Thursday, January 22, 2009


11/365 Energy
Originally uploaded by NiinaC.
From Diana Cooper's newest Newsletter:

"Here is a reminder of a way you can help the prosperity consciousness of the world, which is very needed. As coins are metal they retain the negativity of those who have touched them and continue to spread that energy. You can serve by cleansing the coins you receive and filling them with prosperity consciousness. Then they will circulate feelings of abundance to those who touch them.

Cleansing coins
Waft them over a flame, ask for the fire to cleanse them and visualise the negativity pouring out of them and being transmuted. Alternatively you can invoke the gold and silver violet flame and visualise it round the coins, transmuting the old.

Filling them with abundance consciousness
Picture the coins being filled with golden light and ask that everyone who touches them is blessed with happiness, love, success and prosperity.

Remember that all you give out to others comes back to you multiplied."


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