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"I just have to wonder what makes anyone authority figure enough to say something is true or false. And why are you denying or accepting anything on the suggestion of another person? Why aren't you making that decision for yourself? Information is information. There is no such thing as good or bad information, it all what you do with it. I say let everything be your bible, give every piece of information, every person, event or scenarios, cituation your honest and open mind. Because then it's your reponcibility to respond to it as you choose - not following the herd, not following the convention it's your responcibility. And that's the point when no matter how many people tell you 'you are wrong or right' you are not dependent of their approval." ~Kymatica @ 01:18:05 - 01:18:50
It seems that lately ( the past three months I'd say) I've seen entries and articles and clips of video about either UFOs or about Alien Cultures.
So, I am now taking the hint Consciousness! And sorting this out in my head with the help of my blog and sharing why I think there is nothing sensationalistic about it for me. It is so to speak - ordinary - for me.
There are two main ways I process normality of the existence of Unearthly Intelligence ( I refuse to say aliens, guess why? Because that is like talking about us, we pop around in space just as much as 'aliens' plus who has not see 'the movie' and labelled the term after it ) - let's go with science first.
( be prepared for me to just state these facts, cause if I would go to detail, you'd get bored of jargon and take a hike, and now that I have you here, I'm not letting you go ;) )
I could not find a image  - so I had to make one

Okay, here we go. Our Universe is massive, unthinkably large orb, unimaginably vast. To think we are the only living organism... Hey do you hear that? That's god laughing, he has a good sense of humor as well ;) Second - our Universe is just one 'seemingly an orb', that we can see within due to speed of light, it is only our circle, like our field of sight and at the edge of our circle the viewer sees only half of our Universe plus half of his own that we cannot see due to his field of sight according to speed of light - and this goes on and on and on... V.A.S.T. Get it? Unimaginably vast.

There in no way that we are the only living organism, no way that we are the only "humanoid living organism".

Not to mention all the research we are doing at the moment, we keep finding planets with nearly liveable atmospheres ( like Gliese 851 e ) and circumstances that support life. Life being chemical reaction like us people, just throw in some amino-acids into the mix and you got life forms, knowing that amino-acids were created in space, as we have already found amino-acids in meteorites ( and when you think about we are in space and earth created amino-acids as well, so why couldn't another planet  ) helps us to comprehend that life can be anywhere in the vastness of space.
I could go on and on - trust me I would not run out of steam soon, but for sanity of all not-astronomy-puffs around I will jump to Second View point of why I think Intelligent Life is sort of as ordinary as human life.

Holy Cow!
Alright, who has not heard/read about alien abduction? No hands, huh? How odd. ;)
Not the most reliable source of information, I agree. You can be influenced by so many outside and inside factors when it comes to abduction, it can be schizophrenia or panic attack or a bad dream OR it can be very real, but tainted by human mind that can create fear in everything. Hence the surgery and implant images the Ego creates to sooth ( oh yeah human mind works that great ;) ) the personality, to keep a good grip in the control.
NOW - to have a clear view of Unearthly Cultures there are few things to consider.

Technology - Violent races have the tendency to either stall in technological progress ( see "Earth" ) or destroy themselves before reaching any wormhole or light speed technology ( I personally scientifically speaking don't believe in the hyperdrive, the stable of light speed is too difficult to break, but wormholes should be easy enough to create )

Ofcourse there can be exceptions - it's big enough playground for all kinds of activity.

Spirituality - If we establish that peaceful races can reach a state in their evolution where they can come up with spaceships that are big enough and technologically advanced enough to jump from our theoretical wormhole technology to the real thing, then it is possible that they can visit Earth. Now we are not the only planet they can visit, so we should not make ourselves too important here. People have the tendency to self-greatness, I'm this good, I have this much money, hence I am this important, wow me and all that. Please look at the bigger picture and realize first how small and insignificant you are, imagine the vastness of the universes... Close your eyes and see it - imagine yourself there. Now that we are not being selfish for a moment, we can see with the eyes of another more advanced culture spiritually and technologically. We are all One ( your atoms are my atoms in the same Universe floating, forming observable matter ), equally important precious beautiful life surrounded by our sister and brothers who are equal to us, part of us.
It is from this place of Oneness that we are viewed.
Channellers of Extraterrestrial ( simply meaning not-earthly ) Intelligent are people who have reached this Oneness even if it is momentary at times. This realization of Oneness opens the line of communication.
We as readers of the material have to use and trust our intuition to navigate the material, feel and see for ourselves who has connected to Oneness, who is channelling true information. This is the job we as part of the Oneness have to do to make sense of who are these races, these cultures that are in contact with Earth.
From this place of vastness of Oneness I ask you: Are Extraterrestrials here to harm and study us through abductions OR are they here to observe us and help us realize our potential to Evolution?
A) or B) ?

If you delve into finding out about Unearthly Intelligent the first things you will see are soaked in Fear. Abductions, the Annunaki, the Reptiles, ever seen "V"?
But if you go forwards you can learn about the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans.
You'll be able to read Barbara Marciniak's Channellings of the Pleaidians or dive into the works of Dolores Cannon.

It just doesn't seem so out of the ordinary when some things are cleared up, you don't even have to think about it after you accept that we are not the only life form, we are not the only life form with technology, that we will never know these "aliens" until we reach a point in our evolution where we won't be killing "aliens".  
Try to see contact with us, from their point of view... Would you travel to a planet where almost everyone is afraid of you, they have sharp knives, they have guns, they have neo-nazis, they have racists, they have atomic bombs to blow away your ship so you cannot ever go home again. They have mentally insane people who enjoy killing and causing pain - Now would you volunteer to go down to the surface with these people who above all are scared of you - and are notorious for not knowing how to handle their emotions?
Yeah, I didn't raise my hand either.

This conversation is moot until we Evolve but it is good to not be in denial. Being in denial will hinder our Evolution progress making us have to wait longer.

I am not telling you this is The Truth - I am telling you this is My Truth.

To grow in knowledge and in spirit I ask you, What is yours?

Love, Light and Joy!


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