasons – too little money, winter weather, all of the family can not be together, all of the family can be together and on and on. The difference this year is that you feel as if you are in a daze. You are going through the motions of selecting gifts, food and whatever else is an important tradition in your home, but you are doing so as if in a fog with the added panic of extremely limited time.

Let us explain both your panic and your fog. Astrologically, the 21st of December, 2010 is a day “written large,” if you will, as both a lunar eclipse and the winter solstice occur on that date. You are beginning to feel the effects of both. More importantly, you are shifting dramatically internally to meet the Universal deadline for both happenings.

Those of you reading these materials know that this has not been a “normal” spiritual year. For those of you who have difficulties remembering how much has happened within the last 12 or 13 months, we suggest you review the blogs, readings, videos or internet materials of your favorite channels and astrologers. The shifts within you, the earth and the Universe have been dramatic. December 21 will be the cap, the fireworks of this year.

Will you explode? No. Will you shift? Most definitely. And that is your sense of not having enough time to complete all that you wish to complete before your holiday festivities. As you move closer to the 21st of December, your head will be less clear for you will be shifting into your heart mode – at a greater pace than ever before.

You will be shifting gears during the busiest season of the year. A bit like finding a need to shift gears on an interstate as five lanes of traffic push you to continue at your current speed without any hiccups that such a gear shifting might incur.

This is a “fence” month. Your head is filled with lists of holiday gifts to purchase and foods to prepare. Yet your heart will want to slow down and savor the moment – whether that moment be watching the first snowfall or baking some lovely sugar cookies that you eat by yourself, rather than saving those cookies for the “big day” as you had promised.

You will not feel as you have during past holiday seasons and that will bother you.

This message is to tell you that you are doing what you need to do. If you are extremely task-oriented, perhaps you might decrease your holiday stress level by purchasing gifts sooner rather than later or suggesting your family eat out rather than expecting that you will be able to or even be interested in preparing their standard holiday feast.

These words are not true for everyone. But most of you moving into your New Age roles of trailblazer, wagon train leader and scout master will be quite befuddled during the next few weeks. You will dash from task to task without being able to or even finding the need to complete those tasks. And you will astound your family and friends for you are the quintessential task master. You are the one who has ten lists going at one time and is miraculously able to complete them all in a seemingly easy fashion. Not this year.

You are shifting. Allow that to be. Allow your holiday preparations to be much more simple with long stretches of rest throughout. Allow yourself to know that love is not displayed by the perfect gift if your heart is not involved. Allow yourself to give the ones you love a personal hug, visit or whatever strikes your inner being as perfect. That gift will mean more than all the large screen televisions you could have bought them.

Give from the heart. Prepare your holidays from the heart. Most of all, excuse yourself from continuing your role of the exceptional planner, task master, gift giver and party animal. Allow yourself to be. And you will have given yourself the best holiday season of your life to date. So be it. Amen.

~ ☆ ☮ ☆ ~

What is funny about this moment, to me, is that a moment before reading this I was pacing around ( which I never do ) trying to breathe deeply because I felt bit out of place, like I didn't quite know what to do with my body. In the past two weeks on 11~11 and now end of last week I've been having the flu - which puzzled me as I haden't been sick since April when I had my big shift to The Now Consciousness, so I was wondering what is this about and why is it lasting so long, infact still lingering...
It truly has been a major year for me, I should even type it in caps, MAJOR year.
More insights than before, more lessons and then Bliss, but after reading this I know it is culminating now.
Perhaps this fog, when it clears reveals something amazing in it's trail.
I have had vast amounts of energy this year, perhaps that is why I have felt so stuck, a small hold of breath before inhaling again. :)
I'm going to be enjoying this Stillness now that it makes sense.

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2nd of December Update : Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – December 21, 2010
The full moon lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010 highlights the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity, which brings in the themes of communication, education, higher thought, intelligence and the more negative energies of fanaticism, arrogance, overindulgence, rationalization, duplicity and amorality.

Because the Moon and the Sun are both at the all-important 29 degrees of their respective signs (Moon 29Gemini20 and Sun 29Sagittarius20) an urgent message of change is part of the mix. Any planet or light at 29 degrees of a sign brings endings and change. Something has matured and is no longer needed. It is time to transform something or to end it and to build something new. However, it is wise to be aware that a planet at 29 degrees can cause a person to waiver, to go back and forth and to evaluate and re-evaluate endlessly, until finally, exhausted with the decision making process, that person may just make a rash and hasty decision to change things without using rational thought.

Then too, all eclipses bring in a time of change, a time to correct our course and move forward in a new or altered way toward our goals. This lunar eclipse asks us to take a long, hard look at the issues in our life that are holding us back or that are keeping us from fulfilling our destiny and to make decisions about a more positive, life-affirming way of meeting those challenges.

This particular lunar eclipse becomes even more powerful because of its location near the galactic center at 26 degrees Sagittarius. (See my previous article on Pluto when it was located at the Galactic center before entering Capricorn.) The lunar eclipse location near the powerful Galactic center magnifies and adds power and focus to the energies already being manifested.

It is also noteworthy that the eclipse opposition of the Moon and Sun are square the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. Because Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, the sign that holds the Sun during this eclipse, the themes of compassion (Pisces) and truth (Jupiter) are very much in focus. Uranus brings unexpected change like a lightning bolt and new ways of thinking and acting.

In short, this lunar eclipse brings an unprecedented opportunity to bring about a new way of being with regard to others with whom we share Mother Earth. We are called to act in a higher, more authentic way (Jupiter) and to keep our mind on the oneness of all beings (Pisces). Indeed, in light of the world situation at this time, this lunar eclipse presents an opportune time for each of us to focus on this spirit of oneness with all others.

Many blessings to each of you who read this and take up the challenge of this eclipse—to give away those things that are no longer needed or helpful, and to bring to the world a spirit of loving, truthful compassion for all beings.

Specific detail on the Lunar Eclips can be found here...

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3rd of December Update: Gemini Lunar Eclipse: December 21
I expect this whole lunar cycle to be totally unforgettable because this New Moon seed bears fruit during the 29-degree Gemini Lunar Eclipse on December 21. This total eclipse occurs about fifteen hours before the Winter Solstice, so its energy pours right into the winter season. During this eclipse of the Moon, the Sun in 29 Sagittarius is close to the Galactic Center, and Mercury retrograde is combust the Galactic Center. This is awareness!!! It will be totally visible in the US, especially on the West Coast around midnight.

As many of you know, global ceremonies focused on achieving male/female harmony at the start of Day Seven, and this eclipse indicates we are going to be downloaded with cosmic knowledge about how to return to gender balance. I can feel that using the primary asteroids-Ceres, Juno, Athene, Vesta-will illuminate how we can find Oneness this year.

[ ... ]

The opposition of Juno to Jupiter-conjunct-Uranus highlights our problems with separation from our primal selves and forms a grand square to the eclipse line right on the Galactic Center. This suggests that during the potent lunar eclipse, our attainment of compassion could be achieved by healing our own inner sexual identity separation complexes. I ask the men; is your inner male guilt-ridden, sneaky, promiscuous, and mean? Or, are you proud, clear, integral, and kind inside? Women, is your inner woman abused, greedy, jealous, and spiteful? Or, are you free, generous, heart-felt, and kind? Of course, you can determine a lot of the answers by observing your own significant partner.

The issue I'm bringing up is a perennial one, and this amazing eclipse spotlights the inner healing we need to attain Oneness. Chiron/Neptune are separating because they have done their part, and now we must heal male/female inner separation. Then, mothers and daughters will love each other freely, and fathers and sons will identify with each other and learn skills together. In the fourth dimension (4D), Pluto will release the captured daughters from the Underworld, and Uranus will liberate our sons from wars. In my next reading, we'll consider how this potent eclipse releases right into the Winter Solstice, making it an energetic force we will share during the deep winter.

The Winter Solstice will be posted by mid-December.

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From: www.Ask-Angels.com

Change is already in the air, and with the powerful upcoming full moon, lunar eclipse, and winter solstice alignment on December 21, 2010 this is only going to be amplified.
We're now only 2 years away from the much anticipated date of Dec 21 2012 and this does have a great significance! The upcoming full moon, winter solstice and total lunar eclipse of this year will be extra potent and powerful alignment, due to our now close location to the center of the galaxy.
The galactic center will be directly aligned with our sun on December 21 2012, but even now, the close proximity to this galactic center adds power, priority and frequency to the great changes already in the process of manifesting on Earth.
The galaxy center is said to be the center of the universe, the sun of our sun, and the place where stars and planets are born. It is the source of gravity in our universe, and also offers extra energy, motivation and purpose if we are able to correctly "tune in" to its power.
The main purpose of this years powerful energetic opening on December 21, is to assist you in fully opening your heart, mind, and physical body to successfully merge and align with the new energy. The benefit in this alignment is that it supports you in realigning with the original plan for your life, and the ability to fulfill this purpose. You are here on earth with a unique and special purpose, the astrological alignment of this year seeks to bring you back into full alignment with your unique divine path here on Earth.
Your unique purpose here on Earth is in no way created or classified by the beliefs of society as a whole, and society cannot help you find this truth. Rather, realigning with your true purpose here on Earth means realigning with the essence of who you are, a spiritual being!

Challenges During Alignment
The December 2010 solstice, and even the 2012 solstice opening can be positive conduits for change here on Earth, but the results are not predetermined. Change is certain, but the eventual outcome is largely influenced by the collective thoughts, beliefs and actions of humanity. We humans have a clear choice... fear or love. Depending on how we respond to upcoming challenges will determine our collective future.
Love, compassion, and unity are a beautiful possibility of what can manifest in this new energy. However, to stay in these positive emotions there is still a great deal of clearing work that is needed in all. The energy of this month, especially around the powerful energy of the Solstice will shine light on all areas where you aren't fully centered in love and compassion. What painful or challenging emotions from your past are still stored within you? In the energy this month, these feelings will come up! Anger, pain, sadness, frustration... these are great examples of what must be released from within you, so that you can fully integrate the light into your being, and stay in alignment with your true purpose. When you face these challenging emotions, give thanks for you are now able to fully release them into the light, and forever be lighter yourself!
Learning to respond with love in every situation will assure that you stay on your divine path, and accomplish what you came here to Earth to do!

Clearing and Preparing for 2012
Be aware that you may feel raw, exposed and deeply challenged this month. As new challenges come up for you, along with old emotions to release... remember that your release work now, will enable you to stay centered in love, compassion, joy, and abundance as you move forward.
Releasing that which no longer serves you now, will set you up to be in a position to help others... as release work is moving from the optional category to being mandatory for all.

Love and Compassion!
This time is about clearing karmic energy that resides within you at a cellular level. Tragic events from past lives can leave old emotions stored within you, that unless cleared, you will never be able to move beyond. This lifetime is your opportunity to clear your karmic record and begin the new age, starting in December 2012 with a clean slate! The catch to this time being about clearing karmic energy, is that the energies are already coming up to be released whether you are conscious of it or not. Anger, sadness, depression, confusion...these are examples of the energy that once properly released into the light will no longer need to be relived. Without release, you can be sure you will continue in the same painful pattern and this simply is not necessary!
A new world filled with peace, love, happiness, and abundance is possible if humanity as a whole chooses love. Prepare yourself for this, with powerful focused angelic assistance! Compassion, truth, and love offer us a way through all challenges. We all have an incredible opportunity now to change the course of history forever, to live in balance with mother earth and each other. As you navigate this month, remember that as humanity we are essentially all one, focus on being present in the now moment... respond to all situations with love, and start acting according to your inner truth, in an authentic way. As 2012 approaches more quickly every day, we have an incredible opportunity to focus on love, and compassion for all beings. This love focus and true connection with Spirit is enough to overcome any challenge.
Visit www.Ask-Angels.com for more information.

Love, Light and Joy!

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The following is a copy'n'paste short history of chakras told by those who have studied and worker with this Life Art for years. I personally discovered I had chakras when I was fifteen or sixteen ( if I remember correctly, not sure as I started my aware journey at fourteen so it could have been as early as that ) , so I have been at them for twelve years, but for me it's always been about the experience not so much the history, so this assignment will be fun for all involved. ;)



What are Chakras?
Chakra derived from the Sanskrit "cakraṃ" चक्रं,  word that translates as "wheel" or "turning". Texts describing the chakras go back as far as the later Upanishads ( 6000 BC to 200 BC ).
Chakra is a concept referring to wheel-like vortices which, according to traditional Indian medicine, are believed to exist in the surface of the etheric body of men and women.
The Chakras are said to be "force centers" or whorls of energy permeating from a point on the physical body. Rotating vortices of subtle matter, they are considered the focal points for the reception and transmission of energies.
The word Chakra is also used in various subsidiary, derivative and symbolical senses, just as is its English equivalent; as we might speak of the wheel of fate, so does the Buddhist speak of the wheel of life and death; and he describes that first great sermon in which the Lord Buddha propounded his doctrine as the Dham­machakkappavattana Sutta (chakka being the Pali equivalent for the Sanskrit chakra) which Professor Rhys Davids poetically renders as “to set rolling the royal chariot-wheel of a universal empire of truth and righteousness”. That is exactly the spirit of the meaning which the expression conveys to the Buddhist devotee, though the literal translation of the bare words is “the turning of the wheel of the Law”.Different systems posit a varying number of chakras; the most well known system in the west is that of Seven Chakras.

What do Chakras look like?
The chakras or force-centres are points of con­nection at which energy flows from one vehicle or body to another. Anyone who possesses a slight degree of clairvoyance may easily see them in the Etheric Body, where they show themselves as saucer-like depressions or vortices in its surface. When quite undeveloped they appear as small circles about two inches in diameter, glowing dully in the ordinary man; but when awakened and vivified they are seen as blazing, coruscating whirlpools, much increased in size, and resembling miniature suns. We sometimes speak of them as roughly corresponding to certain physical organs; in reality they show them­selves at the surface of the etheric body, which projects slightly beyond the outline of the dense body. If we imagine ourselves to be looking straight down into the bell of a flower of the convolvulus type, we shall get some idea of the general appearance of a chakra. The stalk of the flower in each springs from a point in the spine, so another view might show the spine as a central stem, from which flowers shoot forth at intervals, showing the opening of their bells at the surface of the etheric body.
When a people begin to develop their senses, so that they may see a little more than everybody sees, a new and most fascinating world opens before them, and the chakras are among the first objects in that world to attract their attention. His fellow-men present themselves under a fresh aspect; he perceives much with regard to them which was previously hidden from his eyes, and he is therefore able to understand, to ap­preciate and (when necessary) to help them much better than he could before. Their thoughts and feelings are expressed clearly before his eyes in colour and form; the stage of their development, the condition of their health become obvious facts instead of mere matters of inference. The brilliant colouring and the rapid and incessant movement of the chakras bring them immediately under his observation, and he naturally wants to know what they are and what they mean. It is the object of this book to provide an answer to those questions and to give to those who have not yet made any attempt to unfold their dormant faculties some idea of at least this one small section of what is seen by their more fortunate brethren. ~ C. W. Leadbeater in "The Chakras: A Monograph"
All these wheels are perpetually rotating, and into the hub or open mouth of each a force from the higher world is always flowing- a manifestation of the life­-stream. That force is sevenfold in its nature, and all its forms operate in each of these centres, although one of them in each case usually predominates over the others. With­out this inrush of energy the physical body could not exist. Therefore the centres are in operation in everyone, although in the undeveloped person they are usually in comparatively sluggish motion, just forming the necessary vortex for the force, and no more. In a more evolved person they may be glowing and pulsating with living light, so that an enormously greater amount of energy passes through them, with the result that there are additional faculties and possibilities open to the person.

Root Chakra ( Red Primordial Centre)
1st Chakra: Base or Root Chakra: Kundalini: Root Chakra: Located at the base of the spine.
Earth, survival, grounding, stillness. Contains the primary 8 cells that have all of the knowledge of creation and remain the only cells in your body that do not change in your lifetime. It grounds us in the physical world.
This chakra is the first of the yang or ascending energy centres, and according to Mantak Chia one of its roles is to transform and refine sexual energy and Universal earth (Yin) Chi before they enter the higher centres.
The four petals of the Root Chakra correspond to the psychological states of greatest joy, natural pleasure, delight in controlling passions, and blissfulness in concentration. All these qualities represent the bliss of realising the Divine in the physical body. The highest and most complete forms of spirituality do not reject the body, but see it as the vehicle for the transmutation of the body and the spirit together.

Abdomen Chakra ( Orange Life-Force Centre )
2nd Chakra: Spleen:  Located just beneath the navel, and related to our sexual and reproductive capacity.
It is the major emotional centre of the being, as well as being the main storage battery for chi-energy. It is our first connection (in the womb) with the external world, and this connection continues beyond the cutting of the umbilical cord. Thus it represents the strongest connecting link to other people on the feeling level. The Navel Centre absorbs, transforms, balances and distributes life-force from both the macrocosm (Heaven and Earth Chi) and the microcosm (the other centres and organs within our body).
Blockage manifests as emotional problems or sexual guilt.

Solar Chakra ( Yellow Emotion Centre )
3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus: Seat of Emotions. The third chakra rules your self-direction, self-control, personal will and physical energy.
Located in the area of the solar plexus, navel, and the digestive system, the fiery third chakra is called Manipura, the “lustrous gem.” Associated with the color yellow, this chakra is involved in self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation; it also governs digestion and metabolism. A healthy, spirited third chakra supports us in overcoming inertia, jump-starting our “get-up-and-go” attitude so that we can take risks, assert our will, and assume responsibility for our life. This chakra is also the place of our deep belly laughter, warmth, ease, and the vitality we receive from performing selfless service.
Blockage manifests as anger or a sense of victimization.

Heart Chakra ( Green/Pink Harmony and Peace Centre )
4th Chakra: Heart Chakra.
The fourth chakra, the heart chakra,rests in the center of the chakra system, at the core of our spirit. Its physical location is the heart, upper chest, and upper back. The fourth is the balance point, integrating the world of matter ( the lower three chakras ) with the world of spirit ( the upper three chakras ). Through the heart chakra, we open to and connect with Harmony and Peace. The health of our heart center registers the quality and power of love in our life. In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is called Anahata, which means “unstruck” or “unhurt.” Its name implies that deep beneath our personal stories of brokenness and the pain in our heart, wholeness, boundless love, and a wellspring of compassion reside.
Blockage can manifest as immune system or heart problems, or a lack of compassion.

Throat Chakra ( Blue Communication Centre )
5th Chakra: Throat: Tied to creativity and communication. The fifth chakra rules your communication, creativity, connection and personal intention.
Since the heart chakra is the bridge between the lower, more physical energy centers and the upper, more metaphysical ones, as we ascend through the chakras, the fifth is the first primarily focused on the spiritual plane. The throat chakra, Visuddha, is associated with the color turquoise blue and with the elements sound and ether, the field of subtle vibrations ancient Indians believed pervaded the universe. Located in the neck, throat, jaw, and mouth, the throat chakra resonates with our inner truth and helps us find a personal way to convey our voice to the outside world. The rhythm of music, creativity of dance, the vibration of singing, and the communication we make through writing and speaking are all fifth chakra ways to express ourselves.
Feels pressure when you are not communicating your emotions properly.
Third Eye Chakra ( Indigo Intuition Centre )
6th Chakra: Third Eye Pineal Gland: Often connected to the forehead. Is a physical eye at the base of the brain with the capabilities of looking upward. Clairvoyance, psychic abilities, imagination, dreaming
Can you recall last night's dream? Can you imagine how you would like your body to feel tomorrow? These imaginative abilities—visualizing the past, creating positive pictures of the future, and fantasizing—are all aspects of the third eye Chakra, whose Sanskrit name (Ajna) means both "the perception center" and "the command center." Associated with the element light and the color indigo blue, the sixth chakra is located between and just above the physical eyes, creating the spiritual third eye. While our two eyes see the material world, our sixth chakra sees beyond the physical. This vision includes clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, dreaming, imagination, and visualization.
The Third Eye Chakra is involved in both the creation and perception of art and in the recognition that what we see has a powerful impact on us. Even when we're not aware of it, we're all sensitive to the images we find in our environment.
Blockage can manifest as difficulty imagining, overly intellectual (only able to deal with concrete concepts), overly linear or rational thinking. Lack of concentration, tension, headaches, eye problems, bad dreams, and being overly detached from the world. 

Crown Chakra ( Violet Spiritual Centre )
7th Chakra Crown: Connects you with message from higher realms. Can be experienced as a pressure on the top of the head. Spiritual connection, understanding, knowing, bliss, God.
The Sanskrit name of the seventh or crown chakra is Sahasrara, which means "thousandfold." Although this chakra is represented by a thousand-petaled lotus (the symbol of purity and spirituality), the number 1000 is not meant literally; instead, it implies the infinite nature of this chakra, which provides us with our most direct connection with the Divine. Although some teachers associate this chakra with the color violet, it is usually associated with white, a combination of all colors, just as this chakra synthesizes all the other chakras.
The crown chakra is located at the crown of the head and serves as the crown of the chakra system, symbolizing the highest state of enlightenment and facilitating our spiritual development. The seventh chakra is like a halo atop the head. In art, Christ is often depicted with a golden light surrounding his head, and the Buddha shown with a lofty projection on the top of his head. In both cases, these images represent the awakened spirituality of the Sahasrara Chakra.
The element of the crown chakra is thought, and this chakra is associated with the highest functions of the mind. Even though the mind cannot be seen or felt concretely, it creates the belief systems that control our thoughts and actions.
Blockage can manifest as lack of inspiration, confusion, depression, alienation from The Divine, hesitation to serve, senility, the detriment of the already mentioned above positive qualities and lessons.

That's it for chakras for now, to know more check out the sources. Happy searching!

Spirit Science Explains Chakras:


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"The New Dimensions Foundation is a social profit, public benefit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) educational, organization supported by listeners. Our primary activity is the independent production of broadcast dialogues and other quality programs that explore creative solutions to urgent challenges facing humankind.

The purpose of New Dimensions Radio is to deliver life-affirming, socially and spiritually relevant information, practical knowledge and perennial wisdom through the voices and visions of those who are asking new questions and are looking at the world in positive and inspiring ways. It is through the exchange of ideas and information that we can be empowered and enabled to meet the future with greater energy and clarity.

New Dimensions seeks out the most innovative and creative people on the planet, engages them in spontaneous, deep dialogues, and broadcasts these programs to a worldwide audience.

Our programming presents a diversity of views from many traditions and cultures, and strives to provide listeners with an experience of what it means to be human on the planet in these times.

New Dimensions fosters the process of living a more healthy life of mind,body and spirit while deepening our connections to self, family,community, planet and the natural world."

New website to check out!

Love, Light and Joy!

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You are at the centre of your universe
As I am still healing from my flu, so I've been up before the sun rises ( not really that hard in the northern hemisphere at winter ;), but non-the-less ) trying to entertain myself with Eckhart Tolle videos and Philosophical audio, as entertaining as that is I've kept looking for my today's epiphany. You know everyday has one, you might call it insight, lesson, teaching, epiphany or some say coinsident, all essentially same event.
Well - I found mine!
This man is the comic genious, but has a very good profound point.
I hadn't come across him or his name before running around in the spiritual circles as much as I have, so let's meet Nassim Haramein:
Nassim Haramein was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1962.
As early as 9 years old, Nassim was already developing the basis for a unified hyperdimensional theory of matter and energy, which he eventually called the "Holofractographic Universe."
If you are not yet familiar with Nassim Haramein's exciting work, prepare yourself for an exhilarating odyssey into hyperspace and beyond. Haramein, who has spent his lifetime researching fields of physics from quantum theory to relativistic equations and cosmology, will lead you along a fascinating discussion geared to a layman's understanding of the fundamental nature of the universe and creation that includes black holes, gravitational forces, dimensions, and the very structure of space itself - all of which are integral parts of his now-complete Unified Field Theory
New Video - Sacred Geometry and the Unified Field - Parts 1-6

Part 1
"You know when you have an epiphany, you just want to tell someone, right?! ... Yeah, we all know how that goes. They stare at you like 'whaaat?"

Part 2
"Nothing is ever touching! Even if you grew the densest atom, diamond atom, to a size of an orange, the next atom of the diamond would be two football fields away. You / Everything is 99.9999999...% space between things."

Part 3
"Oh my god this guy is going to say "GOD" in my physics convention, not infront of my students."

Part 4
"You are informing the Universe, about your specific point of view as your atoms and electrones vibrate from one point to here and back again, in infinite loop. That is why people in the spiritual circles say You Create Your Reality."

Part 5
"Atom is a mini black hole - http://www.scribd.com/doc/19066321/Nassim-Haramein-Schwarzschild-Proton-paper be not ignoring that vacuum has density."

Part 6
"Now the protons in the center of atoms are spinning rapidly, at near the speed of light. These masters saying you are Light - they meant it!"

He's been called many names in the science circles and one of the kindest "insults" I've read so far was a "New Age Scientist" - but I personally think there is about time to get a brilliant scientist who knows about Spirituality, Oneness and Unity. ;)

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This webpage is dedicated to the aspect of Carreira’s work that is fueled by his passion for American Philosphy and specifically its importance in the development of evolutionary aspects that can be seen as the predecessors of Integral Spirituality and Evolutionary Enlightenment as represented by Ken Wilber and Andrew Cohen. If you want to find out more about Jeff’s work as the Director of Education at Enlightennext, please follow this link.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


If I remove from you your past and your future, what is left of you?
Pretend for a moment, that I can and have taken away your past and you future...
You have no past, you have no future...
what is left of you as you sit there?

For me, I am aware of everything, my breath, my body, am I aware of those - but not them.


This video moved me, it is so important to see it all not just the front and the mind made label - but all of the story.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


From Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth, page 77 "Do you want Peace or Drama?"

"You want peace. There is no one who does not want peace. Yet there is something else in you that wants the drama, wants the conflict. You may not be able to feel it at this moment. You might have to wait for a situation or even just a thought that triggers a reaction in you: someone accusing you of this or that, not acknowledging you, encrouching on your terratory, questioning the way you do things, an argument about money. . . . Can you then feel the enormous surge of force moving through you? Can you hear your own voice becoming harsh or shrill, or louder and few octaves lower? Can you be aware of your mind racing to defend its position, justify, attack, blame? In other words, can you awaken at that moment of unconsciousness? Can you feel that there is something in you that is at war, something that feels threatened and wants to survive at all cost, that needs the drama in order to assert its identity as the victorious character within that theatrical production? Can you feel there is something in you that would rather be right than at peace?"

Love, Light and Joy


The ones of you who know me well, know that I absolutely was hooked on the show Dog Whisperer. This show was hosted by Cesar Millan, and delt with puppy psychology and training the 'humans' as well. ( which is close to what I do as profession [people who work with kids will get the joke ;)] that is taking care of all the need of a growing child )

So - you can imagine my surprise to see these following three videos of  Cesar Millan and Eckhart Tolle in conversation!

"Dogs always desire balance, they stay in the present and aspire for the we, the pack."

"When your dog is upset there is no need for you to be upset. You teach it's important to be non-reactive to the dogs behavior - which ofcourse is a deep spiritual teaching as well."

"Dog energy: What can I do for you, to help others?"

Love, Light and Joy!


Jim Carrey Introduces Eckhart Tolle from EckhartTolle TV on Vimeo.


What would the world look like to you if every single person would focus there attention on things they loved and liked?

When you feel the need to say 'he's a liar', or 'she's cheap' - go back to your center and focus on what you love and like and stop giving yourself to negative emotion and observation.

What would the world gain if every single person would focus there attention on things they loved and liked?

What would the world look like to you, if every single person would focus there attention on things they loved and liked?

Monday, November 22, 2010


Eckhart Tolle
Spirituality in Everyday Life.

"When a negativity arises it's saying "wake up. Get out of your mind. Be present"

"I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am Life. I am the space in which all things happen. I am consciousness. I am the Now. I Am." ~ from Stillness Speaks


An idea dawned on me as I watched this video, that I hadn't though of before in quite the same way.
Before this April when this stage of happiness begun ( I wish I had a better name for it ) I was spiritual and in a state of awakeness - but I had problems, all life troubles and stress and anxiety from time to time. It seemed it went in cycles of three months of happiness, three months of sadness, and so on and so on...
Now what changed in April 2010? What was the catalyst for the change?

I came across Eckhart Tolle's Findhorn Retreat DVD.
After reading my blog entry I recommend you watch these two:
Part 1 of Findhorn Retreat HERE.
Part 2 of Findhorn Retreat HERE.
It was like gentle knock in the head - the slapped in the back of your head kind of "Duh!".
And I got it.

I got it.

It was the power of Now. This here, right now. Now.
I realized suddenly without reading any of his books that everything wrong in my so called life was because I kept wondering into the Past ( oh no what have I done, they will hate me, they will think badly of me, I feel so embarrassed, I can't believe they still kill people, I cannot believe they destroyed that, I'm mortified by that betrayal - you know all those feelings ) and into the Future ( oh shit I have meeting tomorrow, oh shit I have to pay this bill I haven't got money for in two day, oh shoot I can't find my red sweater for tomorrow, I have to meet someone downtown, I don't want to watch the news, I don't want to go to work, I don't want to go to dentist tomorrow, I have to see him/her later, someone could be mad at me now, I could be mad at someone if they happen to do this or that - that sort of things ) for my chance at unhappiness.

I was seriously looking for trouble, everyday.

I was spiritual, I meditated, I was "green", I was vegetarian, I was conscious, I was reading channelings, I was sort of an activist BUT despite all my good intentions I was stuck in the Past and Future for my unhappiness fix.
Photo by Pat Goltz
Change came, the Now came - and like turning on the lights, the darkness was suddenly gone. I knew there had been darkness, and I could still see it far away from me at the edges of my bright light, but it wasn't with me anymore. I was not sad, I was not depressed, I was not worried. Everything made me smile because I got it - what is wrong in right Now? Nothing. Right now with everything going on around me, there is nothing wrong with me or in me. I am smiling, happy, calm, spiritual - even at the most uncomfortable moment ( if I would allow them to be ) I kept smiling, because I had got it, I am strong within me, I am strong in my own self, no one else can make dents in my armour, because I have let go of my armour, there is nothing to dent. It is just me, the essence of me showing constantly always lit with a bright light.

What this next video made me aware of was that the source of my unhappiness was the Post-Modern Level of Consciousness - as great as it is in our process of awaking it is still a place with Pain and Fear.
Now I have been aware of Integral for few months sense the Free Beyond Awakening Teleseminar begun and they had Ken Wilber as quest speaker, explaining these Levels of Consciousness - but before this next video no one had called the integral level, The Level of Now.
This is where it hit me. My leap in April 2010 had been a leap to The Level of Now from Post-Modern Consciousness.
It made perfect sense and I now finally have a name and place for my Transition. ( Not that that should matter, and it doesn't but it helps me to write this blog so yay for that! )

Love, Light and Joy!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Religulous is a 2008 American comedy/documentary film written by and starring comedian Bill Maher and directed by Larry Charles.

According to Maher, the title of the film is a portmanteau derived from the words "religion" and "ridiculous"; the documentary examines and doubts organized religion and religious belief.

Bill Maher interviews some of religion's oddest adherents. Muslims, Jews and Christians of many kinds pass before his jaundiced eye. Maher goes to a Creationist Museum in Kentucky, which shows that dinosaurs and people lived at the same time 5000 years ago. He talks to truckers at a Truckers' Chapel. (Sign outside: "Jesus love you.") He goes to a theme park called Holy Land in Florida. He speaks to a rabbi in league with Holocaust deniers. He talks to a Muslim musician who preaches hatred of Jews. Maher finds the unlikeliest of believers and, in a certain Vatican priest, he even finds an unlikely skeptic.


Watch the full movie ( 1 hour 41 minutes ) @ http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3791007322683758535#

I just finished it and had a couple of really good laughs - comedian hosting this was a good idea.
Now I think this movie raises a guestion of if you have a religion, is it okay to have hate as well?
Or can you be religious, have Faith, and be compassionate to all living things - even if they don't share your religious views or sexual orientation?

Freedom of religion is a Big Thing - Freedom in all things is very important, but we should know always what we are doing and view our Faith from compassion for one another.

Hate doesn't have to exist.

Love, Light and Joy!
Niina contemplating world faiths

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


All I want for Christmas is Compassion for people, animals and the planet we inhabit.


In the Now when you are unhappy with the situation you are in you can...

Remove yourself from the situation...
Change it...
Or totally accept it...

Unhappiness stems from the lack of staying in the Present. Most unhappiness is not of this moment - but past insident or emotion, or fear of  future insident or pending meeting/talk. You can easily try this, pick anything you've done wrong in the past and see if you still feel bad about it, or pick future date that is of importance and see if what comes up is the negative what ifs.

Most of the time there is nothing wrong in the Now, the present moment.

When you do become aware of something wrong in the right now, Eckhart Tolle gives good guidelines:
- Remove yourself from the situation
- Change the situation with your actions
- Accept what is, totally

Out of these three accepting what is might seem the hardest to do.
You can easily leave. You can easily do something to change it, a joke, a hug, a kind word.
But how do you accept something unhappy?
You don't.

What you do accept is that it did just happen.
You cannot make it "not happen", you acknowledge that this just happened and now you can guide your energy to change what will happen right now.
Accept that this is how life is now.
Accept that everything that happens is for a highest good and learning.
Accept your emotions, but don't let it rule over your consciouness.

Happiness is a choice you can make.

Love, Light and Joy!
Niina in the Now


"There are no enemies or friends, only teachers."

Nice quote, but it doesn't matter unless you contemplate on it.
Close your eyes, I'll close mine as well, and think of who is your enemy and what have they taught you?
Patience, self preservation? Are they making you tougher, are they making you stand up and say no more?
Now imagine your friends and what have they taught you?
Caring, unconditonal love? Are they making you set someone else first, instead of you, do you go out and "play" even though you feel sad, hence feel better soon? Do you laugh and giggle until your cheeks hurt?
You are someone's friend, and possibly enemy - you are the teacher.

If we are all teachers, what does it mean to you about yourself and the entire planet of people?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


"Have fun! Laugh! Be goofy! That is a spiritual lesson as well as tragedy, if you know to regocnise it as one."

~ ☆ ☮ ☆ ~

The Dream: I was walking with someone by the sea on the sand, and there were gorgeous sandbanks in the sea. We met kids, teenagers, they were having fun. One was different. Later on him and I put on a show for the gratuation, I was on the mike, there was white togas involved.After the show we tried to leave before the gratuation was over.

Ocean = It traditionally represents our great unconscious, memories, emotions, and individual soul and collective experiences. Look at all of the details in this dream. Is the water clear or murky? Is it calm or turbulent? Are you catching fish, or are you stranded and afraid? Look, listen, and try to comprehend the messages in this dream. No one is in a better position to give meaning to your dreams than you can. Concentrate and learn for yourself. ( It was serene water, emotions, soul experience )
Sand = To see sand in your dream indicates that you are having a change of heart or your position on a certain issue has been altered. It may also mean that you need to shift your outlook to something more productive or significant. ( change of heart on an emotional level, in the soul area )
Boys = If you are female and dream that you see or are a boy, then it implies that you are in touch with the male traits of your personality. This dream may also symbolize how you feel about a prominent male in your life. Romantic feelings towards him may be transferring into your dreams. You may also be feeling nurturing and caring towards this boy.  ( in touch with my male qualities, yes I am. We did something that was fun and care free and a little against school policies with the show )
White = To dream of the color white is symbolic of exclusivity, the new world, appeal, protest, reform, miscarriage succession, virginity, purity, simplicity, justice and innocence. ( innocence, purity, simplicity )

Niina's Dream Interpetation: This dream is telling me that in the emotional level, fully in accordance with soul experience, it is perfecly ok, and recommended to have this "male quality" of excuberant fun! To have fun and be joyful is power, it is a moment when this happiness of everyone feels like power running across your skin - and if innocence and purity is held in that fun it really is Spiritual.
There aren't many things - if any - that are not spiritual. But this was my reminder:
Have fun! Laugh! Be goofy! That is a spiritual lesson as well as tragedy, if you know to regocnise it as one.

Love, Light and Joy!

Monday, November 15, 2010


“Pray like everything depends on God.
Work like everything depends on You."

Spirituality is not just inside you but in absolutely everything.
It is in your morning exercise, in your work, in your grocery shopping.

It's the hardest thing to do, to ably your spirituality in your reality, your work, your walk, your shopping, cooking...

“Pray like everything depends on God.
Work like everything depends on You."

To begin ask yourself what lesson is in this?
What lesson is in this clumsiness? Focus, patience?
What lesson is in this crying child? Love, serenity?
What lesson is in this broken fridgerator?

If everything is spiritual, then you have to pay attention all the time won't you?
That's the point, we are not  zombies bumbing toes to chair in random - are we?

"Faith is courage to Live as if as everything that happens is for our highest good and learning."
~Dan Millman on Beyond Awakening

If this resonates with you - download this teleseminar it is amazing reminder of how Spirituality is in everything, everywhere in those moments when you are aware.

Free recording of 11~11~2010 teleseminar:

Dan Millman in Beyond Awakening with Terry Patten
Best one of the teleseminars since Ken Wilber, in my opinion! I highly recommend this superb almost interactivi 1h 39 minute seminar!
All the teleseminars so far:

Like I state in my blog header - Spirituality in Everyday Life.

Love, Light and Joy!


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