Wednesday, October 20, 2010


"In the spirit of celebration, let's use a simple meditation, to clear the mind synchronize with the galactic heart, and calibrate our being-ness to resonate with Love and Gratitude. As you do, remember you are being joined by multitudes of others, amplifying the energetic transmissions by creating coherence, first between the heart and mind, then within our collective consciousness."

Truly Synchoronicity for me, yesterday I posted this at my blog: - It's the community where you take initiative to coherently unity Hearty and Mind.

"As this happens, a shift takes place, stretching our previously created reality into a (k)new state of being - one resonating at the level of Love and Gratitude. Now here comes the exciting part! We are currently experiencing a trinity of support for manifesting intentions.

Also, as we've been gathering for a concentrated period of time, our collective power is highly focused, and a "gateway" is Now open to accelerate delivery of intended manifestations.

So, today - Day 42 - we're celebrating the magic, miracles and events that merge ME to WE, us to Now, by simply allowing ourselves the time and space to immerse our consciousness in a flood of Love and embody the Spirit of Gratitude.


This form of conscious creation, as silent prayer or affirmation, is powerful, effective, and universally connective! Now, in order to create a physical world wide wave of Love and Gratitude, we will be gathering at 11:11 AM and/or PM,your local time, for a silent meditation. Just imagine, as hearts and minds worldwide gather to give thanks simultaneously, our wave will flow at the speed of Love, encircling Mother Earth, while synchronizing our efforts in natural time.

To join in this celebration simply focus on a memory where you experienced a sincere feeling of Gratitude. Hold this memory in your heart, allowing the body and mind to be guided by Love. Now simply breathe in thanks and release appreciation. Following the breath will release any distractions, returning you to the center of Gratitude, the core of NOW ... the Heart of YOU."


"Perhaps commitments require your presence elsewhere at 11:11? As so, let go and simply visualize the world bathed in a wave of Love and Gratitude where ever, when ever you feel inspired to do so. Feel this presence, essence and Light connecting with the heartlight at the center of you. ( I would say as time doesn't excist give your intention to letting this meditation be used at 11:11 ) Tap into the feeling of Gratitude ~ the Great*Full*ness. Breathe into your heart, receiving the gift of the Present and releasing Peace-full appreciation. Rejoice! You are present and accounted for!

Here is peace-filled visualization to center the Self in Love and Gratitude:

Consider standing/sitting with bare feet. Create a bridge between your heart and the center of the Sun, giving thanks for it's life sustaining presence. Lovingly bridge this light through you, spiraling down to the heart of the earth. With Gratitude, remember the One-ness of all that IS. You are Earth embracing Light. With silent Gratitude, feel the grace, glory, and Divinity within.

Now feel waves of appreciation returning from the center of the earth to energize and support you. As these do, amplify these energetic transmissions of Love and Gratitude with every beat of your heart, each building on the previous to flow, go, grow beyond you, intermingling with others, too, who are gathered to celebrate a worldwide gathering of Love and Gratitude.

Continue to grow this field, springing from the Well of Love within you, as a wave of appreciation connecting this moment to the Heart of all Creation. Feel the One~ness of All that IS. Bask in the perfection of Life. Remember every person makes a difference - and that person is YOU!

Thank you for your presence on this amazing journey! Thank you, Beloveds, for being YOU!"


"We propose that the heart's field acts as a carrier wave for information that provides a global synchronizing signal for the entire body. Specifically, we suggest that as pulsing waves of energy radiate out from the heart, they interact with organs and other structures. The waves encode or record the features and dynamic activity of these structures in patterns of energy waveforms that are distributed throughout the body. In this way, the encoded information acts to in-form (literally, give shape to) the activity of all bodily functions--to coordinate and synchronize processes in the body as a whole. This perspective requires an energetic concept of information, in which patterns of organization are enfolded into waves of energy of system activity distributed throughout the system as a whole." ~


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