Saturday, October 30, 2010


I have come across two Archangel Michael channelings today.

First by Meredith Murphy I came across involved money which peaked my curiousty.
But what happened was when I clicked it open was that my eyes absolutely refused to read it, my vision jumped at first sentance off the text - I could not focus on it, I could not read it.
So-- I left the page open returned to it, same thing happened even though I tried harder. Left the page open again.
The third time as I absolutely failed to focus on the text ( well-- I got two sentences down and felt a hyperness that does not come from angels ) I decided to check this Miss Murphy's home page, could not focus on her text there either - by this point I'm thinking what is she selling?
Well this I found out, over 800$ for Life Path Program, 275$ for Life-jumping session of 50 minutes, 275$ for New Earth Mind Set Coaching of 50 minute session and more...

From her channeling: "To claim the financial abundance which is yours, you have to let go of  issues/contrary ideas you have with wealth.  With wealthy people.  With money.  With charging money.  With asking for money for your work.  (OH MY!!  Yes, I really said that!)  You see?  So many of you don’t really like yourselves that much.  You don’t realize that first of all money, is just a form of energy."

At this point I go oh-I-see! This is the astral being hyperness she is channeling - no wonder I could not for the life of me read her "Archangel Michael" channeling.

The Second was by Michelle Coutant for November 2010. It was complite opposite!
I felt the Peace first word on, I heard his voice inside my head, a Harmonious, Peaceful tone and presence.

Your body tells you - if you listen - what is true, and what is not.

But remember even the sourest apple can have a sweet spot.
Just like any channeling can have a dripple of truth.

You won't learn to recognise what you resonate with unless you learn to listen to your body, your intuition.
If something does not add up, listen.


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