Thursday, October 21, 2010


Stating that you are "doing/are somethings" is amazingly powerful!
I am writing.
What is happening as YOU are stating you are writing, well YOU are writing.
So what's with this word excersise?
Have you even noticed  that only "I" can use the word "I"?
There is no way around it You cannot talk about anyone else and use "I".
I can write about whatever I like. You can write what ever You like, You can even write about the "I".
See it doesn't work.
Only you can use your "I".
Why is this of any importence, other than driving you nuts trying to prove that someone else can try using your "I".


If you move around in the spiritual circles you have come across the statement I AM.
It is the statement of I am not my body or this earth or anything inside it, the I AM is the witness of all this in you, around you.
Witness that when sleeping knows it is a dream, the witness is the part of you when you meditate deeply and know you still are, the witness is the part of you that when you return to a state of deep relaxation where you are not your body or your spirit, you still are. I still AM.


Means absolutely everything, it is all encompassing, enfolding, loose from the form - Everything.

Can you see why it is so important that only you can state "I AM"?
No one else can do it for you - only I can.


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