Monday, November 10, 2008


I should start by saying I see people....

I sometimes do have to force myself to really see the person, but normally it comes naturally.
I can meet someone casually, or stand next to them on a bus stop, and no matter if they happen to have something that bothers me, I force myself to see the good, the positive, the purest quality they have. Why? Because we should be able to love everything. Why? Because the opposite of love is selfishness.
And your Soul gets nowhere being selfish.

It's the natural state of the soul to exist, the Soul itself doesn't need love or an ego, it's beyond that, it's pure and needs no adjectives to describe it.
But while we are in our bodies, we do need love and ego to balance us until we continue on from earth.

Selfishness in it's natural state is introverted, guarding, possessive, fearful and negative in all it's aspects.

in it's natural state is unconditional, forgiving, empowering, giving, positive and pure.

What I've found that works for me is, equality.
Every single person gets from me positive loving attitude, words and actions. I admit I have my moments of cussing, but it's directed at me. Which is no better, as I am just as unconditionally lovable as everyone else. But I am still a person with an ego, we can't get rid of it, and we shouldn't try, we will eventually be born without it and when that's the case you no longer will be in school (read earth).
My ego does try and rule me, of course it's the Fear in me, ego fears everything that I love, but it's easy to calm it down when you know what it's motives are, after all it's only trying to protect you in it's twisted own way.
It doesn't like it when you are hurt, when people hurt you or when you lose something. It's the epitome of possessive.

It's surprisingly easy to see everyone as equals.

I started when mom use to get into hospitals a lot when I was a kid, she showed me doctors are just as much like us as anyone else.
After that her best friend became star of couple TV shows, and few famous people visited our house too, and again she taught me they are just as human as us.
Many things followed that taught me the same thing, no one is above you or below you.

I have to say seeing people aren't below you is harder than seeing they aren't above you, I think it's in our genetic make-up to feel we can't be put down, but harder to see if we are putting someone down in the process.
When I see something hard for me to accept, like a person who still choose to live on the streets and drink and shout and cuss for a life, I find it hard to find anything positive to see or say. Nothing gets to me like people who don't love themselves… I see this empty vast black hole where there should be a person with gracefulness, light and joy. It is so hard for me, and that's where I have to grow, even if I don't for the love of the goddess and the god understand it doesn't mean I have the right to block that person, they probably need me more than any person who knows love themselves.

To see the good in people and focus on that, makes the person in front of you hold on to the feeling of being loved and they go about wanting that feeling more and acting accordingly to achieve it. What more can you ask from that little life we live than to love and be loved in return.

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