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Fantasy by Josephine Wall
I haven't done dream interpretations in along while, and I remembered this dream so vividly as I woke I took it as a sign I needed the dream interpreted. It's bit weird with stalkers, frozen babies and cursed rune engraved wedding rings. I probably could make it into a movie. ;) So wait just a second as I go and brew myself some caffeine free Strawberry & Cherry Infusion Tea.

The Dream =  I returned to a cabin with a friend, carrying grocery bags. There was a girl outside the cabin asking for our help her a man was stalking her. We go inside and lock the doors, next an older man circles the house. I find a baby in the grocery bag we had thought we'd taken a chicken from the frozen sections which turns out melted and was a baby. I give the tiny baby warm bath in the sink. Eventually I come up with a plan and we all go outside, I manage to cut the wedding ring off the stalker, where the ring was is all dead and black. He calms down and I tell them the ring was cursed and that they were divorced. The baby grows up to a boy who runs after his dad as he leaves, gives him keys to the house and wants him to come back after he's done with work, the dad has gotten younger now, and promises to come back.

House/Cabin = They usually symbolize our emotional and psychological selves. All of your experiences, stages of development, and parts of your conscious and unconscious life may be represented by that house. The house may be representing issues concerning a particular dilemma in your life, or it may be more general and comprehensive. ( Do I even have dreams that don't involve houses anymore, they seem to be in every  dream. ;) But emotions and psychology is the deeper work that needs to be done in us all )
Hiding = In daily life we hide from things that we don't want to deal with or we hide from danger. The emotional tone of your dream will reveal its meaning. If you are hiding out of danger, then you should consider those things in your life that propose a threat to you. They could be internal forces or environmental conditions. Generally, we attempt to hide our own negativity and mistakes. This dream may call for an honest reflection on personal characteristics and an evaluation of how much fear influences our lives and decision-making. ( I was hiding from mistake, even though it wasn't straight forward what I was scared of as he was stalking the girl with me )
Older Man = Old people in dreams represent wisdom and maturity. They may appear in our dreams at times of confusion and lack of direction, or when we need consultation and help in decision-making. ( helping in making decisions sounds right to me )
Baby = If these newborns are strangers to you, you can assume that they represent you. You are the baby and the dream is telling you something about your development in a particular area of your life. At times of great change and renewal, a baby may appear in a dream and represent your potential and a new beginning. Some of the meaning of the dream may be obtained by considering what the baby looked like and was doing. Generally, babies represent innocence and are symbols of the purest form of a human whose possibilities are endless. However, if the babies appearance is odd, and if your interactions with it are bizarre or unusual, you need to consider your own well-being (psychologically) and think about what personal experiences and psychological hang-ups have prevented you from growing. ( I didn't actually see the baby in frozen from, I just held her as normal human baby, as I was bathing it it didn like having water in his face and cried a bit )
Outside/Nature = To dream of nature symbolizes independence, serenity, restoration, and rebirth. It stands for practiced and articulated internal instincts. You are very much in touch with your inner self. ( from the house which symbolises emotional self and where I see a threat to me, to outside to nature to independense from emotional self where there is serenity )
Ring = Are you dreaming about ornamental jewelry or merely noise? If you are dreaming the former, the ring may be symbolic of your commitments and promises. The ring can been seen from a larger point of view as a circle, which is a symbol of completion and wholeness. ( symbol for completion and wholeness )
Curse = To dream that you or someone else is under a curse points to a buildup of guilty feelings from an offense or wrongdoing you have committed. ( symbol for completion and wholeness as in ending my feelings of quilt of a wrongdoing I've done )
Boy = To dream that you see or are a boy, when you are female, implies that you are in touch with the male traits of your personality. ( as the baby is me and the baby grows to be a boy this follows the lead well )
Key = To dream of keys may represent a multitude of facets in the dreamer's life, including hidden secrets, recognizing responsibility, the ability to gain access to a situation and hence control, and opportunity. When a key is given to somebody else, control, responsibility, or secrets may be getting passed on to somebody else. ( giving control, responsibility, or secrets )
Man = A man, particularly the father figure, may represent collective consciousness and the traditional human spirit. He is the Yang and his energy, when mobilized, creates the earthly realities. Depending on the details of the dream, the masculine figure could be interpreted as the Creator or Destroyer. At times, women dream about men that are strangers to them. These men may represent the women's unconscious psychic energy. Carl Jung called the stranger in a woman's dream the "animus." He represents autonomous, unconscious energy and he plays a vital role in obtaining a deeper understanding of self. ( well that's just spot on, definately earthly energy, creator helping to understand self  )

Ocean Dreams by Josephine Wall
The Interpretation

It begins with emotional and psychological self, then reveals that I have been living with the quilt of a mistake I've made. This dream calls for honest reflection on personal characteristics and an evaluation of how much fear influences my life and decision-making. There is an older man who is what I am hiding from aka the mistake that is there to help me to make decisions. How great is that! A mistake teaching me to make decisions! A baby in this dream represents me and about doing development in some area of my life, which would be this quilt of the mistake.
At this point I'm realizing this part of the dream is my past, this is a tale from my mind of how I let go of this issue.
In the dream I leave the house to go to nature - leaving the emotional hiding place from my mistake/wrongdoing and go to a state of independence, serenity and rebirth, getting intouch with my innerself on this matter. That creates completions and wholeness, realeasing the built up guilt represented by a curse.
It seems this cleasing generates in me a better connection to my male traits in my personality (which is very true by the way!) giving the male traits more room in my emotional and psychological self. Just check out the male traits in the interpretation for Man.

I know exactly what this mistake/wrongdoing was, it's true I have felt guilt for it for a really long time, about a year, but now that I think of the situations the guilt is gone, which explains why I saw this dream to begin with!I truly welcome these male qualities to my existence, I need that holding my head high and proud energy, the protective energy, the active energy.

It is probably connected to male energies my letting go of my guilt.

Thank you, I needed to see this dream.

Love, Light and Joy!

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