Sunday, February 16, 2014


It's been a while since I've been watching Spirit Science videos, for some reason I watched the first episode again, I meditated after it, opening my heart chakra, igniting my kundalini energy and as I was strengthening the kundalini energy flow I spontaneously started to heal my hurt vertebra and suddenly my mind made the connection Emoto's water crystal pattern experiments of attaching a label on the jar and concentration that energy to it - and healing my back!

Sending love to my two hurt vertebra was such a strong experience that I begun to cry because it made me so happy. I decided that at the end of my meditation I would do what Emoto did and label "the jar with Love" aka take a piece of ban-aid and write I Love You on it and stick it to my back where the pain originates.

Cho Ku Rei means
"Place the power of the universe here"

Of course this was not all - after doing this I was drawn to view another completely focused video on Water and it blew my mind - see for yourself here :

Thursday, February 13, 2014

ANGEL ASTROLOGY 101 ~ A Review ~

Pages: 288 pages
Published: March 4th 2014, Hay House
Form: E-book (from NetGalley for an honest review)
Genre: Spiritual, New Age, Astrology / / BookDepository

"Discover the Angels connected with your Birth Chart.

You can learn about the archangels who work with your birth chart in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Astrology 101. Co-authored by the widely published astrologer and Angel Therapist Yasmin Boland, this is the first book to combine angelology and astrology.

The 12 beautifully illustrated and easy-to-understand chapters describe the personality characteristics of each of the sun, moon and rising signs, plus your Mercury, Venus and Mars, as well as which archangels to call upon in association with them. Angel Astrology 101 is perfect for anyone who is new to these subjects – but it also offers plenty of fresh insights and material for those who have long worked with either astrology or the angels."  ~ Official blurb

I loved this book, its a fresh and new take on Archangels and Astrology, combining the two to a thoroughly entertaining and educational read. The book is so beautiful to read; colorful, soothing and powerfully symbolic, one of the reason why just having a review copy on my iPhone was not enough, so I pre-ordered the hardback, I have to have this as a tangible, can wrap my hands around it and hug it, copy. ;)

I was a Doreen Virtue virgin before reading this - of course everyone in the new age realm has heard of her, just as I had, but before this I mainly knew her as the Angel Oracle Cards lady - now I can't wait to pick up another book of hers, her writing style is effortless and she has a fun side, a positivity that shines through the text. And after reading the book I spent a whole afternoon just looking through Yasmin Boland's website.

It's interesting to know which Archangel is connected with each sun sign, and the parchment with all the areas the Archangel can help you with is something I want to be able to pull off the shelf and look through whenever I'm feeling like I need help or guidance. I've always felt a special connection to Metatron, so I've sort of used him for everything, lol! ( ;) not really though ) but in all seriousness and reverence - knowing which Archangel can help with, what seem at first glance like each Sun signs personal tribulations, what troubles is a valuable tool - and getting to know few Archangels I hadn't previously known of was definitely another plus.

Of course you must know your Moon and Rising Signs, and Mercury, Venus and Mars to get the best possible effect of the book, but worry not these are easily found out here: Free Natal Chart. Now that you have them reading Angel Astrology 101 is an even larger chunk of fun!

Top three likes : Archangels for each Sign + Beautiful Illustrations + Details on what each Archangel can help you with

Top three dislikes : I had none

Rating :

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

THE LITTLE TAROT SHOPPE ~ Free "One Card" reading when you like the Facebook Page

I created this Little Tarot Shoppe because I recently asked Archangel Ariel to help me financially to stay afloat* and I started getting 'Tarot Reading Request' so I thought what better way to honor the help from the angels than to take the offer they presented for me - I'd be a fool to not take a sign from the angels and bring it to fruition.

*See I use to do Tarot Readings for free at my blog -  now, I still do Tarot Readings, and more, but 
due to a dramatic turn of events I can't work at my day job as much as I use to and my income has taken a dive, so these days I ask for a small compensation for a reading. :)

The Specific Spreads/Questions Answered are up on the website! 

~ These spreads are more extensive and more specific with 5 to 15 cards drawn : ~ 

- You & Food : Excellent Eating Habits
- Evil Villain : How To Deal With A Cruel Person

- Big Purchase : Should I Buy This?
- Ancestors Guidance : Meeting Your Ancestors
- Kick A Bad Habit : How To Do It?
- Get Out Of Debt : What got me here & how to stay on budget
- Activate My Muse : How does she help you?
- Weight Loss : Positive and Healthy Guidance
- Kundalini Chakra : See what is going on with each one
- Soul Mate : Have you met your soulmate?
- Release Obsessive Thoughts : How to release negative thoughts
- Alice in Wonderland : Magical trip down Rabbit's Hole

- Walk Away or Try Harder?
- How to End a Family Feud?

~ You can pay for the "Celtic Cross" on PayPal at this time, as all these are 20$. ~

"One Card" reading 
when you like the Facebook Page!

Also in Finnish / Nyt myös Suomeksi :

Erityis-kysymykset nyt myös Suomeksi : 

~ Nämä tulkinnat ovat laajamittaisia, yksityiskohtaisia ja syvältä luotaavia 5 - 15 kortin pöytiä: ~ 

- Sinä & Ruoka : Hyvät ruoka tottumukset
- Iso Ostos : Pitäisikö minun ostaa tämä?
- Esi-isien Opastus : Tapaa esi-isäsi
- Huono Tapa : Miten lopetan huonon tapani?
- Pois veloista : Miten tämä tapahtui & Miten pysyn budjetissa?
- Aktivoi Muusani : Miten he auttavat sinua?
- Painon Pudotus : Positiivista ja Terveellistä opastusta
- Kundaliini Chakrat : Näe miten kukin chakra vaikuttaa sinuun nyt
- Vapauta Pakkonomaiset Ajatukset : Miten 
poistan negatiiviset ajatukset?
- Itse Ilkimykset : Miten toimin tämän negatiivisen ihmisen kanssa?
- Liisa Ihmemaassa : Maaginen matka Jäniksen Koloon
- Yritä Kovemmin vai Jatka Matkaa : Vieläkö yrität vai 
annatko asian jo olla?
- Perheriidan Loppu : Miten saada perheriita loppumaan?
 Sieluntoveri : Oletko nyt sieluntoverisi kanssa?

~ Voit maksaa paypalissa "Keltti Ristillä" juuri nyt sillä hinnat kaikille näille ovat 18€. ~


Saturday, February 8, 2014


It seems it's been a year again!

Every beginning of February is marked my the "I Am" - Convention, hundreds of like minded people coming together for a weekend to listen to spiritual seminars, to shop all things esoteric and highly vibrational - with world famous spiritual teachers and writers like Diana Cooper, Dominique Surel, Michael George and Michelle Karen headlining the seminars and workshops.

So it's Day 1 which means a Diana Cooper lecture on Orbs.

See you there!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


I love the little gifts my spirit guides give me - the gifts aren't always physical and I love the signs so much. When you open up to having guides and angels in your daily life you open your eyes ( and your 3rd eye ) to signs and symbols like you've never seen them before. They are everywhere and getting attuned to angel and guide energy you see them everywhere, wither its mirrors dropping off the walls or the front desk manager opening to you about their life out of the blue ( aka my Monday at the doctors ), you can tell that it's a sign and the fun part is figuring out "a sign of what"? Usually the main vibe is instant - like the breaking mirror = old breaking new beginning, or the woman's accident story = reminding her of guardian angels and my higher vibrational level calling people to me to open up.

I wanted to tell you about this morning's Sign.

I have my work keys sitting on a shelf, I haven't used them for a month as I've been on sickleave, so they have just been sitting there. This morning I come to the living room and the keys are trying to commit suicide by leap of death, they are half way off the side of the shelf. I immediately know it's a sign as I haven't messed with anything on the shelf in days.

The first thing that comes to mind is the keys are taking the swan dive because my job is dying, it's time for a new one, but to have something new the old has to die, it's the natural cycle of things. I am ready, I've known for a while that I have to start a new job as my body can't handle the current one anymore, and the keys about to fall gave me confirmation that my guides are with me to make sure everything will go great and that death of that job will be supported, I will be supported through this change.

Monday, February 3, 2014


I love symbols and symbolism. I recently started the Fast Diet 5:2, mainly to help my body and my Back, with the added benefits of weight loss (back related) - what I didn't expect was that after 36 hour Mini Fast (of 500 calories) I had a Spiritual Re-Awakening. The door that had been closed reopened, the pathways that had dusted over were cleaned, and I found myself listening to the teachings of Ekhart Tolle and Sonia Choquette at 5:00 am. It was literally the first thing I did after waking up from my Fast Day.

The connection couldn't have been clearer! Get up, dust yourself off and reconnect with your spirit guides!

So I did. Suddenly everything is clear, and in this new clarity what had bogged me down for so long seems like destiny to a new chosen path. This is what I love about spirituality, there is so much joy and meaning and clarity - and I ask myself why on earth did I take a year off?

I had so many crisis the past year and a half that it's impossible to understand just what happened - but I do now, I understand why it happened, and what will come of it, and again my faith in the divine plan is restored! I know why my body failed me, and I understand that I asked for this major change, but when I got to steps one and two I panicked and lost my way and this divine path got much harder than it should have been had I hold on to my spirituality.

So yesterday morning after my Fast Day I sat on the sofa, blissfully happy, just basking in the affirmation of life. Understanding that this is how my life will change, that this was the change I had asked for years before - all my dreams had pointed to this fundamental change. Fast forward to minutes till midnight...

My husband and I were startled awake by a sound of something breaking. We went to investigate, well he went ahead as I'm a scary-cat and we found the foyer mirror had crashed down from the wall. I immediately recognized the spiritual significance but as sleepy as I was I left the interpretation for the morning. Well after I asked Archangel Michael to protects us for the night left over.

In the morning the meaning came to me clear as day, the mirror had been shattered, broken, the old world I had lived on had finished and what would be more a profound symbol to look inside yourself in a whole new way than the old way being broken.

So, point taken. ;) I welcome this new breeze running through my life, I'm ready, what can I do next?


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