Friday, October 28, 2011


From: Michelle Karen's Newsletter this morning...

The New Moon in Scorpio, yesterday on October 26,
The end of the one before last cycle in the Mayan Calendar on October 28,
The Full Moon in Taurus on November 10,   

The New Moon in Scorpio which occurred yesterday, October 26, 2011 at 12:56 PM PST (3:56 PM EST)  may  help reveal in the next two weeks old emotional responses that are not supporting our highest good. As light is spreading all over the planet, we shall find the transformation of denser energies easier than ever before.

We could have noticed that certain numbers kept showing up, on our digital clocks, on license plates, on objects, as the number of our friends on Facebook… These numbers contain deep messages, particularly the reminder to monitor our thoughts. Let us focus on what we DO want and trust in our ability to manifest what we need for our next level of evolution. The more positive and in faith we remain, the more miracles are likely to occur in the most unexpected of ways.

The astrological chart of this New Moon reveals the importance to own our power in a balance of the masculine and the feminine: heart and passion, light and love. It is a time when  we are all changing at profound levels, reconnecting more truly with our power, our ancestral wisdom and our emotional/spiritual needs. Our love relationships, our sexuality could also be undergoing intense transformations as we become more fully aware of the deeper energetic implications of physical intimacy and only wish to share ourselves with one who matches us vibrationally in heart, mind, body and spirit.

Solidarity with others, sharing, helping each other out in times of need, are also conducive to higher growth and prosperity for all involved. Supporting each other in loving ways provides efficient creative solutions to each other's challenges.

Valuing all our resources, material and spiritual, leads to great healing and increased financial abundance. If we focus on what we do have, work on manifesting the ideas that come to us, and recycle what we no longer need, we might be quite amazed at how wealthy we already are. When we follow our bliss, do the things we love and are good at, money follows.

October 28, 2011 ends the one before last underworld in the Mayan Calendar that began on January 5, 1999. The last 11 year cycle ruled by ethics, required of us to come in right alignment with our truth and all of life. It is no accident that people around the world are rioting and manifesting against the lies that have infiltrated our society. It is no accident that all the structures that have gone down in the past decade and the places that were hit by major earth cataclysms, were places of corruption. It is a law of life that what is not of the light, is now bringing upon itself its own destruction. On Friday we are connecting directly with the Central Sun. A most powerful time to place all our wishes, and highest visions in alignment with the divine plan and step into a heightened reality of peace, love and abundance.

As we transition from one dimension to another, we could find ourselves alternatively thrown into a whirlwind of activities followed by a sense of stagnation in seemingly empty pockets of nothingness. These places of void are actually highly important as they are evidence of our ability to connect directly with the divine, allowing us to tap inter dimensionally into what has never existed before.

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October 29, 2011- 12.21.2012, the last cycle of the Mayan Calendar, is devoted to co-creation, dreaming our new reality into being. We may find that time speeds up even more during the last 13 months separating us from 12.21.2012. Many lifetimes will be lived. We may have feelings of bi-location, as if we are dreaming several lifetimes simultaneously. It may be challenging to differentiate what is real and what is not. But in the end, everything is real that we can see, imagine and feel. This is why the cycle ending tomorrow, on October 28 required of us to be in absolute integrity. Without honesty, we would only create chaos.

Some of us may be called to move to a place that is more supportive of our gifts, more appreciative of our talents and where we are surrounded by people we love and who love us back. Exciting, unusual people with original ideas are likely to walk into our lives, opening our minds to wider horizons. Our intuition is enhanced. We could become creative in ways that connect us globally to others.

The Full Moon in Taurus on Nov.10.2011 (12:16 PM PST) is another important portal during the October 26 - December 10 dimensional transition. Circumstances may force us to take a different course. Compelling forces may trigger changes in our attitude towards life. We could question our direction, our potential, our values. We are being asked to purge ourselves of what is non-essential. As we become more powerfully aware of our individuality and independence, limiting attachments to binding situations and/or people who are not choosing enlightenment, naturally resolve themselves.

The clearer our motives, the more protected we are against religious or political fanatism, sexual black magic and mass manipulation. We can create the better life we long for, by using our imagination productively. Even though complex, evasive obstacles may be trying to block our efforts, maintaining the highest level of integrity, helps us evade darkness' ploys.

Previously stable situations could now suddenly dissolve, opening new possibilities for our dreams to come true. By letting go of the old, we can achieve our ideals and inspire others by stimulating their vision. Our hard work is now coming to fruition, leading to great rewards. Our values could unexpectedly shift, leading to a whole new understanding of who we are and what we need.  Sudden changes in our affairs feel exciting and stimulating.

11.11.2011. is a very magical portal numerologically. It signifies the importance of paying attention to our thoughts. It is also about manifesting our uniqueness and knowing that in relationship it is two beings who have each achieved independence and completeness in their own right, who can positively relate to each other. We are not co-dependent. We are each responsible for our own experiences, strengths and weaknesses. Between the two pillars of the temple, life can flow.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Okay, survival of the fittest, do you believe in it?

What would happen if societies all over the world stopped taking care of people who do nothing but lie in front of the TV all day, eat tons of processed foods and drink alcohol to numb their minds?

I'm not a cold person, very far from it, but I cannot help but to wonder would Darwin's theory take place, would the weak take themselves out of the equation?

Finland has its fair share of problems, the one that easily comes to my mind is drunks in public places, just few months ago two drunks got into a knife fight 500 yards from where I live and one died. Now - if you gave two smart, active, motivated people knifes and got them rattled up I doubt they would go at it like the drunks, right? I mean imagine your two smartest most decent friends, the other says f-you to the other, is a fight to the death gonna break out? Most likely your answer is no. Well -- so is mine. So this brings me to wonder about this...

If one were to believe in the malevolent illuminati and their desire to control, then wouldn't this sort of cross with it? If humanity was still in the survival of the fittest full-mode then people probably would be less likely controlled because smart people tend to think for themselves, they tend to try eat better go organic, be active, stay motivated and get less depressed and stuck in front of the TV. Perhaps I'm rambling and in my defense it is only 6 a.m. and I've been up since 4 a.m. thinking about stuff as I cannot sleep ( due to flu ).

I'd really like to get feedback from anyone crossing by this, what do you think about the survival of the fittest concerning where spirituality is going and how you see it tying to 'nwo'?


I was checking out the new Spirit Science Website and noticed this article in the News. I'm sharing it because I have yet to see an article as sane about The Illuminati! ;)

Here is a teaser:

... The question I would like to ask is, in the maze of information/disinformation about potential secret societies, how are we to react to them? The best reaction for one possibility is the wrong reaction for another. For example, if it turns out the Illuminati is actually benevolent in nature ( and I’m not saying that is or isn’t the case ) the resisting them and trying to expose them will only create problems for us. If it turns out that they are malevolent in nature, however, and we choose to just ignore them, then we play into their hands and their status quo is maintained.
What we need is a strategy that address all of the possibilities, and I think I have a general idea what we as a society need to do. 

1. Focus on values first, not organizations, names or slogans - Whether they’re in cahoots or not, the existence of a power elite is undeniable. Do you in general value love and freedom over fear? Then oppose the governmental policies that use fear to control you. All humans need a certain measure of safety, but know that fear is the #1 instrument of any control system. That should be your first tip off. If a policy takes away your rights, freedoms and privacy by promising to make you safer, then you should know what the true danger is. Avoid the T.V. , avoid factory foods and anything that dulls down your awareness. If you annoy the secret societies while you’re at it, more power to you.



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