Friday, October 8, 2010


I have been on my spiritual path consciously for about 14 or 15 years now. I've reached 28 years and recently been checking out my baby book, where my mother wrote stories, sayings and actions I did as baby.
It seems I was a well rounded kid in touch with generosity and love and sharing - much thanks to my mom who truly seemed to have raised me with love and boundaries that prepared me to be able to work in the human world.

I just recently heard Mariam Martineau state greatly in one of the "Women on the Edge of Evolution" webisodes "Spiritual Motherhood" that babies are two sided, one is this bliss when they are fed, dry diapered, and cuddled they are in this enlightened bliss and state of Now and satisfied. And then when one of those is off balance they get completely swept away by emotions, and that bliss is far gone. My point it that mother's have this amazingly difficult job of nurturing the bliss and helping this baby human control and come to peace with emotions.
That requires lots of love and firm borders:
a) you are loved at all times
b) some actions are not allowed but You are loved non-the-less.
I think my mother gave me this, at least according to her stories and my baby book and my current state as adult.

Which means I grew up well rounded - which might explain why I have never had a need for a spiritual teacher, a guru of my own.
Without sounding too to selfish or egoistic, I grew up believing in total equality, which translates to me calling my bosses by their first names, questioning the reasoning of my doctors and seeing a child as a being just as amazing as I am, but still in a state of major growing.
This also means I have no need for a spiritual teacher I grave to surround and be surrounded with.
My equality means that what they know, I can know or learn just like with doctors and bosses. No one is less than me, no one is more. All the separation we have among each other is are these different places we hold in the web of humanity, we are not all artists we are not all teachers, some are, some are not. That alone is not something to have feelings of difference and separation for, there is no need for pride of success or mockery of those who don't have it, don't want it. We are or we aren't, we all are and we all aren't something.
Is that too blunt? Well-- it is blunt in nature as well, and there is nothing wrong with that either. Just like we have yes and no, we have some dos and don'ts.
Some are spiritual teachers and some are not.
Some seek others to confirm their story and views, some don't.
Depending on our story so far might have a say in wither we look for confirmation for our beliefs and our spirituality, and teachers who share the same.
We might be on our way out of the old paragdim of teachers and gurus if the signs predicting a new turn in our spiritual development are true. I don't think anyone can argue that our I AM is saying much about this, but there is more as well.

Internet has triggered something new, the telepathic web has been brought to physical plane, it might be hard to see the internet (as it is now still in it's baby steps spiritually - remember me talking about bliss vs. emotional turmoil?) as a tool of spiritual development. But look at these...
You can share all your knowledge.
Your can learn to process truth from false with your intuition, your inner knowledge.
You can access knowledge from wherever you are, at any time by focusing on what you want.
You can come together with like minded people and develop communities that are above race, color, physical appearance and IQ.
You share, you empathize, you relive, you enjoy you learn...
With a tool like the internet you can learn these things with others instead alone.
So if internet allows you to never be alone, always connected to a web of community then are teachers and gurus growing out of the system?

I'd say no - there will always be a place for human to human contact, there will always be people who have to have a guru, because they need it, it is what they have to be able to access, if necessary.
Just because you don't see a person on the side walk bleeding, doesn't mean we shouldn't have hospitals. There are times when we all need to go to the hospital - and no one can say there is anything wrong about that.

But just as well, we cannot see the new tools we have for our spiritual development as all bad, there is much good there as well and even if this tool is still a "baby" it doesn't mean that us "adults" cannot teach it to grow up to be a well rounded being. Actually we are here now to fill that job - we aplied for this, time to get busy.

You get my thrift? ;)

Lightworkers and those of us who live spiritual lives and want to help the earth to come up at the top as it's highest form have a lot to do. It is not just being examples, it is teaching how to use the tools we have been given. Just like you would tell your neighbour to not rake leaves when it's wet, but to do it when it is dry so he saves himself a lot of frustration and hard work. And add that to compost the leaves is a better idea than putting them in plastic bags to go wait 6000 years.
It is within us to be the wayshowers, it is within us to see what other may not and share our knowledge with others.

( I don't like to over explain, but get thinking going, so that after the thought is ignitianed our minds can find their individual answers and have their ahaa-moments. I hope you share yours with me. :) )

Love, Light and Joy!


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