Saturday, October 30, 2010


How important it is that we know when not to Fear!

When we know we are all one Earth, connected to the same field as our brothers and sisters, a part of Earth's Heart Beat, then sharing gets a whole new meaning. Not quite sure what I am talking about? Then example will be good:
Say you stand opposite of your friend, she is fully dressed like she always is, her make-up is perfect like it always is, but you know something is wrong, you ask she says nothing, you ask again sure that something is wrong, and she tells you.
Or you are walking alone at night on a dark street something tells you to go into a store, you feel you are not safe, it is so strong of a feeling you do it.
It is not just your intuition it is much more, You can read people, You can pick up on their energy field around them, You can feel their emotions - Can you? If you answered "yes" then read along.

You can feel others fear, you can feel it as this static noise, disturbing electric buzz OR a sticky goo like feeling weighing you down - depending on you preference and skills it is one of those or perhaps you have a better description to share.

Do you like this feeling? Do you like it within you or coming from others?
Do you enjoy its influence on your heart and body, and your Light?
I do not either.

Now I would like you to imagine a natural disaster.
Go ahead go wild, draw from memory or make up something absolutely horrendous!

I will use a flood, horrible flood crushing little houses and huts, leaving in its tracks crying families stripped from absolutely all of their possessions, they are hurt, cold, grieving for lost family members.

Now what do you think will make them feel better... giving them solace, give them a hope, a shining light of grace and hope for a future where their house is rebuilt, there is food on their table, hand in hand with love and family, a place where they can remember the love of their passed family members and honor their goodness, remember their joyous moments together?

Perhaps Unconditional Love, being bathed it Light and Grace, their bodies being cradled with pure love in the arms of us, beating with their hearts in harmony in complete security that life will provide for them what they need as this lesson came to pass. Us giving them from our endless resources of Love and Happiness.

Or Fear? Do you think we should watch news, be horrified for weeks, Fear for thei lives and nutrition, read magazines and add add add to their situation more despair?

No - we know better!

We are better - what I recommend next time you see or hear of a horrid event, close you eyes and ears, silence you inner turmoil that rises and calm yourself down...

Now as you are calm and quiet, your mind at ease imagine your light rising, swelling from the center of your chest, your heart. Let it grow in steady flow or in a rapid burst to cover a whole earth.  
Feel your Unconditional Love that is tied to no being, no emotion, no body, no person, spread to those who you witnessed to be in need. Cradle their bodies in your Light in your arms covered in your Peace - Love - Harmony - Truth. Wipe their tears and replace them with The Truth that you love them and you will provide them with what they need the most - Love and Light, Happiness and Joy.

Know that you have done you part.

This is what we are being trained to do so that we can change Earth, change the course of events stop the cycle of Fear and Sadness.

If you believe that Love replaces Fear and Pity every time - then imagine us... US as a United Front of Love and Truth!

Who wants fear when they can have what we offer?

So next time you lose your temper, Laugh!
Next time you raise you voice in anger, Stop, quiet and Love!
Next time you beat yourself down, stop, quiet and Feel my Love for You.
Say it, Feel it, Enjoy it - I Love!


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