Monday, October 25, 2010


I was involved in conversation, of sorts, about helping heal illness.
I know many healers, and I am not blogging this to undermine them or myself because I am a healer as well.
What I am posting here is not a cure all - trust me, and your intuition on that!

But I am going to tell you about managing and curing dis'eases (diseases) and illnesses that have been detected in our bodies. I'm going to use myself as an example here.
Some of you know I have asthma and to it related allergies - I have medication for them as well.
We should never let go of medication as a whole ( yes homeopathic medication counts just as well ) as long as we inhabit human bodies. Nothing in life happens immediately, that is not how creation works on four dimensional world.

So how do I manage illness and dis'ease then?

What I do is research the illness or disease, in my case asthma, then see where it fits in my life and what I can do to change it.
Asthma is pressure in the chest, inability to breathe, suffocation, to me this indicates I am not expressing myself correctly, I am holding back causing pressure in my lungs and chest which indicates communication and speech problems.
What I can do is speak up, open my mind to allow me to communicate, say no, say yes, release any blockage I have concerning being afraid what my words can do.
I believe I have asthma to physically remind me every time I slip to "suffocating" myself by holding in my emotions and thoughts inside as I fear hurting others and them not liking me if I say the wrong thing.
I actually like my asthma now, now that I know why it occurs - and yes I have noticed when I am open, my airways stay open as well. When I silence myself wrongly for a period of time my asthma acts up.

Detecting Consistencies

Whatever it is that you have, especially if it a life long 'condition' I urge you to first study it - get to know everything about it. Then see what it symbolises in your life, Asthma for  communication dis'ease, Back Pain for carrying too much on your shoulders, High Blood Pressure for stress management... Don't just take my word for it, or the word of a physician. You know your spiritual/emotional state, you know your body! 
It helps to ask yourself, alone or in channelling, meditation or with the help from your Higher Self some of these questions: 
What does this organ/body part do? (f.ex.Teeth? Part of digestion process, making things smaller for stomach to be able to digest them) 
What does this present in spiritual light? (Analysing matter to digest them) 
What does it "not working right" mean? (Over analysing can cause teeth problems) 
What can I do to fix this? (Over come the urge to analyse to death, trust your heart, your intuition) 
This dis'ease is a sign, not to be taken lightly or ignored or simply medicated to numbness - this is a sign of what is it in this life time that demands your focus so you may grow.

Life Time Lesson

Asthma is for a Life Time.
It is not "curable" by medical science.
Then from Spiritual view point - why do I have it?
To go deeper for a while, what is the purpose of my life this time around. In this reincarnation what am I here for? What am I here to LEARN?
Asthma = Communication, "deep from the center my being" communication.
If I were to never learn when to say No, how would my soul evolve?
If I were to never stop fearing what others will think of me for what I have said, how would I Grow at all?
If I were to never breathe easy and be at peace with what I say, if I were to never speak from Unconditional Love that cannot hurt - how would I learn to evolve myself?
You see how important our bodies’ signs for us are?

Our lives, our bodies, are our vehicles of Ascension and Awakening - so why numb them?
Embrace your dis'ease and learn. Bless this Teacher, see its true highest purpose and find Peace.

Love, Light and Joy!

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