Sunday, October 17, 2010


Another place where I transport and share my blog is - I do this because I love the community and I'm surrounded there by other Lightworkers with same principles on Love. And similar interest and ideas. Plus they have thousands of channellings and blog entries as well as Events and Forum, chat and Videos. it's my spiritual morning go to when I get my cup of coffee.

I tell you this because one of the residents there replied to a blog of mine and it sparked something - a regocnition of  Synchronicity.

He said in the middle of his reply:
"We should all be very thankful for those souls who played those dark roles."

And it brought me back to very early this morning... I literally just had a moment of unexpected forgiveness. I had just woken up, still kinda droggy laying in bed and I remembered being bullied in school by this curly haired girl who poked my legs and hands with a sharp pencil before class, and I let her - not showing her at all how it effected me.

I was suprised how strong the memory was and I suddenly it dawned on me I hadn't forgiven her yet, of all the people who bullied me, I had "forgotten" her (this I found funny - because she was by far the worst).

So, I visioned myself face to face with her and her soul, told her I forgave her and truly did and then suddenly I felt this overwhelming Love and Gratitude for her, and I thanked her for what she did and how she helped me to become what I needed to be in this life time.

I felt immense love for her and felt her mirror it back to me. She is my sister and the love I have for her is so strong it brought tears to my eyes, and I told her to forgive herself - and I hope she will in this life time.

Forgiving is a Given - but feeling thankful to her I had not expected, not this strongly anyway.
But I can feel it at the center of my heart, how important it is to have that Unconditional Love for absolutely everyone especially to those who operated once from negativity.

So - if any of my old bullies come across this, I have forgiven you, and I have held you in love and truly feel connected to the heart of you where all is good and all is perfect. And I ask that you forgive yourself, I have forgiven myself for the negative thoughts I had on you - simple forgiveness of every cell, feeling, word and action is Freeing, in more ways than just one.

Love, Light and Joy!


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