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I have been thinking of my life as Lightworker lately, and this morning I came across a channelling I posted here as well.
"Many Lightworkers will also be going home (also via the banquet!). However, there are a considerable number of Lightworkers who intend to stay on the Earth in the 5th dimension to assist people to adapt to their new circumstances. Working on a completely harmonious planet in the flow of divine order, without pain or suffering, is quite different than experiencing life on the 3D Earth."
This quote had me immediately - I knew this Earth is my "life long" project, and that this is not my only time as Lightworker on Earth. I wanted to have solid proof, I wanted to remember, relive why and how many times I have been on Earth. (I'd also like to know your experiences if you are a Lightworkers who has had more reincarnations on Earth)
Do not take this as spacey-alien thing... I am not an alien, or state that I am. What I am is what you are, not all times a human, not a body, not an angel or ascended master - I am the Energy, the Light of the Continuum of Existence.
It is just those born to Human Cycle spend a whole lot of live on Earth, I as I learned have only been here few times - for a specific reason.
As my home and culture now is in Finland it is no coincident, I imagine, that my maiden name is so tightly wound into Finland's Spiritual Mythology. Kokko the Steady-Winger White Eagle in Kalevala is the messenger of Divine Knowledge, it is the Holy Spirit in other mythologies, Kokko brings the divine Wisdom and Knowledge to the people.

As you read my channeling, my Conversation with my Higher Self, it is good that you know what it felt, feels like. It is like a connection to my Infinite Self, the part of me that is not dependent of time it recalls at all times the past and future of everything. My attention spans to include all, but to stay sane in this three dimension body it comes in a form of a Higher Self, and entity that I am within that I can have a conversation with.
I did this conversation with automatic writing as I wanted to record it all as it was said.

How many lives have I had with humanity? 
You have had four, each in pivotal important points of human existence. Like you have recalled your first life on Earth was in Atlantis – you were there to help lift the vibration of Atlantis back to light, it is due to you and others with your purpose and mission in Atlantis that the souls were reborn else where and took their knowledge and wisdom with them. You recall the physicality of this time but not your true purpose and origin yet, this you can remember as you work with me on it.
Your second life was in Egypt a grounding life, a force of earth and force of true balancing of the ground, the turmoil of that time in Egypt was bringing earth too close to lower vibrations, you worked with the earth with your hands, sang to it, you recall the physical of this again, the pain of loss, but you shall remember more if you wish to of your original purpose there to ground the vibration to keep them from lowering further.
Your third life you have not recalled yet, it was in a time of budding science, you were there to keep the vibration high for the important step, the right steps to be taken, victorian era suited your manifestation, you and others with your vibration raising abilities worked closely with these scientist you were parts of their families and continued families, friends and lovers. This was where spiritual science gained its foothold.
Your fourth incarnation to earth is this, now in age of information and last steps to ascension. It is the same job, so to speak only your tools and surrounding will change. This has always been your job, you have always enjoyed it, information, raising vibration, building about your last reincarnations, what was started then will come to its perfection now.

Thank you.
You are welcome.
As I open my eyes, I feel part of the perfection still lingering. Just like before my mind showed me, like a movie but a memory these lives and glimpses of their true meaning - it is good to know your past, but in someway it matters not, as it is the past. But I personally hold these memories precious, it tells much about me and what is my purpose on Earth. 

The Light Bearer.  

A Lightworker.

Art by Kagaya

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