Wednesday, October 13, 2010


My mother - an absolutely amazing angel, though slightly rebelling - is turning 55 in few days.
I've been wondering what to get her, and decided to follow last year where I got her a book "Witch of Portobello" and spiritual gift card for Ethereal Crystal Reiki session with me.

So this year I feel stronger in the adversity and depth of my gifts so I am offering her a gift card of either, Ethereal Crystal Reiki session, Tarot Reading or a Past Life Lessons Channelling session by me.
And I have to go get her a cool book as well!

I made the Gift Card this morning. It's titled; A Spiritual Moment.

Click for a bigger Picture - text in Finnish

If you want one of the above then print the gift card and knock on my door. :)
Or if you don't know me personally, e-mail me. :)

A Gift given from the Heart has tremendiuos value, it's needs no money in return, but always accepts another Gift from the Heart (an hour for hour principle).

With Love, Light and Joy!
Rakkaudella, Valolla ja Ilolla!


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