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List of different spiritually beneficial Fairs of 2011

12.02. - 13.02.2011 "I AM Fair" - Otaniemi Espoo
09.04. - 10.04.2011 "2012 Now" - Otaniemi Espoo
10.09. - 11-09.2011 ( date yet to be confirmed ) "Conscious Choice Fair" - Järvenpää
15.10  - 16.10. 2011 ( date yet to be confirmed ) "Spirit and Knowledge Fair" - Helsinki

I'll update this as I know more, but it seems the Southern Finland's fairs are not many.

Love, Light and Joy!


"After the Cosmic Galactic alignment of 10:10:10 the end of soul and karmic contracts, many of you may feel a loss of connections to earth, relationships and your current life. Your cycle may feel so completed that may wonder what is your place here on the planet now. In the Shamanic Phantom Death it feels like you are crossing over but still alive and could also be going through heath issues."

2011 Predictions, Ascension Symptoms & Ancient Mother Revelation Codes 13
Channeler: Shekina Rose - Friday, 21 January, 2011

This year will open a star gate of the 11:11 that carries the alchemical power of the 13 and the 10:10. The mystical frequency of 13 the Ancient Mother Frequency, the Goddess of Creation will bring all things of unbalanced power into alignment out into the open for all to see that brings a great shift in world conscientiousness The 10:10 brings wholeness and completion of old karma, soul and planetary agreements, contracts and patterns so you may truly be free and ascend. You will see 55 and 555 Archangel Michael’s protection codes of action, clearing and powerful transmutation. 33 and 333 will bring the sacred heart and the rose ray to soften the powerful transformational energies, and shifts of the ascension and 2012. These frequency vibrations will increase with velocity until the year 2013.

Magical opportunities will present themselves that will placed you in your positions of where you can serve the highest good and where you can best be served. Many of you have been waiting for the 11:11 –13 –33 –333 and 10:10 gateway to open. Now you may ride the ethereal plane of higher consciousnesses and feed your new evolutionary new earth bodies with the manna of heaven and galactic star essence.

Only the ones that have purified themselves and have gone through the pathway of the sacred heart will be allowed entrance to the11: 11 13-333 and 10:10 gateways. This gateway will create a frequency vibration within you of untouchable power to the lower density conscientiousness energy patterns of corruption, structures and systems of life. 444

Ascension Symptoms for 2011

Feeling dizzy upon waking or feeling as if you spinning or that the earth the ground beneath you is spinning and your are not.
Seeing an increase in number patterns and sequences that include 444, 13, 33, 11:11, 12:12, 13;13 10:10, 55, and 136.1
Digestive issues will be paramount for most of you shifting frequency. This will be one of the biggest signs of your new evolutionary earth body and increase in your light vibration.
Rise in vegetarianism
Increase in beings becoming empathic
Heighten sensitivity to toxins, food and lower density consciousness with consciousness of inhuman treatment of animals. This may caught you off guard, as you watch media and feel sick when you eat certain animals. You could find yourself unexpectently feeling nausea, and wanting to cry as you pass by the meat and poultry aisle of your food stores.
Feeling lighter and actually hearing your cells vibrating
Periods of extreme exhaustions this is from intense cellular mutation and rejuvenation of your cells to your Divine original blueprint
Increase in your empathic and telepathic communications and connections to Nature, extratressial and galactic liaison
Blue Ray, water angelic and elemental forces will influence and draw you to increase your vibrational frequency through water sources. The need to purfiy and detox yourself though cleansing baths and increased need of minerals. The need, lack, and importance of the resource of water and minerals will become a theme for your world for many years to come.
Body temperatures shifting
Continued abnormal weather and climate changes this trend will continue for over the next 13 years
Increased and decrease solar activity that brings aggressive world behaviors and increase of ultra sensitivity that can cause periods of depression, inwardness and anxiety.

Predictions and the energies for 2011

Butterfly symbols and butterflies
Unity consciences and soul mates
Green and green technology
Power in all in its forms
Star Gate and Star Gate technologies in the world and in your body

Star gate and Star Gate Technologies

Relazation that your pineal gland is a star gate that will increase your brain power and telepathic abilities. This is encoded cellular memory activated by the harmonics of the Galactic core and 2012 ascension. There will be other discoveries and reactivations of the star gates, new charkas and God meridians points of your body.
Dramatic food changes and Increased awareness of toxins and genetically altered foods and how that effects the chemistry, brain, body, moods and DNA of humans. 444

Divine Mother Frequencies Harmonics 13 –33

A profound shift to the awareness and activation of the Divine Mother Frequencies Harmonics 13 –33- and Mother Earth 136.1 Hz will create an electromagnetic Unity Field of Consciousness to ensure that the Codes of Creation and Holy Grail knowledge are used for the highest good of humanity and earth. Her harmonic essence is bringing the return of the language of Light from the galaxies and universes of Light that brings enormous miraculous blessing to all that have an open heart. 13

The return of the Mother Frequency of 13 –33 and 136.1 Hz of empathy and compassion and through the forms of Shekinah, Sophia, Isis, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene Quan Yin, Shakti and all her deities will create new paradigms that can lead to increased harmony and peace on earth. 33 -22

Goddess Temples Reemerge on Gaia 11:11 13 –33 -33

Many of you will be greatly awakened and activated by the Mother Frequency that will attune you to a fuller richer experience in your life. The 13 –33 Mother Frequency will activate in you a deep hearts longing though her divine Grace to restore and create the Goddess temples on earth that were here and active in the times of Atlantis, Lemuria (Mu) and ancient Egypt. This will create incredible balance in the electromagnetic Unity Field of Gaia to ensue the new era of light.

333 ~ Shamanic Phantom Death, Soul Contracts –Crossing Over and still being alive on Gaia.

After the Cosmic Galactic alignment of 10:10 10 the end of soul and karmic contracts, many of you may feel a loss of connections to earth, relationships and your current life. Your cycle may feel so completed that may wonder what is your place here on the planet now. In the Shamanic Phantom Death it feels like you are crossing over but still alive and could also be going through heath issues.

You living as a Shaman, Angelic Human and trans medium channel

Your energy vibrational resonance may have shifted so dramatically that you feel alone and isolated from having difficulties relating to your life and world in the way you normally have. For some you may feel you are now between worlds living as a Shaman, Angelic Human or trans medium channel experiencing, feelings, seeing and sensing what others are not. Is it the ascension of 2012 and the power of the core of your Soul in its raw and pure state that has brought you to this place of the Shamanic Phantom Death. As a soul you have a few specific periods of cycles where you may leave the planet. This is where you choose where your soul can best serve and where you maybe come the resurrected phoenix being reborn here on Gaia.

These will be unparallel times of the greatest revelations at your deepest core soul level where major break through shifts will occur that you did not know where possible. After your Shamanic Phantom Death you may reach a level of Soul Cosmic power that has been reserved only for Saints and ascended masters.

Return of the Language of Light the lost ancient 528 Hz Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

Science has rediscovered the 528 Hz Love and Miracles and the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies that are part of the Sound Codes of the Ancients also called the Language of Light. This ancient sacred technology of higher Communication activates your Divine blueprint your God DNA. It is through the alignment of the Galactic Core and new age that these keys of the holy Grail, heavens higher communication are coming available to you through music, sounds, sacred art and multidimensional awareness. Using the Language of Light will become a powerful tool for your ascension and transformation for you to reach new levels of consciousness. The Language of Light will transmute negativity instantly and open celestial gateways that are available for your full mastery of divinity.

In 2011 expect paradigm shifts changes that will bring unexpected blessings and wholeness. For some it will feel that you have been thwarted or stopped in what you have desired to do 13. This is a message to surrender to what you have normally done in the past and allow for the universe to show you a new higher way that in many cases in easier with greater flow and grace. 13 –33 You are living in unparallel times of transformation where the veil to the higher and cosmic realms are thin here on Gaia and where we; your star and angelic family of light maybe one with thee and send to you the holiest of divine love, light and peace, have a magnificent year!

The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.

Find out if your from the Blue Ray Here:

“Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.

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"Give them your love, even when they do not want to accept it. It is your chance to really show to others what love means by expressing it every moment you are able to do so. This will be the new wave of being."


Do Not Offend Water - It Remembers Every Word You Say
By Vladimir Borovoy - Translated by Anastasia Pulich - Pravda.Ru 1-17-2006

One day theoretical science will no longer have doubts about water's memory while high tech specialists will be making "water" computers controlled by telepathy.

There seemed nothing to be as simple and as well studied in the world of science as water, until recently. The proverbial chemical description, temperature metamorphoses from ice into steam, solvent properties - that is about all. Deeper studies into the Nanoworld are ready to shake faith even in the water's simplicity. Just for one fact that it turns out water has memory and understands human emotions and words.

According to physics that we study at school water does not form any long-lived structures ( if there is no other substance taking part in the process ). Of course, there is so called hydrogen bond, due to which molecules are joined in chains, but such formations exist a tiny moment of time. Theoretically it means that water is hard to structure: at least all the stories about magnetized water or water that "remembers" substance once dissolved in it have been labeled as a sientific for a long time. Nevertheless, it has been several years already since quite serious-minded scientists with the help of ultraprecision instruments began to study the ability of water to form those long-lived structures.

Russian scientists are among the leaders. In 2003 at the Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Russian scientist Stanislav Zenin upheld a thesis on water's memory. The thesis' author owns a laboratory and studied clathrates, stable compounds ( that can live up to several hours! ) consisting of 912 water molecules of half-micron or micron in size. You can even see them through the phase-contrast microscope. Clathrates are almost electrically neutral in distilled water. However, Zenin found out that their electroconductivity could be changed. Bonds between the clathrates' elements can be broken with the magnetic stirrer and then water becomes dead and unordered mixture. If a tiny amount (even one molecule) of any other substance is added into water clathrates start "adopting" its electromagnetic properties. In the end Zenin engaged psychics and healers - people who do not enjoy respect in the world of science - in his work on thesis. He found out that some representatives of this dubious occupation can change water's electroconductivity drastically with the power of their thought. Zenin defined water as substance in phase-informative state with a structure suitable for data storage. He called it a biological information tank. He distinguished water's primary and long-term memory. Primary memory becomes apparent after a single impact. It is a reversible change in water's structure and a reflection of the new electromagnetic picture on clathrates' surface. As for the long-term memory, it is a complete transformation of the matrix clathrates' structural elements as a result of long information influence. This means that you do not have to be a psychic to form a certain structure of water. It is enough to pass a certain emotion to water for some period of time.

The same conclusion was made by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. He discovered that water can really form ordered structures that turned out to be crystals. Each of them is unique and reflects the electromagnetic properties of water. Microcrystals are studied with the help of photographs. First of all, water drops placed into Petri dishes are quenched for two hours. Then they are placed into special apparatus that is a sort of refrigerator combined with microscope and camera. Here the newly-formed crystals are examined at temperature of 5C below zero. The most characteristic ones are photographed.

Dr. Emoto and his team study water from different sources of the world and also water that was effected by music, image, television, thoughts of a single person and a group of people, prayers, words typed or pronounced in different languages etc. Emoto discovered that there was a significant difference between crystals that listened to Beethoven and heavy-metal. Words "angel" and "devil" form structures that are similar and completely opposite at the same time.

Of course, Dr. Emoto can be also called a person with vivid imagination who uses equipment for purposes that have nothing to do with science. The Japanese scientist thinks that everything in this world possesses common vibration frequency, resonance wave (hado) that is able to transfer human emotions onto all surrounding objects. That is why one has to thank food that he/she eats, avoid negative emotions and pray more often. Such conclusions make scientific community laugh. But that is not always the case. Many researchers show interest in the findings of Dr. Emoto. Some are looking for the ways to transform processes that occur in water under the influence of electromagnetic radiation of the human brain into signals that are comprehensible for computer. In other words, they want to invent a computer that would be operated by thoughts. Others want to teach water storing the binary code. There are also those who try to find out if it is possible to change physical and chemical properties of water for special purposes (for instance, making it viscous in order to cool nuclear reactors with less energy consumption).

Such tendencies can one day result in the situation when theoretical science will no longer have doubts about water's memory while high tech specialists will be making "water" computers controlled by telepathy.

Source: Article at

Love, Light and Joy!


Everything is relationship. I remember Dr. Fred Wolf, who is a physicist stating on a tape "Everything is consciousness." He further noted, "When you are observing an object, on some level the object is observing you." As I listened to that statement, I thought it was strange. I then realized that because something doesn’t have a human consciousness, as I do, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have it’s own consciousness. Apparently, observing something changes it on some level - that the observer, and the observed are One.

A super exciting articled on Solfeggio Frequency! He talks about the frequencies, DNA, "junk-DNA", Consciouness and more in a way that is captivation and informative, if you read only one spiritual article today - make it this one!
The Six Solfeggio Frequencies include:
UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order 
We have all had the experience of listening to a piece of music that really stirs our hearts and minds. The music literally brings tears to our eyes and joy to our hearts. There is a reason for this that goes back through time to an earlier musical scale now referred to as the “Solfeggio Frequencies“. This is a six note scale that bears some resemblance to our modern seven note musical scale. When related to music, ‘Solfeggio’ is referred to as the “ability to sight read music and sing the notes accurately (pitch wise) without the use of a musical instrument’.~
Carl Sagan writes that most of our genetic information (about 97%) is unused DNA. He refers to this as "genetic gibberish." Is it possible that most of who we are still lies dormant as our human potential?

Dr. Hans Jenny also "noticed that when the vowels of ancient languages like Hebrew and Sanskrit were pronounced, the sand took the shape of the written symbols for those vowels. "Modern languages, including English, failed to generate those patterns."
As described above by Dr. Candice Pert, PhD, energy and vibration go all the way to the molecular level. She states that we have 70 different receptors on the molecules and when vibration and frequency reaches that far they begin to vibrate. Moreover, she observed, "as they begin to vibrate they sort of touch each other, and tickle each other, and they play and mount each other." It’s this whole energetic dance ritual, at the cellular level, that opens the chromosomes and exposes the DNA to the frequencies. When we do toning, drumming, chanting, or tuning forks – it can be a way to direct energy for transformational purposes.
Article Forgotten In Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies
Written by David Hulse, D.D.
PDF booklet of 19 pages with similar information and more @

Finishing the blog entry with an amusing note.

2000 B.C. – Here, eat this root.
1000 A.D. – That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer.
1850 A.D. – That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion.
1940 A.D. – That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill.
1985 A.D. – That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic.
2000 A.D. – That antibiotic doesn’t work anymore. Here, eat this root.
2010 A.D. – That root is contaminated. Here, practice energy medicine.
-adapted from Qigong Newsletter

MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

Love, Light and Joy!

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Loreena McKennitt's Dante's Prayer is amazing melody, that touches your soul as light as a breath on your sensitive skin, soft, awakening your energy at the center of your being...

With a Prayer for Love.
Today, Lord, help me to accept myself the way I am, without judgement. Help me to accept my mind the way that it is, with all my emotions, my hopes and dreams, and my unique personality. Help me to accept my body the way that it is, with all it's beauty and perfection.
Today, Lord, clean my mind of emotional poison and self-judgement, so that I can live in peace and love. Let the love for myself be so strong that I never reject myself or sabotage my happiness and personal freedom. Let me love and accept myself without judgement, because when I judge myself, I find myself guilty, and then need to punish myself.
With the power of self-love, let all my relationships be based on love and respect. Help me to let go of the need to tell others how to think or how to be. Let me accept the people I love just the way they are, without judgement, because when I judge them and blame them, I find them guilty, and want to punish them. Help me Lord, to love everything you create with no conditions, because when I reject your creation, I reject you.
Today Lord, help me to start my life over with the power of self-love. Help me to explore life, to take risks, and to love myself unconditionally. Let me open my heart to the love that is my birthright so that I can share my love wherever I go. Amen.

Love, Light and Joy!


Money is everywhere again, everywhere I look I see people, adds and commercial saying the same thing, how to get happy wealthy life. Even spiritual ads.

What's with all the money!?

I am happy now, why do I need wealth as well? It is no surprise that this is repeated to us, because of the current state of the world finances. Which I have been turning a def ear on to be honest, it's the job of the TV to focus on the negative, and I rather give my time and energy to the positive.
But as this world is so worked up on TV and money it makes mundane normal person sense that money is the top focus. Wealth includes a lot of money - don't be fooled. Money is an attachment, even the smallest amount is attachment. People want it and when they have it they hold onto that state for dear life.
And what dreary state it is to be money obsessed.

And it is no surprise that as we progress and evolve as species we face money "karma". After all we have to get that out of the way, if we have any chance in evolving spiritually.
I heard lately a woman say "I love money", she meant Love, not gimme, gimme, gimme or so I understood.
It's been said over and over again in different sacred text to replace hate, fear and addiction with Love - the kind of love that Knows... to know it is, accept it is and love all that is, like it is second nature ( hah! - well first nature actually but that's not a saying ).
We know money exists, it is touchable by hand, seen with eyes, smelled with the nose so it is easy to acknowledge, it is. To detach from wanting, needing money you need to know it is, without any of it's qualities It Is - it just is there, like a leaf would be on your hand.
If we accept money as it is in our hand, we accept money Is in this world, there are things it makes happen, very good and very bad - without emotional uprising accept this is what money does, it is in this world as it is, it is not to disappear.

Now to Love money, with a smile, see the detail, feel the texture and recall how this too is a manifestation of Universal Love - in all truth it is as much a manifestation of energy as a bird. As we have come to know it is, accept it is, then like a fluffy adorable bird we can Love what is. With Love and honor for existence we can Love money.

How to work with this new money?
Just like before buy groceries, give away money for these things with Love, like a blessing.
Pay rent as if this was the most joyous things as is shelters you between these four walls.
But keep away from gathering more belonging, as it is easy to stop seeing divine exchange and see Money.
Trust me, this process I worked out for myself has had for me as well ups and downs - there is a very strong stamp on money in this world and if you don't pay attention it creeps up on you and you have to begin again.
Not that there is anything wrong with beginning again. :)

It is all about happiness - when you are happy, you are complete.

Love, Light and Joy!

Monday, January 24, 2011


“Anchor The Diamond God Light”
Message From Archangel Michael, January 2011
Through Rev. Michelle Coutant
Dear Ones,
Remembrance, remembering. It is the process which each of you is going through right now. It is an intense cleansing, a purging of all that no longer serves your highest good. You must stay steady in the light, with diligence, with great strength and courage, with perseverance. We are with you in every now moment and we remind you of this. It is a time of remembering your heritage, remembering who you are at the deepest levels of your being. It is a time of remembering every aspect and facet of who you are, your individual heritage, this blessed inner wisdom, the God Self which you each are and display in great joy, through your thoughts your actions, your words, your feelings.

We ask you to dig deep beloved ones, dig deep to the very core of your being, your God Self. The unconditional love, the great wisdom of the Cosmos awaits you in this now moment. Each now moment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your Godliness, to be the personality of God. You have the opportunity to embody God in every now moment. Choose wisely dear ones. This lifetime is but a breath of eternity. It is a now moment which fleets by on the wings of light. Waste not one God moment of eternity.  It is more precious than you know, each moment providing you with the opportunity to return to your Glorious divine heritage, your birthright, to be and demonstrate God.

Within each of you is the radiant core cell of diamond light, blazing forth in every now moment. This radiant core of diamond light has been activated and it is up to each of you to make use of the diamond light radiating and flowing and expanding upon your earth in every now moment. This light is rarified and of the highest vibration we may give you access to at this time. It is the clear diamond light of God, at the highest levels, yet stepped down so that you may access it, integrate it wisely and fill your diamond core God cell to overflowing, with this light. The miracles abound, as your earth moves into her crystalline form, and as you dear ones move into your crystalline form. The diamond light provides you access to greater manifestation. The radiation of the light in your fields allows you greater access to your divine heritage of abundance, unconditional love, joy, peace and harmony, with absolute ease and grace.

The diamond light has been anchored on earth through the many brave souls who are incarnating at this time, and it is now being given as a gift, to those of you who are ready to anchor it in greater increments. This is a great gift and holds great responsibility for those of you who are ready. Misuse of the diamond light causes imbalances in your auric field, and imbalances in your thought processes. This gift will only be given to those who are ready to step into mastery. This light will not be given to those who will misuse it. You must each choose to make use of the diamond light with ease and grace. Sit down in meditation and call in the diamond light. Feel it, absorb it into your field. Feel it light up you who are now polishing the diamond that is you, to a bright and brilliant shine. The diamond light is a great polisher, yet misuse, will dim your diamond to lack luster proportions. Feel the flow of the diamond light, and begin to radiate this light to and through your field, filling yourselves with its brilliance.

You each have a crown of light which has been dimmed over the eons, and it is now time for you to wear your crown of light with strength and courage and to stand in the truth and integrity, the impeccability that is you. Your crown of light blazes forth with the Twelve Rays of God, in perfect balance and harmony, perfect brilliance, and the diamond light complements the Rays and fulfills the radiance of you. See your crown of light blazing forth with ease and grace, in balance and harmony. Wear your crown of light with great responsibility and great wisdom, yet wear it lightly, in love and joy. Each morning, place your crown of light upon your head and fill yourselves with the diamond light, as you bring in your Divine I Am Presence, to think through you, feel through you, speak through you, act through you, and see through you, in every now moment. Make this a part of your morning ritual which we have recently given to you, dear ones. Stand in your light with all your glory and radiance shining forth, and as you do so, your auric field touches those around you and they too, will awaken and move forward on their path into the Divine light.

Rest in God, beloved ones, relax in the now moment and know that you are loved, supported and divinely guided. See yourselves being held in the palm of God in perfect grace, in every now moment, and all is well. Feel the shower of God light, feel the support and the unconditional love of God, as you rest in the palm of the Father/Mother God.

We of the higher realms are here beside you, in unconditional love and support as you rest in the palm of God.

I am Archangel Michael and I bring you this truth.

All my Love and Blessings,
You may copy and share, with Love and Blessings. Please copy the message in its entirety, giving credit to Archangel Michael through Rev. Michelle Coutant, and provide a link to:
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Finally done with the renovations, that truly tested some newly found nerves.
Of course the apartment looks better, except for the bedroom that could easily make me cry - but I've noticed it doesn't help to cry, crying induces this state of negativity I blame myself, which really isn't what I want to do. So I let go. On a bigger scale few stripes are nothing when I recall I have four walls there that fulfil their purpose to shelter me and keep me warm, sure due to my own use of acrylic masse the walls aren't exactly pretty, but being an amateur and having no help, what can you expect. I was feeling this deep sense of oh buggers after second coat of paint and kept feeding that fear and hurt machine until it made me cry. But somewhere this morning I let go, something just slightly shifter after accepting this is last night. The walls didn't change, I did. There might come a day when I choose to fix the walls with my dad's help and try begging another 9 litres of paint from my housing company - but until then it has stopped effecting me.

It's like this was a huge big test, the world stating all right we'll give you this but we'll have to test you stress release skills. Renovating with my husband, an Aries, was a bonus test - and I learned the talent of being silent when people are upset instead of feeding it or being a mirror for it.
As me and the roller didn't get along on one wall, the end result was patchy, and it took me few days to forgive myself. It isn't about physical damage our lives, but spiritual wholeness. Everything can be fixed when the mind is at ease, not everything is done in one day. Rome wasn't built in a day.

But now that it is done... it's done, my home will be like this for now, while I charge my batteries after running them near empty with renovation and work. I truly love my shelter as a presentation of the Universal Love, I love the walls, I love the paint, the filler, the trims, the furniture, the color - even in the bedroom.

Pretty good sum for three weeks... Learning to not mirror negativity, learning to accept physical damage without taking it personally and learning how to strip wallpaper the easiest way.

Love, Light and Joy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I went by the library today and picked up three CDs - Journey to the Faeries, Deuter's Nada Himalaya and Aeoliah's Realms of Grace.

Llewellyn's Journey to the Faeries is a blissful mix of soothing music with winchimes and sparkle, like fairy dust springled down on the ground. Nature sounds like chrips and wind in the trees - gorgeous, takes you straight into the fairy realm. I highly recommend it.
Visit to hear samples of the songs.
I hope you agree that there is beauty in faerie music.

Deuter's Nada Himalaya begins with a bowl that vibrates right down to your essence.
Amazing, vibrational, uplifting, shifting music that Deuter does so well. Absolutely perfect for meditation. Only natural sounds of tibetian bells and bowls, chimes and mountain streams are used.
It's like the instruments want to heal you from inside out by just listening to them. Amazing.
Visit to hear samples of the songs.
I especially recommend Nada Himalaya 1 - try it and feel it.

Aeoliah's Realms of Grace is beautiful, calm, relaxing soothing music literally from the higher realms.
You relax, unable to keep your eyes open , the music takes you to a deep state of calm when the music sooths your muscles and your mind. beautiful.
Visit to hear samples of the songs.

If you are tight on money the library is the way to go in giving your soul some peace of mind. ;)

Love, Light and Joy!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Graham Hancock - Quest for the Lost Civilization (1 of 14) 

Novelist and adventurer Graham Hancock searches the globe for evidence of an advanced civilization that may have existed in 10,500 BC, finding unexplained links between the world's earliest cultures.
This documentary is a breathtaking odyssey, stretching from the pyramids of ancient Egypt to South American ruins. From Easter Island to Angkor Wat, Graham Hancock puts forward compelling evidence to suggest that cultures we term ancient were in fact the heirs to an older lost civilization.

The rest of the videos are at the right hand side panel, under suggestions at youtube.

Love, Light and Joy!

Friday, January 7, 2011


I read this and can't describe how deeply happy and loving it made me feel. Completely changed something in me, how amaxing it is people can be like this - this small text deeply connects with the love I was bathing in last year. ( exception on December when I truly let go of my shadows )

"of dwelling in the love of god, Ram Dass says:"
i am loving awareness

i have a practice in which i say to myself, “i am loving awareness.”  to begin, i focus my attention in the middle of my chest, on the heart-mind.  i may take a few deep breaths into my diaphragm to help me identify with it.  i breathe in love and breathe out love.  i watch of all the thoughts that create the stuff of my mind, and i love everything, everything i can be aware of.  i just love, just love, just love.

i love you.  no matter how rotten you are, i love you because you are part of the manifestation of god.  in that heart-mind i’m not richard alpert, i’m not ram dass – those are both roles.  i look at those roles from the deeper “i”.  in the heart-mind i’m not identified with my roles.  they’re like costumes or uniforms (^^^) hanging in my closet.  “i am a reader,” “i am a father,” “i am a yogi,” i am a man,” “i am a driver” – those are all roles.

all i am is loving awareness.  I AM LOVING AWARENESS.  it means that wherever i look, anything that touches my awareness will be loved by me.  that loving awareness is the most fundamental “i”.  loving awareness witnesses the incarnation from a place of consciousness different from the plane that we live on as egos, though it completely contains and interpenetrates everyday experiences.

when i wake up in the morning, i’m aware of the air, the fan on my ceiling, i’ve got to love them,  I AM LOVING AWARENESS.  but if i’m an ego, i’m judging everything as it relates to my own survival.  the air might give me a cold that might turn into pneumonia.  i’m always afraid of something in the world that i have to defend myself against.  if i’m identified with my ego, the ego is frightened silly because the ego knows that it is going to end at death.  but if i merge with love, there is nothing to be afraid of.  love neutralizes fear.

awareness and love, loving awareness, is the soul.  this practice of “i am loving awareness” turns you inward toward the soul.  if you dive deep enough into your soul, you will come to god.  in greek, it’s called agape, god love.  martin luther king jr said about agape, this higher love: “it’s an overflowing love which is pure, spontaneous, unmotivated, groundless and creative.  the love of god operating in a human condition.”
it’s the love maharaj-ji spreads around, the unconditional love.  he loves you just because, just because.  spontaneous, unmotivated, groundless. he’s not going to love you because you are an achiever or a devotee, or a yogi, or because you’re on the path.  he loves you just because.  can you accept it?  can you accept unconditional love?

when you can accept that kind of love, you can give that love.  you can give love to all you perceive, all the time.  i am loving awareness. you can be aware of your eyes seeing, your ears hearing, your skin feeling, and your mind producing thoughts, thought after thought after thought.  thoughts are terribly seductive, but you don’t have to identify with them.  you identify not with the thoughts, but with the awareness of the thoughts.  to bring loving awareness to everything you turn your awareness to is love.  this moment is love.  i am loving awareness.

if you put out love, then you immerse yourself in a sea of love.  you don’t put out love in order to get back love.  it’s not a transaction.  you just become a beacon of love for those around you.  that’s what maharaj-ji is.  then from the moment you wake to the moment you go to sleep, and maybe in dreams, too, you’re in a loving environment.

try using i’m loving awareness to become aware of your thought forms and to practice not identifying with them.  then you can identify with your soul, not your fears or anxieties.  once you identify with your spiritual being, you can’t help but be love.

it’s simple.  i start with the fact that i am aware, and then i love everything.  but that’s all in the mind, that’s a thought, and loving awareness is not a thought.  or if it is a thought, it’s pointing to a place that’s not a thought.  it’s pointing at a state of being, the way the concept of emptiness is pointing at emptiness, which is really fullness.

souls love.  that’s what souls do.  egos don’t, but souls do.  become a soul, look around, you’ll be amazed – all the beings around you are souls.  be one, see one.

when many people have this heart connection, then we will know that we are all one, we human beings all over the planet.  we will be one.  one love.

and don’t leave out the animals, and trees, and clouds, and galaxies – it’s all one.  it’s one energy.  it comes through in individual ways, but it’s one energy.  you can call it energy, or you can call it love.  i like to look at a tree and see that it’s love, don’t you?

Love, Light and Joy!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


In the last of his Big Ideas journeys, James May sets off to find smarter, brighter and bolder ways of powering the planet for future generations. Episode featured sections on solar cars, solar power tower, ENV, Wind Turbine, Pelamis Wave Energy Converter (referred to as the snake), energy from wave power (see Stephen Salter), electricity generated from the tides and the latest development on Nuclear Fusion.

Solar Tower Power

Tidal Power Station

Wind Power

Gas out of thin air

More detail of how gas is made @

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Thomas Campbell author of the My Big TOE trilogy, presenting a seminar at the Unity Church of Hawaii, 12th of June, 2010

This is part 1 of 14, as you open this on YouTube page you will see the following episodes such as 2 of 14 and more on the right hand side Suggestions, usually the next episode is always the top pick.

Now the slides don't show too good so what I did was go here ( it takes about a minute to load up, large slide show) and open them on two windows and keep youtube on the left, and slideshow on top at right hand side (so that I can flib the slides with causing trouble). Like this:

Ofcourse this is sized a bit weird, but you probably get my point.

But now why should you watch this?
My Big TOE ( Theory Of Everything ), written by a nuclear physicist in the language of contemporary Western culture, unifies science and philosophy, physics and metaphysics, mind and matter, purpose and meaning, the normal and the paranormal. The entirety of human experience (mind, body, and spirit) including both our objective and subjective worlds, are brought together under one seamless scientific understanding.
If you have a logical, open, and inquisitive mind, an attitude of scientific pragmatism that appreciates the elegance of fundamental truth and the thrill of breakthrough, you will enjoy this journey of personal and scientific discovery.
Campbell did not put the "My" in My Big TOE to flaunt pride of authorship. Nor does the "My" indicate any lack of generality or applicability to others. The "My" was added to be a constant reminder to you that this reality model cannot serve as your personal Big TOE until it is based upon your personal experience. On the other hand, personal or subjective experience is only one piece of the reality puzzle. In the objective physical world of traditional science, My Big TOE delivers a comprehensive model of reality that subsumes modern science, describes our objective material reality, and is universally applicable. Contemporary physics is shown to be a special case of a more general set of basic principles.
This book is what this Hawaii Seminar is all about.
I highly recommend this, he makes very good points!

And the best part all his work is free, free seminars and workshops on youtube and free book on google books to read. A man with monetary issues at check, well done!


Love, Light and Joy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Barbara Hand Clow - The Last Day of the Mayan Calendar, Neptunian Energies & Galactic Changes
November 16, 2010

Barbara is well known for her work as an astrologer, especially for her groundbreaking study of Chiron. In light of the building galactic alignment, she has written "The Mayan Code: Time Acceleration and Awakening the World Mind" based on Carl Johan Calleman's Mayan Calendar hypothesis and her own study of Earth's alignment with the Galactic Center in 1998, which intensified time during the Galactic Underworld-1999-2011. Barbara Hand Clow returns to discuss the 7th and last day of the Mayan Calendar, the universal underworld and the recent finding of gamma-ray energy bubbles at the center of our galaxy. Topics discussed: dreams, Galactic Center, energy, white hole, South Equatorial Belt of Jupiter disappears, Chiron Neptune conjunction, Day 7th, Universal Underworld, Dr. Alexei Dmitriev, bubble of energy, dark energy, dark matter, emergence of a white hole, transfiguration of our species, spiritual awakening, time acceleration, lines of consciousness, lines of times, technological global consciousness, Portugal, changes in structure and politics, time acceleration, Ian Lungold, world mind, willpower, Millennium films series, evil, abuse, tax dollars and war, masculine and feminine aspects, Afghanistan, oil, energy, official disclosure, Earth quarantined and more.

Love, Light and Joy!

Monday, January 3, 2011


The Indigo Evolution is a documentary that attempts to answer the question - Are these 'Indigos' only the fanciful notions of a few individuals embracing new-age, metaphysical beliefs, or is there real evidence that they truly do exist? Most importantly, why are they here and how can we help them achieve their goal of creating a world based upon the laws of compassion and peace? Interviews with some of the most profound children on the planet today combined with discussions with authorities in the fields of medicine, psychology, education, philosophy, and religion will provide information for the viewer to draw their own conclusions to these questions.

The Indigo Evolution' is a documentary about the shifting human, evolving beyond the five sensory perceptions into a multi-sensory being of light! The term Indigo refers to the Indigo color Aura seen around certain individuals who exhibit certain enhanced abilities well beyond their age and learning. Commonly labeled as suffering from some kind of deficit (ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia ) these children clearly have more of something most of us fail to recognize. Their non conformance to authority and the social conditioning sometimes earns them the label of being problem children. - The Indigo Evolution-Full Length Documentary Video

Indigo Evolution, a feature-length documentary by James Twyman, was released Jan. 28, 2006 in more than 350 churches and wellness and spiritual centers around the world. The attendance far exceeded expectations, demonstrating how interest in understanding the "Indigo phenomenon" has grown. Indigo Evolution illuminates the lives of children who are referred to as "Indigos." The movie describes them as creative, eccentric and independent. Impatient with the status quo, these children possess a high degree of integrity and intuition. Many are both intelligent and gifted, often in the areas of art and technology, and some are said to bring healing gifts.

According to Indigo Evolution, Indigos often sound very wise for their age; however, they are very sensitive physically, emotionally and spiritually, and not always comfortable in their own bodies. They easily experience sensory overload to lights, smells, sounds, touching and toxins, and need help in becoming grounded. Many Indigos have attention and social problems in school and may frequently correct the teacher. While their behaviors vary, their philosophy of life is consistent; they have a high level of social consciousness and desire to make the world a better place. They are here to bring the Dawn of the Golden Age!

Hopi Elders reveal ancient prophecies: After the premiere test screening of "The Indigo Evolution", the Hopi nation contacted James Twyman, and told him that they were willing to reveal their ancient and guarded secrets about the children of the planet in this movie. The new section containing interviews with Hopi elders about their ancient prophesies and how they relate to the Indigos was added to the documentary. Their message was astounding, and has now become the central theme for the entire film. The Hopi elders shared that it is not too late to reverse the tide of earth cleansing, but only if we come together, and the children have a critical role to play.

Love, Light and Joy!


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