Monday, July 11, 2011


I just spend 45 minutes with my face stuck on some DD bosoms... yeah, didn't see that sentence coming, did you! * wink *

Okay lets go back few hours, this won't be dirty blog entry, promise!

I walked into to the dentist office for my teeth cleaning appointment at 10:55 am only to discover that I didn't have appointment at 11:00 but at 13:00 (that's 1 pm for you americans), slightly sad I looked at her and said shoot. She took some pity on me and cleared her throat she said eventually how she didn't think her 11:00 clock appointment was gonna show up due to him being foreign guy (apparently foreign guys in Helsinki don't keep their dental appointments, who knew?). She said if I wanted to wait she could pump me up to 11:00 and if he did show up, she could still get me at 12:00 and pump up her lunch with one hour.

I sit down read Science magazine, which btw gave two pieces of information I found interesting, 1. What the mother eats when pregnant will be to the baby foods that feel safe to eat as she grows up. 2. There are absolutely few cases of cancer before the 1700's, spread of cancer is probably due to industrial life style picking up.

Anywho, ten minutes past 11 and the guy is a no show so I go in, the whole things not very pleasant, though she is very nice. Then about five minutes before we're done the suction breakdown - she tells me she might have had to cancel my 13:00 appointment if I still had it. Luckily I did come at 11:00 after all.

I don't believe in luck or coincidences - the universe provides me what I need, and I think I really did need my teeth cleaned now and not day later. ;) If I hadn't recalled my time wrong I wouldn't have gotten my teeth cleaned and I would have had an grim professional treating me. 

Just another sing that the Universe loves me and I love back. <3

Oh and the boobs part! Yeah she was bigger lady, so when she bent down to work on me, she kept squishing me to her bosom, it was a maternal feel, felt actually bit safer, isn’t that odd?


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