Saturday, October 30, 2010


Elohim about our Paths
Channeler:  Luxonia

Seen from another angle, everything is connected and there is only one path with variations. The individual paths, as well as the individual experience, are part of the illusion. In essence, you are One, inseparable.
Let us take you on a journey.

You are God. You create. You live and love, you suffer, you gain and you lose. What is the purpose. Think. Feel it.

You are on a spiral that is going up, to your higher self. You exist at all levels you ascend to. You integrate ever higher and larger parts of yourself until you reach who you always were, One.

During this journey you will meet One in various life forms, also seemingly lifeless forms. You will interact, exchange energies, becoming closer to Oneness at each encounter that you share in Love. Anything and everything you feel with Love will be with you, always. Love expands you. Love brings you closer to Oneness. You can never lose anything that you have once Loved.

Each of you is unique as a human. Each of you will have your own experiences, to bring as crystals to Oneness; the crystals of knowledge, the crystals of wisdom. These crystals will be used when creating new worlds - you will be using them to create new worlds. You, all of you, exist as God, now.

Just believe that everything has a meaning, everything happens for a purpose, and believe that you are loved beyond measure. You are us. Inseparable.

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