First - What you read here on my blog is information, things I post here aren't necesserily what I believe in - but something I find interesting and think people need to know about and then decide for themselves if it's part of their truth or their Path. I especially would like to inform you I personally am very sceptical of conspiracy theories ( read this Blog entry titled   "Why I Don't Believe in Conspiracy Theories "  ) but I still post few entries that venture into that are so that I can study myself and my responce and view my discernment - and give you a chance for same. So - in a Nutshell! I collect Information here for you to read and decide what you personally want to do with it! :)

Second - I do not believe any spiritual information or gift should cost you or me anything. Everything I offer here is complitely free. I do accept what some call "½ hour for an ½ hour" gifts and any gifts from one heart to another.

Third - Internet is full of images. If I know who's image or art is posted here I give them full credit. But I believe beauty is one of those things that to see is to appresiate not make money with it. And no image is used for any sort of commercial use.

Fourth - I love to write and I love to communicate, so do leave a comment, even if it just to say "That resonated with me." or "Lovely!"

Stay rooted, Open your Heart and Listen to your Highest Self!

Be Blessed in Love, Light and Joy!


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