Monday, October 18, 2010


Tenth enstalment of the Teleseminar series Beyond Awakening!

Well, it's time to download the free MP3 / Listen Online for the tenth podcast!

Over 30 000 people have signed up already - if you haven't already then now is the time to spread the light, Connect and show that we exist!

This time they have Howard Martin and Debbie Rozman as guest - and don't forget to sign up!

Synchronicity at it's best - just yesterday I had thei webpage open but never got it it and this morning you can tell I smiled seeing what the topic of teleseminar was! 
"For twenty years, The Institute of Heartmath has been conducting groundbreaking scientific research and consulting at the highest levels of large organizations and governments around the world. Although they usually don’t use the word “spiritual” to characterize the intelligence of the heart, we think it can be considered a central spiritual resource because it is such a profound and trustable source of insight, peace, joy and inspiration. We’ll explore how we can each take advantage of the latest findings in neurocardiology (the study of “the brain in the heart”) to balance and strengthen ourselves so we can better serve our larger world." ~Terry Patten

Listen right there or right-click and Save As mp3.


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