Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Turn up the volume in your speakers and sing along, let the love light carry the vibration of our love to all the corners of the world.

Love shine a light in every corner of my heart
let the love light carry, let the love light carry
light up the magic in every little part let our love
shine a light in every corner of our hearts

Love shine a light in every corner of my dream
let the love light carry, let the love light carry
like the mighty river flowing from the stream
let our love shine a light in every comer of our dreams

And we're all gonna shine a light together
all shine a light to light the way
brothers and sisters in every little part
let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts

Love shine a light in every corner of the world
let the love light carry let the love light carry
light up the magic for every boy and girl
let our love shine a light in every corner of the world

And we're all gonna shine a light together
all shine a light to light the way
brothers and sisters in every little part
let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts

And we're all gonna shine a light together
all shine a light to light the way
brothers and sisters in every little part
let our love shine a light in every corner of our hearts
shine a light in every corner of our hearts


I write this due to my own struggle with keeping my teeth healthy. It seems every year I have few more cavities, but this year it's a whole whopping different story. And I know the culprit - or at least until few weeks ago I thought I knew!
Sugar, since Christmas I have been a sugar addict, and it's not something I admit lightly or in humoristic way as it is not humorous in any way. We all know sugar is bad for us, not just teeth but the body, natural energy levels and production of natural balance of feel good chemicals by the brain.
Sugar is an addiction, as strong as one to heroine ( some experts say, read here HERE ) though with not quite the withdrawal symptoms.

I kicked sugar four weeks ago for good, deciding to not let myself slip the coming Christmas like I did last, where this begun.
The first two weeks were literally very hard - I do not know if you have tried to cut sugar off after almost daily indulgence for several weeks, but it is hard. I kept purposefully away from the candy isles, but wanted to go them so bad, same with anything else that had sugar, pastries, snack bars, soft drinks...
But I held my ground, with will power, and conscious choices, and it took just like last time 2 WEEKS to get rid of the sugar cravings. 2 weeks! If you think about it that is a long time, people! 
Sugar has 2 week purge time, the artificial sugar leaves the body in 2 weeks, after which the craving top have more more more is diminished almost fully.

Now - It was also that 4 weeks ago that I started searching for information on healthy dental care, and ran across this guy Ramiel Nagal who seems to have a holistic, conscious view on tooth care with his book Cure Toot Decay
"Eating healthy is not just about eating fruits and vegetables. It is about eating mineral dense food sources, regularly, as in twice per day or more." ~Ramiel Nagal
Also right at this time I had my 2 year check up at the dentist appointment.
I immediately liked my doctor a very young woman, who I felt was kind, she talked to me and showed me my scans and told me in a way that I could not deny that I needed to start flossing and begin to use Xylitol after every meal. I took her word and got the things needed at the store afterwards, then at home I ran into Cure Tooth Decay website and begin to do healing work on my teeth.

After reading Mr. Nagal's first free chapter I buy calcium tablets as I eat very little yogurt and milk, phosphorus I discover you have to get from food, and hence buy All Bran Cereal for breakfast, getting my hit of phosphorus every morning. Calcium and phosphorus produce a substance called hydroxyapatite to the saliva which is demineralizing, in other words creates stronger teeth by strengthening the dentil and enamel.
Now I cannot say I yet fully believe in all he talks about, phyctic acid being one, where whole grains and nuts and corn are bad for you.

There is very much contradicting information, but I do believe that as little invasive action on teeth is the best way to go, I am sure we all know about the amalgam fillings are no good and that the best filling these days is ceramic.
This is why before I headed out to camping I made a deal with my teeth and the universe that if it was in the highest good, I would reform my diet and my teeth in return would allow themselves to be healed with Reiki by me. This worked wonders on my sore tooth that my dentist had said most likely had pulpitis and that if the pain continued or worsened I was to have root canal on it. Well the pain went away almost immediately as I begun healing my teeth.
I felt the glands produce hydroxyapatite rich saliva to strengthen the dentin and enamel, making my teeth white inside out, and felt the energies of Reiki impact all my teeth, healing them, showering them with love and light. Helping the enamel's beginning cavities just fade away. And be replaced by strength and health.

On the physical side I brush my teeth morning and evening and floss every evening.
I also use Xylitol gum or tablets after every meal as this is what I learned from Xylitol.
"Most of the early studies on xylitol consumption and tooth decay were carried out with xylitol gum. Since chewing gum elicits an increase in salivation, it was uncertain if the xylitol or the stimulated saliva flow accounted for the decrease in decay rate. Increased salivation does exert a cleansing influence on teeth, has a buffering effect on the bacterial acids, and results in an increase of calcium and phosphate, which causes a healing or hardening of tooth enamel. This question was answered when chewing gums sweetened with different sweeteners were compared in a field study of 4th-grade students in Central America. The highest decay rate was found in children who chewed sugar-containing gum, even higher than those children who did not chew gum. Sugar-free gum did lower the decay rate, but the most dramatic drop in the decay rate was observed in children chewing 100%-sweetened xylitol gum."
Read the whole article here: and see if you want to be doing the same routine.

Wither I believe that regular dental care is right or alternative is right, I see no harm in following them both as best as I can. I firmly believe what we eat effects our health so why wouldn't it affect our dental health.
I believe my whole grain, as organic as possible diet of the vegetarian and non-alcoholic kind will help my teeth be stronger.
As I continue with this journey to find tools and advice on the best dental care I am about to leave for my first dental appointment to fix what needs to be fixed, knowing my healing work has worked it's wonder and what still needs to be done is in the highest good of me.

If you feel so, feel free to send healing to me and my teeth as we continue on our search for the right solutions.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Here is where my little internet free camping vacation will begin. :)
I'm going camping for 4 days this morning, starting in 45 minutes, so you can find me in blue tent surrounded by green loving trees.

I'm traveling three hours by car with my husband, mother and her boyfriend to where I use to live 6 years of my life, that happens to be attached to a camping site and cabin area. This is a place I visit yearly, it's wonderful.
Satakunta is known to be strong area with ancient lines of finnish merchants and kings and places that were considered by sacred geomatry, well sacred.

When I return there shall be new pictures!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


On March 6th 2011 I wrote a blog entry called THE HAIR, THE HEAD AND THE BLOOD STREAM where I wrote:

On that note I am considering stopping dyeing my hair - which is a much bigger issue of vanity ( can't imagine I know a lady who would disagree that dyeing is done due to vanity ) and much harder to do. I recall I spend four months not dyeing my hair until I couldn't take it any longer and gave in.
Of course there is the organic way and brands, but how is that any different when you get down to the point of vanity and altering your looks?
Why do I need to look different, or specifically be a certain tone of brunette?
Spiritually speaking I do not see any need for that.
Vanity's point of view is different of course! Finns are known to have this interesting hair color in the shade of ash. Yep - not really pretty under the current standards, where colors are pure and dark and hair needs to be glossy. I recall a hairdresser telling me how my normal hair color was a pretty brown but just dull and not glossy. I didn't think much of it then, and agreed - but I bloody well want to like my own hair! If it happens to be the color of field mouse then be it, it doesn't change anything about me, doesn't change who I AM.
Alright I dare you, Niina, to not dye your hair for a year. To use organic shampoo & conditioner and not spray your head with chemicals.

I would like to not dumb myself down with product of vanity, not lose interest and to be lighter just by knowing I am doing the right thing by my body. I'm ready to enjoy this adventure of a life organically, just as my body was created without messing with the basics. Now a nice shirt or pair of shoes is enough of a decoration!
Now it has been few days till 4 months since I stopped dying my hair, and I feel so different, not just look but feel as well. 
I recently took up the organic herbal shampoo and conditioner as well, and that has made a huge difference, I felt it first wash on. So the picture on the right there that is my current hair color, though sun is pretty much bleaching my roots now - I love it and I feel much better.

I did though have a rough time with it the first 2 months, it was driving me mad by looking like I constantly had greasy hair due to my roots being lighter than my hair.

I recommend this to all who dye their hair, go without its great and gives you a clearer head ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Choose Love... Meditate Everyday... We Stand United...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful... resonated with me complitely. ♥
And I couldn't help but cry around 0:18:45 to 0:20:00 that is the world I want to see so very badly, it's what I work for everyday, that light that Unites us all to One Family. ♥

Love, Light and Joy!


A civilized nation can have no enemies, and one cannot draw a line across a map, a line that doesn't even exist in nature and say that the ugly enemy lives on the one side, and good friends live on the other.
- Thor Heyerdahl


I really did decide 3½ years ago to stop watching news and reading news online because they caused me pain, I've always been an empath so watching anyone in pain isn't what I want to do on my free time. At that time I also stopped on of my other mind numbing activity which was to care a rat's ass about celebrities, who did what, who got together, who broke up, who designed what, and so on...

Now it was truly a life changing decision - I quit my old job few months later feeling more empowered.  Got a new job. It was perhaps a year or close to two after that that I first tried to stop watching TV, except for documentaries on nature, space and religion which I found informative. It lasted about a year, and then the beginning of this year when I was feeling the spring blue for two months I started watching TV again, this time online.

I have been on that slip ever sense, but I think it's time again to wean myself off TV. I've noticed how when I come back from work my mind is still active but just 30 minutes of watching TV on my computer and I feel sluggish, drained and tired. I feel as if work has tired me so completely but perhaps it's wise to look at TV as a reason - so I will experiment!

I will spend a week wholly without TV - oh wait, this sort of can't be very accurate experiment as I stop working in two days. :) Oh well, I am still stopping TV staring again, no more Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, Mentalist and Movies. This should actually be fairly easy break as my week is as follows:
Wednesday = Work
Thursday = Work
Friday = Off to go camping
Saturday = Camping
Sunday = Camping
Monday = Camping
Tuesday = Finishing up camping
After tomorrow I don't even have access to a TV, as TV is not a part of Camping, so this should be fairly easy break from IT, that just need to uphold.

Now for computer TV watching, I will still watch spiritually meaningful youtube videos, I think that's produced with more consciousness and meaning well, other than TV that has quite a bit of bad rap under its carpet.

You might have also noticed I said I'm going camping for Midsummer! I am!
I do not know if me taking the change to not go camping because of thunder storms so well the thunderstorm warning been lifted off Satakunta and we decided to go camping again. Which I am so happy about!
Talk about that Change in my week's beginning Tarot. ;)

Just 2 more days of work and I get to go camping in nature and so begins my 5 Week Summer Vacation! Hooray! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011


Well so it is...

I, few minutes ago, talked over the phone with my mother about the weather during Midsummer, as we plan to go camping as I mentioned in Monday Tarot - Change entry.
Now it seems it is those Midsummer days that a big thunderstorm is hitting Finland.
So we are not going.
What changed was we end up not going camping, ultimately better than having a flooding tent, scared dog and mother and catching what not in the cold.

Now I just have to make few changes to how to spend the Midsummers.

I was waiting for camping though, really was, hopefully the weekend after this will be nice and sunny. :)


What will this week bring me?

Change in outer material world.
Snake symbolizes infinity, it's crown being awake in this change.
Symbol of Jupiter tells it will be a change for better, happiness.
Caprinorn's symbols tell of security and safety.
Purple the color of a warrior of light tell of strong progress and will.
Jing and Jang of the joining of feminine and masculine.

Change needs to happen when what is old and unuseful no longer needs to excist.


Only four days of work then it is off to Camping for five day on Midsummer. <3

Sunday, June 19, 2011


All this talk about monetary or financial abundance in spirituality is really bothering me. I do not for a second believe that if all the people in the world manifested monetary abundance we could even survive.

Money is an illusion. Think of credit, a loan, card you pay with, imaginary money on your bank account. The only real money is the cash in your hand and even that is so corrupt there are no words for it. There are people who decide how much your cash is worth at any given time, or how much your gold or silver is worth. But gold and silver are more consistent of the three options.

This is what rubs me the wrong way about The Secret is their money, cars, jewelry approach.  They make a good point of taking responsibility of your life but imagining a car believing you have it, won't do it.

Do not get me wrong I believe in the Law of Attraction very much, just not the attachment filled The Secret.

Law of Attraction is attracting with your thoughts experiences to your life.

Like one day I had to go to a meeting at work in the evening, I spend two hours prior thinking I don't want to go, I'm tired, gosh why do I have to go? So by the time I'm standing solidly on the bus stop waiting for my ride to work, two busses miss their shift - which leads to me running to catch a metro and being late from the meeting.
What did I attract there - apparently no transportation, it is as if the Universe was right by my side in the metro looking at me and saying: "But I though you didn't want to go, I just gave you what you wanted?"

Another time I was setting a dentist appointment on the phone without my work calendar, and we set a date for mid May, a Wednesday. Few days after the call I checked the work calendar to find out I had set the appointment for the morning of Spring Celebration day, a morning where we and the kids would put on a show for the parents for the end of the Spring  semester.  I had to change the dentist appointment then, I tried to call them twice not getting through. In my mind I kept repeating I have to change the dentist appointment, I have to change the dentist appointment.  Universe heard me loud and clear and had the dentist  office call me the next day telling me they had to close for Wednesday because of staff training and would I be free the next day, on Thursday.  I couldn't help but to smile when I said, yes.

Yet another example, and I'll keep this short, was when our sofa was at a breaking point and I kept thinking we need a new sofa, we need a new sofa - what did the amazing Universe do, well through my mom and her boyfriend gave us a 300€ gift card to a furniture store.

Another short one, as we were remodeling, having super hard time with getting off wallpaper, I kept asking come off easy, come off easy - modifying my technique a little it did come off as easy as magic.

Now you will never caught me cheating, I will never wish for 100,000€s for Abundance, or sports car for the fun and cool of it, or jewelry for the sparkliness of it. That people is Vanity.

Now is Vanity part of Enlightenment?
Is it part of Love?
Is Vanity part of Light, perhaps?
Oh - no? Well then we will agree. if we disagree then ask yourself this if you are perfect and already have everything you need, if you are perfectly safe as you are then why do you need possessions? Extra Money?  Extra Vacation?  Extra Clothes?  Extra Jewelry? How will that better your light-filled essence who is on its way to Non-Attachment, Love and Compassion?

We can agree or disagree, as all paths eventually lead to same Unity. :)
Here is another view on abundance, letting go and money.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Want to learn about Out of Body Experience, from now on referred as OBE? How about astral projection? You clicked right coming here then! First lets begin with Spirit Science video on Astral Projection by Jordan Duchnycz.

I love these Lessons/Episodes!

Now he also talks about where you can learn OBE and Lucid Dreaming in a jiffy.
I just signed up to receive the free Quick Start Kit after watching this:

I'm giving this a go tonight... "For reasons we’ll cover later in Lucidology 101, all of the methods we’re about to cover are most effective when you use them in the early morning. Late at night is the absolute worst time of all to have OBEs and this is the main reason why most people have trouble doing OBEs." ... well tomorrow morning then, and will post more tomorrow morning. Can't wait to fly!

Love, Light and Joy!


Six years ago my husband and I got married, it's was 18th of June saturday, like today, we got married at 1:00 p.m. in the rain, like it rained at 1:00p.m. today as well.

I loved getting married with him, absolutely loved it and the fact that I knew we were going to be together forever.

Six years has gone by fast, fightless and without fear - soaked in love, compassion, laughter and amazing experiences together.

We take turns with anniversaries, he gets odds and I get evens, and as this is year six it was my turn to make plans for today, so I took us to see Huge Simberg's expedition in Didrichsen's Museum.

We did exchange gifts as well, I gave him the english version of Key to the Kalevala by Pekka Ervast and he gave me my second set of Kalevala earrings ( kismet, right ;) ), he had given me Kalevala earring last anniversary as well. :)

I think I'm going to go watch at the wedding album now. :)

Love, Light and Joy!


I would like to talk about recent changes in my attitudes, thoughts and actions towards the moral and soul consciouness of Nature and our home Planet. And little about a recent find of books. :)

I was walking back from meeting my mom after work thinking I really wanted organic shampoo and conditioner. I have been using Loréal and Herbina before, and wanted to change because I wanted organic clean products plus I wanted to stop using Loréal because of their evil agenda in using animals in testing their products.
So I walk into Grass Roots Ecological Market/Ruohonjuuri Ekomarket in Itäkeskus, end up buying finnish organic honey, organic potatoes and seed n' grain veggies patty materials, as well as Cranberry-Rooibos-Ginger Shampoo and Aloe Vera and Xylitol Conditioner. Best thing about the hair products is that you can go and re-fill the bottles instead of cause more plastic trash. :) Plus they smell heavenly! And I feel I am doing my part for the environment and keeping my body chemical free. Also I'm using the Lumene Natural Code for make-up these days. :)

It feels great to give in to my soul and eat and use products that are the current best for the earth and for the body. :)

Earlier that day I went to get a drink with mom, now that bar terrace season is on full power, but as I was there early I decided to visit the Minä Olen Store right next to the Restaurant, I was happy to find they had a book sale! I found the first finnish chronicle written in 1620's by a priest who was doing time in Kajaani fortress, "Finnish Chronicle" by Johannes Messenius, and it was only 1€ ( check these entries to know why I was so excited to find the chronicle ) . Then I found "Starlight Elixirs & Cosmic Vibrational Healing" by Smulkis & Rubenfield for 5€.
As I was about to pay I saw Maria Zavou walk in to do a angel course upstrais I saw her lecture in Minä Olen-Fair in beginning 2011, I recall leaving the lecture quite early.

Anyway I met my mother on the terrace next, as you know by my intro I don't drink alcohol, so I had some Cranberry & Ginger Ale. The funny thing about this hour was that while we were talking about Reiki, Past lives and Channeling the neighbouring tables were afwul quiet and listening, sometimes you can tell when people listen, and they had their ears wiggling our way.

That was my day yesterday, today on the other hand has been all about my 6th ( Iron ) Wedding Anniversary with my husband. :) Might post a picture entry of it after I finish watching Juno.

Love, Light and Joy!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Where last entry was all about bringing out thoughts in whatever form they wanted to come out in, this entry is all about a plan. A plan to heal my Body and Mind.

I have meditated whenever I feel so, spontaneously, which I admit is ( I am afraid to use the word ) rarely ( but there I said it, after all yesterday was Lunar Eclipse and that is all about letting go of un-necessary fear ). And now that I have said it I wish to change it, and not just meditation, but Reiki and Visualization.

I had this idea yesterday morning as I was on the metro to go to work, I want to establish a loose routine to do a little bit every day. To come up with a spiritual Life, not just daily routines of go to work, routines at work, come home and have spirituality time. ;)

Monday = Tarot Reading for the Upcoming Week, to have insight on what are the points for the week to focus and learn from...

Tuesday = Reiki, wither to balance chakras or specifically heal what I feel intuitively is in need of balancing and healing...

Wednesday = Meditation, for relaxation, quieting the mind and connecting with silence and the void, the part of me that is consciousness...

Thursday = Visualization, healthy body, mind, astral travel, learning lessons...

Friday = Channeling, connecting with my Higher Self or my Spirit Guides to better my life...

Saturday = Yoga Trance Dance, invigorating the body, connecting with movement...

Sunday = Meditation, for relaxation, quieting the mind and connecting with silence and the void, the part of me that is consciousness...

Of course I am still allowing full access to spontaneous action, to do whatever I wish, whenever I wish with full consideration of Actions and Consequences. We should never do something or leave something undone if we can't take responsibility for what happens because of our actions or non-actions.

Love, Light and Joy!

Friday, June 10, 2011


Apple pie is in the oven, windchimes are singing in the kitchen, balcony is full of brightly colored flowers, I should attempt to make Greek Salad but I seem to have trouble keeping my eyes open. This ehec-virus is the solution to the swine flu pandemic bombing at the box office, hydration is the key. Is +30'C too much for Finland, we live in the North we can't handle heats like this, two years of the same first super cold heavy snowed winters followed by heatwave summers two in a row of those maybe it has something to do with the activity of then sun, global warming, highten seasons, change.
I joined Plan Finland today, became a volunteer, will be teaching english to Plan ambassadors, will be translating and interpreting, will be teaching how to act around children, it's part of my purpose, my life long purpose as a kindergarden teacher, and humanbeing to help children, to raise better children who have opportunities they didn't even knew they were entitled to as humans. Will get a t-shirt as well 'because i'm a girl' campaign.

Just needed to get some thoughts out. :)

Love, Light and Joy!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


When this free audio seminar was released on the internet last spring, it struck a deep chord for many evolutionaries. In fact, within two weeks of its release, it had been downloaded by over 140,000 people.

In The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego, Craig explains why our spiritual practices rarely lead to the kind of transformation we're seeking: the simple truth is that most of us haven't yet learned how to navigate past the part of us that doesn't actually want to change.

As Craig explains in this audio, this fundamental resistance to change is not our fault. We didn't choose it. It's not even a product of our childhood traumas.

This primitive part of the self--the ego--is rooted deep in our evolutionary past and is hardwired to preserve a sense of security and continuity at all costs.

Try asking it to change and you're going to get a big "no" for an answer. So, although we may think we want to evolve, and may be putting a lot of time and effort into our spiritual path, if we don't learn how to identify--and move beyond--this fundamental resistance to change, we will find that our efforts to awaken repeatedly fall short of the transformation we all sense is possible.

In this audio, Craig illuminates the most important step you can take to begin to identify your own ego resistance, and more importantly, how to make the simple but radical shift in orientation that can enable you to move beyond it.

You can listen online or download the free audio by visiting this page:

Love, Light and Joy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Endorsements for EFT:
Bruce Lipton, PhD, Author of The Biology of Belief. "EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior."
Deepak Chopra, MD, "EFT offers great healing benefits."
Candace Pert, PhD, Author of Molecules of Emotion. "EFT is at the forefront of the new healing movement."
Norm Shealy, MD, Author of Soul Medicine. "By removing emotional trauma, EFT helps heal physical symptoms too."
Donna Eden, Co-Author of The Promise of Energy Psychology. "EFT is easy, effective, and produces amazing results. I think it should be taught in elementary school."
Cheryl Richardson, Author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace. "EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st Century"
Eric Robins, MD, Co-author of Your Hands Can Heal you. "I frequently use EFT for my patients with great results."

Most of us routinely and unconsciously avoid, resist or attempt to dismiss our unwanted emotions. Learning to accept them is rarely taught, but is essential for a healthy and happy life.

The first step is noticing our body and how our body feels when we experience emotions like guilt, shame, anger, fear, etc. In that awareness, simply tapping on the end points of the major meridian system in our body releases the old emotional programming that's being energetically held there.

These places in our bodies where we hold these emotions, are the places we can have illnesses or diseases in.

EFT clears the roots that are holding the negative emotions in our bodies...emotions that are blocking our energy from flowing, thus freeing us physically as well as emotionally. This video shows how even blood reacts to our emotions.

EFT collapses whole issues in short periods of time, as long as we do it regularly, like brushing our teeth. Or breathing! :)

Once these negative energy roots and blocks are removed, bit by bit, we start to heal from the emotional and physical symptoms of these blocks. We are freer to be who we really are...joyous spiritual beings having a joyous human experience!

Emotional freedom is the key. EFT is a simple, free technique. 
Emotional Freedom Technique. Download the manual for free at:

Love, Light and Joy!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


"Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman"
As there was a great Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun three days ago, I thought I'd post my experiences from yesterday, as yesterday should have been the peak day of the "download". 
Why do I say download? There are many people, but in grand scale few, who study the sun and its solar maximum and minimum cycles and see what historical events correlate with those. Some men have come to believe ( perhaps you'll find their names here ) that when the Sun releases particles during CME and flares that effect our body, changing the so called settings in us.
Cosmic rays are high-energy particles from deep space; they penetrate metal, plastic, flesh and bone. Astronauts exposed to cosmic rays develop an increased risk of cancer, cataracts and other maladies. Ironically, solar explosions, which produce their own deadly radiation, sweep away the even deadlier cosmic rays. As flares subside, cosmic rays intensify - yin, yang. ~
But also:
But there is scientific evidence that the increase in the solar activity could give a significant boost to human consciousness and to spiritual evolution. It could open the door to a new era, argue some scientists.
This is because we, human beings, constantly generate electromagnetic fields around us depending on the thoughts and feelings we have. And these fields in turn, are constantly interacting with many other electric and magnetic fields on the planet earth, in the solar system and in universe. In as far as solar activity impacts on electric and magnetic fields that affect us every day, the sun interacts directly with our DNA and stimulates changes in biosynthesis in cells. ~
So let's move on to yesterday, Monday.

Yesterday was the day that the effects of the Saturday’s CME (coronal mass ejection) were felt in the electromagnetic field of earth, and us, the people. Of course thanks to our planet's magnetic field we never get the full blast of the update but share it planet earth.

On Sunday I had a wonderful day of realizing that my ego was on my spiritual path with me, blocking me subtly from enjoying the Light with trying to educating myself on the information of spirituality. ( the entry HERE )
What I decided on Sunday was to make Monday a Day of Light - not just Monday but the rest of my life. The thing I was worried about was what work would be like when my focus was Light, I decided I won't worry about it as I had intuitive knowledge it would be absolutely perfect for my work, but still my ego was trying to worry me with image of me having to quit my job to enjoy the Light. Well-- it just happens Monday was 1-0 for Niina. ;)

I woke up, lying in bed I opened my eyes and chose that today was going to be light filled, the most blissful, happiest day where I give the universe the open field to manifest through me. On a side note I said the same thing this morning. My day that followed was amazing, the most calm, serene, happy one - usually I am at least twice or thrice stressed when the children at work get into arguments and screaming - it seemed my attitude was rubbing off on them.

I noticed how I was fully present in all the actions I did, with the child I was with. It seemed a fully different experience from last week. I do not know how much of this has to do with the CME but I am not so proud to say I give it no credit of Sunday and Monday and the change at the core of me.

The Universe, it's planets and stars are more mysterious than we give them credit for - just because we can see them and guess upon them doesn't mean all is known and understood about them, ask that of any scientist and they'll agree. This existence of ours... much more amazing than meets the 15% usage capability of our brain.

What happened to you on Sunday-Monday?

Love, Light and Joy!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Ah - how I love Quantum Physics...

( click the link to watch online for Free )
"What the Bleep Do We Know!? also written What tнē #$*! D̄ө ωΣ (k)πow!?  is a 2004 film that combines documentary-style interviews, computer-animated graphics, and a narrative that describes the spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness. The plot follows the story of a deaf photographer; as she encounters emotional and existential obstacles in her life, she comes to consider the idea that individual and group consciousness can influence the material world. Her experiences are offered by the filmmakers to illustrate the movie's thesis about quantum physics and consciousness. The 2004 theatrical release of the film was followed by a substantially changed, extended DVD version in 2006.

Bleep was conceived and its production funded by William Arntz, who co-directed the film along with Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente: all three were students of Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. A moderately low-budget independent production, it was promoted using viral marketing methods and opened in art-house theaters in the western United States, winning several independent film awards before being picked up by a major distributor and eventually grossing over $10 million."

Buy on

Buy on ( for Region 2 DVD )

Happy Watching!

Love, Light and Joy!


I did Prana Flow Meditation, Kundalini Namaskaar of Prana Yoga and Shavasana-Deep Relaxation after a wonderful Mediation of Sharing Love with Each Cell of your Body.

I feel like I'm floating on cloud ten. ;)


I am starting to feel something that could develop into frustration if I let it - it's due to the fact that I am still searching new ways to evolve spiritually, but what I find in the world now is something I've already dealt with, released and moved on.

Just this morning few moments ago I received a free small course on releasing mind to reach my goals and dreams. Which is fine, except I am past earthy goals and dreams such as being successful or rich or living in the Bahamas.

I am fully content with the state of my life, I do not need or want anything external or internal to change. Not any of my emotions, they all precious and tools for great self-knowledge which is part of our existence on this planet.

I am aware of the illusion of material life, I am aware of how much I need of material things to keep the body alive - all else, I do not need. I have no desire to be successful. Would someone please give even a semi-reasonable spiritual reason why we should have more than we need or more than another sister or brother of ours?

I do not feel comfortable with "goals" anymore - if I need something I take the necessary steps to acquire it, and if it is meant to be it is what I shall receive because it truly was needed. I have come to figure out that things I do not need I will not receive - I think this has been a theme to learn in this life time, along with what comes with that Lesson which is: Total freedom of Attachments of all things material. But it leaks into emotional life as well and I cannot say there are too many things I am attached to. 

Not being Attached I'd like to share doesn't mean you cannot feel sad when you two depart from each other.

As I write this I'm reminded of a recent article I read, "Ego Valaistumista Etsimässä" ( Ego Searching for Enlightenment ) in which the writer explores how the Ego wants to set out to find Enlightenment because it is one of those things it can be superior in than other people ( clever Ego, right ), so it sets out to get the perfect religion which it dictates is the one right religion, of course it is quite afraid of dying so eventually it gives and start to try and find reincarnation. After Ego is researched on this spiritual road it gets a guru, it sits under the feet of him and demands the Highest teachings from him. The ego loves to get the most exotic guru, because he can boast with it and beat other searchers of truth. After this Ego searches for knowledge on spiritual journeys and evolution, coming in contact with choices which separate him from others so that he can feel a bit more right than others again. When Ego comes across master of Light he wants to be one, and charges to the path but realizes soon that this would mean letting go of all kind of baggage. This Light is in front of it now and the Ego fears it, but as Light has entered the Ego cannot undo his actions and tries to focus on tidbits of knowledge instead of the Light of the Soul and divinity. But Ego soon sees there is not enough of organized information and hence it gets happy cause there are life times of information to go through and organize.

That is putting a very long article very shortly here, I recommend you get the newest Minä Olen, the article is there on pages 32-35. I wish it was in english as well as it is Amazing.

So why am I looking for more knowledge when all that I see is pretty much useless to me? Should I keep on looking for information, new ideas, and old ideas to evolve - or focus on the Light?

The Light is my life, it is in my Heart and Mind, in my Consciousness, it is in my sense of humor, and it is in the eyes of everyone I meet. So why am I hesitant to give my whole life to it - I have to work, it seems a contradiction. What if giving myself to the light fully means... But it won't, I know it won't. Silly Ego.

I can see it front of my eyes - that life, it's as easy as breathing, why would I not want to have that light in my life?

That said I am off to meditate!

Love, Light and Joy!


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