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Reading about masters and ascended beings and other great men who did a great work soulfully - I seem to have turned my boat to another direction on one matter.

There is much talk about heros and masters, and until given names I am with you but when the talk come up of Marilyn Monroe or Jimmy Henrix being the master soul... I see myself huffing.

I took a step back to investigate this new development.

Earlier I thought - oh, that's cool! Now I just feel this focus on celebrities pouring into spirituality is unnessacery. Causes me to cringe.

It doesn't matter what your name was - it matters what you learned.

It doesn't matter what your name was.

It doesn't matter what your name is.

Be. Love. Learn. Flow.


In the photo Ascended Master Lady Portia
More information:

LADY PORTIA is the Goddess Of Justice and also Goddess of Opportunity. She represents divine justice to the Earth. Her action is that of balance, with the scales as a symbol; there must be harmony to hold a balance. She went on into perfection, when imperfection began to be externalized, and She was therefore not drawn into discord with mankind. She remained in the inner spheres and only came forth April 9, 1939, for the first time. She started Cosmic Justice into action for the Earth. It was made known then that She was THE TWIN RAY (flame) of beloved SAINT GERMAIN. She is One of the Members of THE KARMIC BOARD, representing the Seventh Ray on that Board. She became Spokesman June 27, 1954, in honor of SAINT GERMAIN having become the presiding Master for the next two thousand year cycle. One can call to Her for assistance in legal action. Her electronic pattern is the Maltese Cross.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


You can read Paulo Coelho's book "The Valkyries" An Encounter With Angels, online at the link above.


This is a modern-day adventure story featuring Paulo's supernatural encounter with angels -- who appear as warrior women and travel through the Mojave desert on their motorbikes. Haunted by a devastating curse, Paulo is instructed by his mysterious spiritual master to embark upon a journey -- to find and speak to his guardian angel in an attempt to confront and overcome his dark past. The Valkyries is a compelling account of this forty day quest into the searing heat of the Mojave Desert, where Paulo and his wife, Chris, encounter the Valkyries -- warrior women who travel the desert on motorcycles, spreading the word of angels. This exotic spiritual odyssey is a rare combination of truth, myth, imagination and inspiration. Ultimately it is a story about being able to forgive our past and believe in our future.


Giving a Try.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

IS GOD IN OUR GENES?,9171,995465,00.html
From 2004 - Oct. 25th By Jeffrey Kluger Jeff Chu, London; Broward Liston, Orlando; Maggie Sieger, Chicago; Daniel Williams

It's not hard to see the divinity behind the water temples that dot the rice terraces of Bali. It's there in the white-clad high priest presiding in the temple at the summit of a dormant volcano. It's there in the 23 priests serving along with him, selected for their jobs when they were still children by a bevy of virgin priestesses. It's there in the rituals the priests perform to protect the island's water, which in turn is needed to nurture the island's rice.

If the divine is easy to spot, what's harder to make out is the banal. But it's there too--in the meetings the priests convene to schedule their planting dates and combat the problem of crop pests; in the plans they draw up to maintain aqueducts and police conduits; in the irrigation proposals they consider and approve, the dam proposals they reject or amend. "The religion has a temple at every node in the irrigation system," says David Sloan Wilson, professor of biology and anthropology at Binghamton University in Binghamton, N.Y. "The priests make decisions and enforce the code of both religion and irrigation."

Ask true believers of any faith to describe the most important thing that drives their devotion, and they'll tell you it's not a thing at all but a sense--a feeling of a higher power far beyond us. Western religions can get a bit more doctrinaire: God has handed us laws and lore, and it's for us to learn and practice what they teach. For a hell-raising species like ours, however--with too much intelligence for our own good and too little discipline to know what to do with it--there have always been other, more utilitarian reasons to get religion. Chief among them is survival. Across the eons, the structure that religion provides our lives helps preserve both mind and body. But that, in turn, has raised a provocative question, one that's increasingly debated in the worlds of science and religion: Which came first, God or the need for God?
Read more:
Time Magazine Online

Response to the TIME Article @ By Debbie Mandel

Once again spirituality is validated by the media! The cover of Time Magazine depicts a woman in prayer; in the middle of her forehead, where the mystical third eye is believed to exist, is an embedded DNA ladder held in place by two golden hands. The accompanying article presents a lively debate about our genetic predisposition towards the Divine. The assertion is that we are all programmed with a God gene. Scientists claim that we have this spiritual gene to help take away the sting of our mortality through belief in the upbeat story of a higher power and an afterlife. They say that God is a neuro-chemical byproduct of the brain. Theologians smile knowingly and respond that this explanation is limited, for spiritual genes are part of the Divine scheme of things - our individual journey to unite with God.

I say, “Good! Both are right!” Either way spirituality generates health and happiness. Why debate the tangible benefits to our immune system, relaxation response and creative inspiration?

However, we need to distinguish between organized religion and spirituality. Organized religion has positives and negatives. Great cruelty, divisiveness and individual suppression have been perpetrated in the name of organized religion. Spirituality, on the other hand, triggers unity, flashes of insight, serenity, passion, creativity, positivism and hope. So let’s get spiritual!
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Short list in english of Finnish Gods and Goddesses.

Long list in Finnish:

Gallen Kallela, Akseli "The Aino Triptych"

In Finnish mythology, Vellamo is the goddess of the sea, the wife of Ahti. The name is derived from velloa, "to rock oneself." She is sometimes described as "cold hearted". Along with Ahti, she dwells in the undersea palace of Ahtola. She is often pictured as a mermaid.

Kalma is Finnish goddess of death and decay. She lives in Tuonela, the Finnish Underworld, and is accompanied by Surma. Her name means "The Stench of Corpses".

In Finnish mythology, Rauni (Akka) is a fertility goddess and the wife of Ukko.

In Finnish mythology, Ahti or Ahto is one of the heroic figures Elias Lönnrot compiled in the character of Lemminkäinen.
Ahti is described as a fierce warrior who vows to live in peace after gaining Kyllikki as his wife, but breaks the oath and falls in a combat.

Tapio is an East Finnish forest spirit or god (bear). Hunters prayed to him before a hunt. His wife is the goddess of forest, Mielikki. He was the father of Annikki, Tellervo, Nyyrikki (the god of hunting), and Tuulikki. He figures prominently in the Kalevala.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


If you haven't heard this before, I do not wonder, it's been kept silent, and only lately The Chronicals of Erik have been believed to be fictive. So History of Finland gets a whole new long forgotten twist on it.
ORIGIN OF THE FINNISH PEOPLE, in the Light of Science and Mythology
FINNISH ROYAL FAMILY AT THE "VIKING AGE", according to Nordic Saga-poetry

Click for better view.
Finns at Bronze Age
In Old Norse Fornjótr is an ancient giant in Norse mythology, the father of Kári, of Logi, and of Hlér or Ægir (the ruler of the sea) and a king of Finland.
Part 16 - Kings of Finland in Ynglinga -Saga -There was a king named Fornjot. He reigned over Gotland, which we now know as Finland and Kvenland. That was to the east of the gulf that lies across from the White Sea; we call that the Gulf of Bothnia. Fornjot had three sons.
Kings of Finland in Egil's Saga: Thorolf again in Finmark
Kings of Finland in Ynglinga Saga, It tells the most ancient part of the story of the House of Ynglings (the Scylfings of Beowulf).
Kings of Finland in Orkneyinga Saga, is a unique historical narrative of the history of the Orkney Islands, Scotland, from their capture by the Norwegian king in the ninth century onwards until about 1200.
Orkneyinga Saga Text
Kvenland = Finland


New haul from the Library:

Life After Death by Deepak Chopra

Naisen Salaiset Voimat by Leena Luukkonen (Hidden Powers of A Woman)

Turms, The Immortal by Mika Waltari

History of Finnish Nation Vol. 1 Prehistory and Medieval Times

The Cambridge History of Scandinavia Vol 1: Prehistory to 1520


Just like The Autumn, The Spring effects my mood.
Just like decending darkness weights on me,
the elumination of the sun stuns me.

I feel heavier, as if clued to my body. Even though every atom of me is happy to vibrate a higher note with the energy of the sun.
Maybe it's the slow thawing of the ground that I'm feeling, the slowness and the numbness.

Being very attuned to the Earth and having worked with her a lot I seem to forget her power, and live through her.

So let's cheer up then! My higher vibration will partake in the waking of the Earth.

S.A.D Seasonal Affective Disorder, basically the Seasons cause you to react to them through your body, your moods and your energy. The Autumn is easier to understand since the Darkness is more synonymous with sadness. But the Spring is harder - shy would we feel out of energy when we get more light. Some say our bodies can't understand the change. I think that's bit of bull... I think it just makes perfect since to feel slower as if waking up. little irrated to be woken up from sleep.
If you look at the Seasons it makes since, what happens to Earth during the Year, what happens to us during the year. Little closer look will explain a lot.

Recognise these?

Winter: Hibernation, Stillness, Burrowing, Storage, Saving Energy
Spring: Thawing, Awaking, Slowness, Revived Energy, Growth
Summer: Growth, Movement, Joy, Energy, Sun, Love, Sex, Using Energy
Autumn: Slowing, Darkness, Dying, Sadness, Saving Energy, Morning Losses

Now doesn't this discripe humans Seasonal Moods as well as Mother Earths?


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