Saturday, October 9, 2010


The Spirit and Knowledge Fair is today!
I posted about it earlier this month.
Click here for the Introduction to the Fair.

I did few add-on lectures so here is what I will be doing all day!
  • Opening Concert: Four Winds
  • Kalevala Goes Black and White; Costumes and Clothest Kalevala Style
  • Under the Northern Star - Thoughts on the Mindset of Scandinavia - Juha Pentikäinen
  • Ancient Germanic-Scandinavian Egregori; Odin and Hyperborea
  • Kalevala; Guide to the Stars
  • Who am I, where do I come from and where am I going? (Where is humankinds origins, and how knowing our past can help us evolve spiritually in the future / What is Aquarian Age and how will it effect me?)
  • New possibilities of Intuition (Our spiritual gifts and intuition are experincing a change as we are being now more supported than before)
  • Sampo and it's Invisible School

Sounds good right! Even my hubby who is non-newage was interested in the line up, too bad it is all in finnish, I would have taken him with me if it had something in english as well.


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