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"Trust in the larger pattern to provide what you need. Open to receive. Communicate your feelings, desires and dreams"

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Day 13 (Nov 15): How do I surrender to the perfection of the larger pattern of my Essence Self?
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Red Dragon Qualities: Source of life, breakthrough, divine nurturance & support, receptivity, primordial Mother, undivided primal waters, primal trust and nourishment, birth.

Red Dragon: Primal trust means making choices with no guarantees, knowing that divine nurturance will provide what is needed for your journey. It means making choices moment by moment, implicitly trusting your innate steering mechanism of heart-knowing. Primal trust implies surrendering to the will of the divine self, letting go of what your ego deems to be control of the outcomes in your life. It means deeply trusting the processes that are at work within your present spiral of evolution.

The energy of Red Dragon asks you to embrace the depth of your receptivity. Perhaps you have been taught that it is better to give than to receive. Giving is a powerful way to learn how to receive, but it is not the whole picture. There is a circuit of completion in giving and receiving that happens within you and in your external world at the same time. If you trust unconditionally in the giving, you are not attached to how the gift is received. When you freely give, you fill your cup with sweet waters, which you can then offer innocently and purely to another. Know, on one level, that your gift is poured out universally regardless of how it appears to be received. However, when the gift comes from ego, it is limited by expectations and conditions. Love just is. It is neither given nor taken; rather it is simply discovered and allowed.

It is also a great gift to allow others to give fully to you, for in your receptivity the circuit of love is completed. Love is all that is, and by completing the circuit of giving and receiving on the physical plane, you form an infinite loop that continually expands into new octaves of expression on other planes.

Trust in the larger pattern to provide what you need. Open to receive. Communicate your feelings, desires and dreams.

~ ☆ ☮ ☆ ~

Niina: Will Fill this up at the end of the day

The Dream: I went to a ship, it had restaurants on the open sides and at the end was a amfitheater that opened to the sea. My dad was siting there, we talked and the boat theather was slipping from underneath me like the benches were wined back, it stopped and we continued on the ship to eat.
There was a man going around shooting people, some people hid in the bathrooms, he shot at them but didn't quite hit anyone, he kept missing the angle.

Ship = As mentioned in all relevant dream symbols, bodies of water represent your unconscious, your emotions, and your accumulated soul experiences. The ship in your dream could represent you and the ways in which you navigate thought these parts of yourself. When interpreting this dream, consider the kind of voyage and the type of ship. Some dream interpretation books say that if the voyage is calm you should go forward with your plans. However, if it is a very stormy voyage, get ready for an emotional upset or challenge. ( the waters were still, I think we were docked )
Restaurant = To dream that you are in a restaurant symbolized your current state, particularly of being, suggests that you are feeling engulfed by a long list of choices and decisions you have to make. Alternatively, it suggests a preference to seek emotional assistance from people outside your present social circle. ( there were many restaurants to choose from - I have many choices of states of being to choose from )
Theater = Theaters may be a metaphor for our physical lives. To paraphrase Shakespeare, life is a stage and we are merely trying to make the best of it. Maybe in your dreams you are acting out some of your personal issues and concerns. Think about the details of your dream and what is going on in the theater. Is it a comedy or a tragedy? Are you having fun, or are you very uncomfortable or bored? All of these will give you clues in regard to the meaning of based theater dreams. ( I was uncomfortable there with the benches moving )
Father = You may be dreaming about your father and expressing your feelings about him in a safe way. Traditionally, a father dream can be seen as symbolizing authority and power. In the dream you may be expressing your attitude about strengths and weaknesses as they relate to your position in life and your general attitude toward society. The image of the father could also represent the "collective consciousness," the traditional spirit, and the yang. ( as I have three or four father dreams this Wavespell [where I usually have none] I'm sticking with this authority and power theme - Even though I am still in my emotions and soul experience, I am made to choose by this auhtority in society which makes me unconfortable. But choose what? )
Shooting = Shooting someone or being shot yourself is a fearful and violent dream experience. It may reflect aggression, powerlessness, release of strong and dangerous emotions, and/or symbolize a conclusive event in a particular situation or relationship. ( as I was being shot at, and on a ship it seems to be a emotional aggression towards me, because of the choices I am making in my soul experience/spituality )
Gun = If the gun in the dream is used to hurt or kill you or someone else, please consider your current difficulties, hostile feelings or serious arguments, which you may have within yourself or with others. ( well before going to bed I was thinking of my kind of spirituality and wither I was "right" or not, and if I was doing all this work for nothing, and then I thought of how I felt when I wasn't spiritual. How did it feel to be soaked in style/money society? Not good. How was it to swim aimlessly in emotions without a lighthouse? Depressing, sad, overwheöming. What was it like to worry about money, furniture, work, friends, lack of friends, yadda-yadda? Bad, very unhappy, very debressing. So even if there is nothing after death, exept to be recycled as atoms in different planets and stars - I am happy and staying happy. )

Niina's Dream Interpetation: I have come to a place in my soul experiences that I am currently standing still in still waters, calmly. There are choices to be made right here. On the other hand is this society with limits, debression and worries but also most people in my life. On the other hand are my happiness and joy and peace and a handful of people who are comfortable with true me. Now society frowns upon me because currently I do not have any societal respect for authority and it's power, and it's hard to aka control me ( don't think I'm talking conspiracies here, I am not, I'm talking about the consumer image, the follow the pecking order chickens, here ). What I do have for them is what I have for everyone is respect for their divine quality, such as a janitor is my brother, a doctor is my sister and treated the same way. Hierarchy and pecking orders give me the creeps - we are all humans it should not matter what color and profession we are or the salary we make, and let alone how fast we can memorize facts - those things aren't suppose to tear us apart to individual groups. We cannot all be Niina's, exactly as smart, or as brunette or kindergarden teachers. We cannot all be exactly you. We all have our place and we need to be united not separated. To finish up my dream - I am happy and staying happy.

Love, Light and Joy!

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