Thursday, July 10, 2008


What's the Origin of Me?

I have, countless times, wondered and tried to educate myself in the matters of spiritual origin of people. Spiritual Origin of Me.

There are many ways to go with it, and still I seem to relate to the weirdest of them... I know souls come to earth from different places, different pasts...
I still feel that it's important for me to know how human beings came to be.
I know we are just one small portion of DNA away from primates... There is something in that small spec of life that makes us different. Scientist don't know it... people speculate a lot.
There is Personal Truth. Personal Truth depends on the scale of wisdom, scale of experience and scale of memory at the current reincarnation.
That is why people argue, no two minds are at the same level of all three indicators of Personal Truth.
So there is no point in arguing the Origin, the Essence of Humans, because no one will really be able to agree with you in all the details.
So have your personal truth and when you grown, let your personal truth grow too... it would be so unfair to not let part of you grow with yourself.


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