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I rarely do album reviews, and trust me this isn't really one.

I simply wanted to let anyone who is in their life spiritual to know few things recarding this album.

The album is Jewel's Spirit.

Even the title gives promise, that is also delivered.
If you have read some Course in Miracles and Ekchart Tolle's Power Now & New Earth, you will love this album.


Well-- I have gathered some bits of lyrics on each song and added youtube links as well.
So read on and decide if you find it as beautiful and spiritual as well.

   1. "Deep Water" (Kilcher) – 4:16
we've compromised our pride
and sacrificed our health
we have to demand more
not of each other
but more from ourselves

   2. "What's Simple Is True" (Kilcher) – 3:34
'cause the more i live
the more i know
what's simple is true
i love, i love you

   3. "Hands" (Kilcher, Patrick Leonard) – 3:54

If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we're all OK
and not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful
and useless in times like these
I won't be made useless
I won't be idle with despair
I will gather myself around my faith
For light does the darkness most fear

My hands are small, I know
But they're not yours, they are my own
But they're not yours, they are my own
and I am never broken
4. "Kiss The Flame" - 3:16

there are nightmares on the sidewalks
there are jokes on tv
there are people selling thoughtlessness
with such casualty
but wherefore art thou, romeo
where have all the brave men gone?
show me one man who knows his own heart
to him i shall belong

   5. "Down So Long" (Kilcher) – 4:13
i take a trip, i catch a train, i catch a plane
i got a ticket in my hand
and then a man takes my money
and like cattle we all stand

   6. "Innocence Maintained" (Kilcher) – 4:08
a small town in ohio
two boys are filled with violence
and darkness spreads its legs for hate and ignorance
we are given to a god to put our faith therein
but to be forgiven, we must first believe in sin
we've made houses for hatred
it's time we made a place
where people's souls may be seen and made safe
be careful with each other
these fragile flames
for innocence can't be lost
it just needs to be maintained

   7. "Jupiter" (Kilcher) – 4:18
oh, oh jupiter
oh, oh be still my little heart
oh, oh love is a flame neither timid nor tame
take these stars from my crown
let the years fall down
lay me out in firelight
let my skin feel the night
fasten me to your side
say it will be soon
you make me so crazy, baby
could swallow the moon

   8. "Fat Boy" (Kilcher) – 2:54

   9. "Enter from the East" (Kilcher) – 4:02
i went out a-wandering
beneath an unknown sky
the heavens all shook violently
he caught my eye
strange fruit fell
it struck me to the core
my heart became a single flame
it wanted nothing more

  10. "Barcelona" (Kilcher) – 3:53
but if you could hear the voice in my heart it would tell you
i'm afraid i am alone
won't somebody please hold me, release me
show me the meaning of mercy
let me loose
fly, let me fly, let me fly

  11. "Life Uncommon" (Kilcher) – 4:56
lend your voices only to sounds of freedom
no longer lend your strength to that which you wish to be free from
fill your lives with love and bravery
and you shall lead a life uncommon

i've heard your anguish,
i've heard your hearts cry out
we are tired, we are weary, but we aren't worn out

  12. "Do You" (Kilcher) – 4:21
we shake our fists and say,
"well good golly, we're mad
that god kills children with our very own hands."
we claim innocence and not to understand
or do you, do we?

  13. "Absence of Fear" (Kilcher) – 7:25
I am wanting, and...
I am needing you
To be here
Inside the absence of fear
There is this hunger
This restlessness inside of me
And it knows that you're no stranger,
You're my gravity


Fifth enstalment of the Teleseminar series Beyond Awakening!

Well, it's time to download the free MP3 / Listen Online for the fifth podcast!
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This time they have Claire Zammit as guest - and don't forget to sign up!

Listen right there or right-click and Save As mp3.

Great gem at 1:26:00 - Do you think women's fear of the effect of their feminine powerhas prevented us from making this leap on our own spirituality?
In our Beyond Awakening series, I just had an incredible dialogue with Claire Zammit in which she described her personal story and recent work catalyzing an  explosive community centering on feminine power and  spirituality. We waded into what is sometimes "dangerous territory" -- what sometimes makes things difficult between men and women, and how women becoming empowered can paradoxically open up new co-creative synergies between men and women.
~ Terry Patten

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I feel blessed that I am so attuned to my body, if something is wrong it usually doesn't take that long to figure out what and why.

To give an example is I have been eating so well this year, vegetarian, organic (as much as possible) and eating foods my body need for its nutrition - blessing the food to fill its highest purpose on earth.
But then somewhere I had a taste of sugar, in a form of candy, and my human genetics took over. Humans are so easily addicted to two flavors sweet and salty, and once you have a taste of them the cycle is tough to break again. See this article on Sugar Addiction by Holistic Health website M. Ed, Cynthia Perkins.

So - I had a taste of sugar and it snow balled! Especially after one child's birthday!

So here am I am, addicted to sugar again, all kinds, candy, cinnamon buns and sweet yogurts and such...
I knew this was a problem, but I had thought of it very little from "How is my body doing?" - view and more from, oh buggers my diets shot to hell. ;)
But on my defence I had thought about at least little, instead being totally clueless. ;)

So yesterday, there I was, at work, having a piece of candy left over from a party and  - TOOTH ACHE.

Oh yes - the worst reminder possible of you are abusing your body, Miss.
That stopped my candy eating pretty darn quickly.

It took me two seconds to realize my body is telling me to stop, I can't abuse my body with toxic, refined-to-death sugar without consequences. I cannot maintain a Healthy Body, Spirit and Mind if I pollute my own body, aura and life force.
It is a small pain, but the message of it was written on my forehead with cat size letters.

So what to do?

  • a) stop eating sugar you fool - you've done it before, you can do it again!
  • b) in visualisation bless and do healing work on you teeth and body, and aura
  • c) brush brush brush 
  • d) if necessary, get an appointment with a dentist

The body gives us notices all the time - all we need to do is listen...

How to do this listening?
If you are new to listening to your body, this is how it is done!

You need few follow up questions:
  • a) Where does it hurt? 
  • b) What is the first cause that comes to mind? (this is where you body-mind intuition needs to be trusted)
  • c) What have you recently been worried about? (health, jealousy, anger, money, relationship?)
  • d) Unite above 3 questions as a whole package and determine what needs to be done to fix it (look at the abcd above this for frame work "stop-heal-act" method)

I believe it was Ken Wilber who stated in Second Teleseminar of Beyond Awakening that  there are stages where You Are (we call this I AM presence in spiritual circles) - for example, right now awake you know you are - when you sleep and dream you know you are existing, right? - when you meditate you know you are still you - when you go beyond normal meditation and become aware that you are spirit, soul, you are still you, you exist in spirit, and when you go beyond, body, mind and spirit to primordial existence where you are the witness to your own existence, you still are, you are there in nothing everything witnessing your spirit, your soul, your body, your life. You are NOT your body but the witness of life in it.
If we communicate with our body we can live in peace with it - it is almost like a loved home that we want to keep in good shape, a lovely home where electricity runs smoothly, windows are intact, plumbing works. ;)
If your stove is broken you don't ignore it for weeks do you?
If at winter you windows leak warmth out you don't ignore that for weeks do you?
Fix your stove, repair your windows, keep your home healthy, beautiful and fully operational - This is not so different from listening to your body, stopping-healing-acting on what your body deems important.

Don't know where to start, but want to try it connecting with your body?

Take notice of these:
  • a) Is there any pains or discomforts in your body or mind?
  • b) How do you feel after you eat meat/fish/sugar/salt?
  • c) How do you feel after a hard day of work, mentally or physically?
  • d) How does "Jane Doe" make you feel, do you like being around her? What feelings spring up? (this is what we could call soul relationship work, reincarnation work and soul mate work)
Have a go at it! If you need help determining anything e-mail me or connect me on comments.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Fourth enstalment of the Teleseminar series Beyond Awakening!

Well, it's time to download the free MP3 / Listen Online for the fourth podcast!
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This time they have Andrew Cohen as guest - and don't forget to sign up!

Listen right there or right-click and Save As mp3.
Many people today are discovering the liberating truth that we are all part of a vast evolving process. But how often do the lives we lead become a dynamic expression of this higher vision and all that it reveals? What does it take to truly become extraordinary examples of a life lived for the sake of the evolutionary process? In this Beyond Awakening dialogue, Andrew will shed light on the role and purpose of spiritual practice in an evolutionary context and will explain how sincere spiritual practice can help transform our lives to become a reflection of a greater care--a care for the evolutionary process itself.
I myself had a very hard time listening to this one because I am somewhat familar with Cohen's style of teaching and speaking. I had to have a good few minute cleansing breath before listening to this.
The high points were 40:40 where he talks about how we came from utter peace from absolute stillness and that we are here because we want "action". ;) And 54:30 why and how to get excited about our spirituality and 1:05:16 word "enlightenment is going to be out dated sooner or later..."


Breathe In Me. With the imagery included it is mesmorizing.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This video includes both the mid and high theta binaural, holophonic sounds, overlapped and layered to give a natural holophonic sound on top of the holophonic bells. This audio combines the secret solfeggio Holy Harmony song to help induce DNA healing and upgrade, 3rd eye opening and pineal gland stimulation during your meditation and adds water effects and holophonic tibetan bells as well as an enhanced version of holophonic, binaural theta wave stimulation, which is the primary brain wave you experience during meditation. *BEST LISTENED TO WITH HEADPHONES*

Your mind will never be the same!

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You probably still call my entry of Beyond Awakening Free Teleseminar.

Well, it's time to download the free MP3 / Listen Online for the third podcast!
I myself am doing it as we speak and then uploading it to my Nokia XpressMusic so I can plug in my earphones and lay down and really have listen.

25 000 people have signed up already - if you haven't already then now is the time to spread the light, Connect and show that we exist!

This time they have Michael Murphy as guest - and don't forget to sign up!

Listen right there or right-click and Save As mp3.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


"You have to distinguish Divine Pride from egoistic pride. [...] Don't ever let a Green culture, give you so much carpet burn that you feel you have to stop. And don't ever let green culture take away Divine Pride from what you are doing. Keep absolute humility as well."
~Ken Wilber, on the video below at 06:20 -->

What is this Divine Pride?

What is egoistic pride?
Divine Pride is not, all things that egoistic pride is:
Pride of my car, or my house, or my clothes, my hair extentions, my intellegent, my wealth, my spirituality, my wisdom above others wisdom, my great morality, w00t go me I am awesome!
Erm... that not Divine Pride at any point, that is your Ego stating how awesome it think it/you are.
Ego being the shadow entity of your mind and thinking, the one force that thrives on keeping you alive, in control with both flattery and intimitation. The unfortunate side effects of this ego are fear, anger, depression and sadness. You have to give it to the Ego - it kept you alive at times when all you had was skins for clothes and roots for foods. But as we have evolved, from magic and myth to modern, from modern to post-modern, from post-modern to integral we have come to realize we don't have such use for the Ego anymore and we have started to learn our way, away, from the ego.

So, What is replacing the Ego, our survival instinct?

Divinity. The divine spark of God/Creator in you, in me, in our brothers and sisters. That is what is replacing the ego's futile attempts to stay stagnant in the past when we needed it to survive, back when body still had to hold on to dear life in every fat cell (that is another story, another stagnant non-progressive reminder of how much we have evolved from our early history).

Divine is state above ego, it is the state where ego's tactics are no longer necessary because we have come to realise few important truths.

There is no death, not as how post-modern people see it - we won't leave human body forever, we won't disintegrate to dust and cease to exist. Reincarnation exists, there is a spirit, soul, divinity in us that is forever, never dying, never tainted, and never ending. And in this divinity we are safe.

We make our reality - we are the ones who decide whether we are happy or not, we are the ones who can choose if we will suffer or not, we are the ones who decide if loosing ability to walk or ability to hear is suffering or happiness. We are the ones who decide if a death of another family member is a life altering injustice and depression or life altering change to do good. We are the ones who decide. We are the ones who create our own lives.

With just these two truths will help you see that ego and it's by product can be retired. Ego... Don't you want to retire? You have served me well, for so long, you have made me who am today, you've loved me, you've cared for me, you have saved my life in so many occasions. Don't you think it's time for you to return to God, return back to Bliss and Love where all your troubles are being rewarded with rest and happiness? Your work is done, you are free. Free!

And we are left with our divine that is never against or for anything, that is bliss and happiness in everyday life, till the day we die.

There are so many things in our lives that can only be taught to us through divinity.

To let go of the ego doesn't mean we are done, that there is no where to go (this is ego's statement), nothing to learn - on the contrary! There is so much! A whole new evolution of humanity, we should see this as an amazing opportunity to be able to witness this leap to a whole state of being human. You don't stop being human just because you no longer fear and hate, think about it, why would hate make you human, why would fear? BE EXCITED! You are at the freaking best seats to witness evolution! GET EXCITED!

Be divine, be happiness, choose the best life, the new life... see nature and animals for what they truly are, see science for what it can truly offer!

This excitement, this happiness and love - this is Divine Pride!

See you! The divine you.

Love, Light and Joy!

Discussion @

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ken Wilber's map of the Four Quadrons.
Last Beyond Awakening teleseminar touched on Integral world view.

I had heard of it before in passing but hadn't registered it, probably cause the word to a non-native-english speaker was bit too foreign.
I have to credit Ken Wilber for speaking about it in a way that I connected with immeadiately.
It locates four states of consciousness on one axis (the horizontal): Gross (Nature), Subtle (Deity), Causal (Formless), and Nondual; and, usually seven stages/levels of worldview on an orthogonal axis (vertical): Archaic, Magic, Mythic, Rational, Pluralistic, Integral, and Superintegral. Thus it becomes an elegant interpretive device with 28 points of intersection, each representing the results of a particular transitory state of consciousness being interpreted from within one of the more enduring stages/levels of consciousness. They can distinguish and make sense of previous conflations among spiritual experiences, both for individuals reflecting on their own inner life and for researchers. Integral Spirituality (2006) and The Integral Vision (2007) present greater details such as a more graphic representation of the Wilber-Combes grid and several phenomenological illustrations. From
Few things that stuck to my mind from the podcast the other day were how these 7 stages were explained.
Before religion everything was Magic, Religion created the Myth evolution where everything in your chosen book is real, really happened, really existed, Rational appeared with science, Pluralistic divided everything in two and having finally past Pluralistic we are at Integral where Everyone is right to certain degree, no one is flat out all the way wrong (like in myth), we all know part of the whole truth. And after Integral mind set (you don't have to join any church or internet site for this - you either regocnise the values or you do not) gains enough ground (Ken Wilber states 10% of humanity) we evolve again... to SuperIntegral.

But this video will help to understand it as well:
And now that you have heard of the Integral Map:

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You probably still call my entry of Beyond Awakening Free Teleseminar.

Well, it's time to download the free MP3 for the second prodcast! I myself am doing it as we speak and then uploading it to my Nokia XpressMusic (I really didn't know buing a music phone would become so handy - I you are buing a new phone and cannot afford or don't want an iPhone, go for this touch screen phone, I've had mine for 1,5 years, and it's good, pretty and clear to use. I'm not marketing it, heh, just suddenly felt love for the little thing and decided to share. ;) ) so I can plug in my earphones and lay down and really have listen.

25 000 people have signed up already - if you haven't already then now is the time to spread the light, Connect and show that we exist!

This time they have Ken Wilber as guest - and don't forget to sign up!


After listening into this I joined Integral Life.

I especially enjoeyd 00:30 College example of how many of us are actually "Spiritual, not religious"  it reminded me of Barbara Marx Hubbards statement how we are many but like the imaginal discs of catepillar turning to butterfly we haven't quite come to point where we connect, know the existance, of each other. That day is coming. And like Ken Wilber later state in the podcast when we pass the 10% limit we become aware of each other and... Evolve. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Aino by Akseli Gallen-Kallela
To begin I start with reincarnation - I believe we are born again and again to learn a predetermined lessons to figure out Who Am I. Where you are isn't the thing to focus on per say, except if you feel drawn to your countries spiritual history - because then there are things to consider:
  • You have been involved from the beginning of your human cycle in evolving this culture, especially spiritually.
  • You are drawn to the spiritual practice because there is something there that is very important for you to remember and learn.
  • It is one of your purposes to bring out the tradition, or information of the practices that can be beneficial to humanity now.
  • And myriad other reasons that you can understand deeply within yourself...
Little about why I feel drawn to my country's spiritual history:
When I was 18 my mother and my mother's twin sister took me to a lecture with them, the title of it was Being Kalevala (Kalevalalaisuus), if I recall right it was held by Matti Kuusi or Juha Pentikäinen - here is where my memory slightly fails on me. ;)
But what I do recall clearly is being thoroughly impressed how much old Finnish mythology intertwined with my spiritual view (even thought my spiritual view was only 5 years old) it was the truth to me, I knew it immediately.
From the Kalevala
After the loss of his first wife to Kullervo's curse, the disheartened Ilmarinen attempts to craft a new one from gold and silver, but finds the golden wife hard and cold. Dismayed, he attempts to wed her to his brother Väinämöinen instead, but the old sage rejects her, saying that the golden wife ought to be cast back into the furnace and tells Ilmarinen to "forge from her a thousand trinkets". Speaking to all of his people, he further adds:

    "Every child of Northland, listen,
    Whether poor, or fortune-favored:
    Never bow before an image
    Born of molten gold and silver:
    Never while the sunlight brightens,
    Never while the moonlight glimmers,
    Choose a maiden of the metals,
    Choose a bride from gold created
    Cold the lips of golden maiden,
    Silver breathes the breath of sorrow." - Golden Bride in full text
The tale of the Golden Wife can be seen as a cautionary tale based on the theme where money cannot buy happiness and marrige and choosing your partner wisely. Having someone who looks good and is valueable but is cold and hard makes for a bad match. All the tales in Kaleva are to be throught through for their meaning to adapt to your life.
As impressed by it as I was... Life happened. Things got pushed to the back burner, they simmered there waiting.

Väinämöinen and The Maiden of The North by R.W Ekman
Being wiccan in a point of my development made Kalevala Mythology completely natural to me - it was after all very nature based, with god of the forest Tapio and goddess of the waters Wellamo, and so on...
But it wasn't till few years ago when I remembered Kalevala and felt frawn to it, I wrote a book, read Kaari Utrio, listened to Suo, studied finnish spiritual practises, god and goddess mythology.
The Fall and Winter have turned out to be the perfect times for studying Finnish Mythology, in the growing darkness the spirit of Finland rises from the ground with the mesmerizing mist and fog of the early morning. It dances over grass and water and calls you to remember. It is Fall again.

Yesterday - I read for the first time that there is a view of Finland in certain circles where they talk of Finno-Ugric language being the original language and early Finns having a grander history than what school teaches us. Naturally, I was intrigued!
"We came from the East and at the peninsula of Denmark we parted ways. The other group headed for South to Germany and middle europe, the other moved to North, aproximately 5000 years ago. [...] There are many studies that finnish language (old finnish) was the original language. These result have been made by Gustaf Kossina. Germans have gotten their culture from a higher culture called Urfinns, the original Finnish people. Reserched has showed connections to Russhian Monasteries and Great Britan's Royal Chronicals. Mannonen sees that Finns have never been a vast amount of people, but a spiritually magnificent one. 'Finns have brought their culture to where they have traveled. We have been a great nation, who has never buckled under depression.' 'We have had a more noble view of the world as Kalevala testifes. We were not a warring nation like the barbaric tribes. Instead we were the people who spread civilisation and culture... [...] Original finns and remained a clean bloodline, this has been studied by scientifically through our genes." ~Kauno Mannonen's interview in Minä Olen - Magazine 4/2010 (translation to english from finnish by yours truly)
This article, interview, above was several pages long, and has inspired me to seek more information about my countries spiritual history. Why? Because like I stated at the very beginning and in my own introduction to my history with Kalevala - It is meant to be. For one reason or another I have to learn as much as I can.
This almost makes me laugh, that I have to!
I do feel I have had many lives as a Finn, and as I feel most connected to Wellamo I feel there is history there as well. Luckily I have up to 90 years to figure this out. ;)

I will stop here as I have nothing yet to continue this on, but feel free to check out my entry of Kings of Finland.
Also people to research who were mentioned in the magazine article are:
Kauko Manninen
Pekka Ervast
Tapio Kaitaharju
Juha Pentikäinen  - Kalevala Mythology (especially page 225, 'Language & Cultural Identity')
Matti Kuusi

And these following mostly-neutral sites on Finno-Ugric history, if this topic has peaked your interest. - Frequently Asked Questions about Finno-Ugrian Languages

click for a bigger picture and easier read

But with this said, we cannot get too focused on one country, and one group of people. We have to remember that we are One, body, mind and soul, and though this school teaches us many things through many channels we have to remember to not take vain pride in just one thing (be it "my" country, "my" culture or "my" history). But recall that what is important and share.

Love, Light, Joy & Unity!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A FREE Teleseminar series!
Over 20 000 people have already signed up! 

My name is Terry Patten, and as your host and the series founder, I'm very happy to have you join us for our free teleseminar series with 27 of the most dynamic spiritual teachers on the planet today.

Over the next few weeks we'll gather together online every Sunday and Thursday evening, by conference call and online, to participate in conversations that will dive into the important, timely, and sometimes vexing questions that we all face as conscious beings alive in the 21st century.

If you missed my introduction to the series on September 12th, you can listen or download the audio here:
I spend the last hour listening to the first introduction, and after when they get to business, after introducing each other, it's full of gold! I am amazed and delighted this is being talked about. We do need to all have some common ground, a place to agree in.
I especially enjoyed 00:31:00 how can our spirituality create a second renessance: "What can be our agreement that holds us together when we disagree" and 00:39:00 where they talk about how "Humanity is evolving now at a fast track compared to our early history".
Do sign up and receiver emails, addresses and information. Do. Do. Do! :D

Our Next Event in the Series will feature an in-depth discussion on the past, present and future of spiritual practice with Integral philosopher Ken Wilber, on Thursday, September 16th @ 5 PM Pacific. You will receive an email with all the access information prior to the event.
Question about joining the Teleseminars?

How To Participate from Anywhere in the World:

Before each event, you'll receive an email with access codes and a description of what to expect.
There are several ways to participate.
  • You can participate live by dialing into the conference lines using the access codes we'll provide you with
  • You can listen to the webcast live online.
  • You can listen to the recording by phone or online anytime after the event is complete.
  • You can download the recordings and listen to them anytime at your convenience on your computer, or even your iPod.
There will be a 30-minute period for questions and comments at the end of each conversation, so we encourage you to attend the live events, to listen in and speak up!

You can send us your questions and comments before or during the live dialogue by posting them on our Beyond Awakening Facebook page.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A woman walks towards me and stops, she knits her fingers together as if she doesn't quite know what to do with them. She takes a stadying breath, exhales slowly and looks me straight to my core.
"What is the purpose of life?"
The way she says it reveals she is at a turning point in her life, she has been through many heartbreaking situations, hers and others, she is asking this with a distinct tone of despair in her voice.
"The purpose of life is to figure out who you are. Ask yourself, Who Am I?"
She is quiet and looks at the earth around our feet, obviously thinking.
"I'm a woman, I'm 32, I come from a long line of farmers and rednecks, but I've changed my..."
"Hold. That is not who you are. Thinking this is who you are has made your life unnessecarily hard and painful. When I say to ask that questing I mean, truly ask it, emerge yourself in the world, find who we all are by asking, reading, studying, learning what is the truth."
"I... I don't even know how to begin?!"
"Begin how most people begin. Pick a religion."
"I'm already a christian, how..."
"There is no need for you to buy France just because you want to visit Paris."
She remains quiet, thinking for a while.
"You mean to say that I should look beyond the dogma to the heart and soul of what is christianity?"
"And after that, if you do it right it will feel natural to look at other religions, but again don't over extend yourself to follow every word of every man who has taken interest in the religion."
"And after that?"
"After that you will know for yourself what to do. I am a signpost, not the journey or the destination, that is all you. And when you are at your destination don't be afraid to be a signpost. To be a sign is to be equal to others, not higher not lower, to be a sign is to fullfill each other for the highest good of all."


Channelled by Michelle Coutant: Blessed Ones, your relationships offer many pearls of wisdom and many spiritual tests and lessons to both you and the ones with whom you are in relationship with. For you to have a supportive relationship with another, you must approach each relationship in this way. Every relationship is a supportive relationship. Every relationship will assist you to grow in your understanding, your wisdom and your personal power, if you will allow it.

How can you assist us to remain in love and neutrality, rather than judgment?

Dear Ones, when you are in judgment, you are not right with Self. You are projecting onto another that which you are out of balance with, within Self. Practice through deep breathing, and repeating the word, “neutrality”. This practice will assist you into peace and harmony, all being of much the same vibration. Neutrality is a great gift to assist you as you interact with another. Holding the intention to remain in neutrality will allow you to set aside your own beliefs. You are more able to remain in the love of your Sacred Heart when you are able to hold the vibration of neutrality. This, Dear Ones, is a great tool to assist you in your relationships.

To read the beginning and end of the article CLICK HERE!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I am sure there are people far more qualified to produce Art than me - but that is if we look only from the point of view of judging the work.
Now where I stand, each expression of ourselves is golden to us, and even might be to others as well.
It doesn't matter if the technique is masterful, or porportions are right, what matters is that you express yourself. There is creation there that is not to be judged. After all what is humanity without creation?

Creativity is often misunderstood to be an act of the ego and intellect. In truth, the Creative Process is fundamentally a spiritual one. When the imagination is in flight, we are moved to give form to this inner life. Creating charges us with energy. We are grounded in our bodies, yet the creative act takes us beyond ourselves. We exit the world of reacting and enter the delicious world of creating, where we lose track of time. By acting, we bring spirit into matter. By acting, we love our creations into being. And Creativity is vital for well-being, not just for artists and arts professionals, but for everyone, in their own way. When we engage our Creativity, we engage our spirituality.

Well-- that said here is one of my creations. ;)

Click - for full size image.


Last night I visited the Helsinki Comedy Festival, the English Night, and had a blast looking at Stand-Up Comedy merely from the view of humour - recognising how realizing absurdity of a false statement can cause people physical laughter and amusement and cause a great flow of endorphins (I am getting technical but sometimes you got to, I enjoy laughing, but you should always know why you are doing what you doing, it doesn't take anything away from it). This performer from Sweden had a joke about Facebook, how people who would suddenly loose internet would have to reach for help in analogue Facebook. It got many laughs, from me as well, as he went from door to door asking if people ‘Like’d his shoes, but this got me to thinking much more deeply than it was originally meant to. So here follows my thoughts after sleeping on it. I literally had to be out of bed at 6 A.M to write this all done.

♥•☆.•*~ ~*•.☆•♥

What is Facebook? It promotes, Sharing, Unity, Global Family, Friendship, right? When you log on you feel part of something bigger, a NETwork of individual with common nominators - and this is closer to the Higher Truths than is first evident.

It is the moment of Unity. During the summer we had the Unity Consciousness Weekend, the effects of it is still felt in the communities that value Unity.
But what kind of Unity are we talking about here?

Not the commonly used one for sure - but the Unity of Souls - The common term Unity prepares us to Spiritual Unity. It eases us into the field of brothers and sisters, common goals of life. I think the African-American community (among others) has greatly hold onto Spiritual Unity, a man is your Brother, a woman your Sister. That is the best way to describe the Spiritual Unity as well. We are all a giant interconnected living family. You are on the Soul Level my Sister and you my Brothers. Your Soul, like my Soul, is a piece of the puzzle that is our Mother/Father God, the Soul of each of our Sisters and Brothers is part of the God that is us.

There is running joke among us who recognise Unity Consciousness and Divine in each other:
A man proclaimed loudly how he was an atheist. "I don't believe in god, I don't believe in god! I don't believe in god!" He did this for many life times, until he had to stop  - because he learned he was god.

You have access to your god Spark, your Divinity - if you wish it. You can talk to your divinity when ever you want to, you can ask and you'll get an answer but it depend on you wither you listen, hear it, accept it.
This Divinity has many names - like is common for humans - some call it our Soul, some our Higher Self (literally meaning a divine self that is much taller, wiser, brighter being, and unconditionally loving than our human bodies), some Divinity, some Goddess or God but whatever we call it, it is a part of us, like our Heart - you cannot see it everyday, but you know it is there, and that it is a vital part of you.

This Higher Self (this is the term that feels most comfortable with me, but you can use which ever you want in your head as you read on) is continuously in connection to each and every human's Higher Self. God sees and hears all. We have heard that before haven't we?
But instead of it being an old man in the sky listening in, it is a web of bright sparks of God in each of us, seeing over the whole planet. Sound familiar? It should. Internet is another way to be in ultimate connection with each other, to be one in this web, net, of ideas and thoughts. But internet alone is not enough, we as people need a tool to teach us how to use this web for the highest good of all. As it is in macrocosmos, it is in microcosmos. We as people have to find Unity in more than just an ideal, an actual tangible means to live among each other.
To each planet its own network.

We are being taught in the spiritual circles how lies and secrets are not beneficial to us - I see why, all I have to do is ask my Higher Self and I will know. Secrets harm their keepers, they make you believe that this bad thing you have done should never be uttered but protected with silence. So it festers within, eating on your fear and past memories, growing, growing, growing until it becomes this monstrous thing! Inside your head that is.
You are bound to this fear of what if someone will know this horrible thing, that I once stopped loving and tried to move on, but chickened out and now have to live with it. There are better ways to go about this.
Simply choose differently, you are capable of choosing happiness even if getting to it seems harder to do than hate. Life is school, it is in no way easy, but once you understand it you realize what it is about and start navigating it, learning how to feel genuingly, it becomes easier. There are fights and break-up and divorces until we learn to let go of anger and fear, personally as a child of divorce I have to tell you - it is no big deal, unless you make it to one. I had the wisdom to know that it is not my place to order my parents around, "You have to be this image of you I have created, because I am comfortable with that and nothing else." "Oh, you're different?" "No, won't have that, will be mad, petty and spiteful instead of accepting, loving and caring of the special divine spark of life that you are." The big revelation is, it applies to all people, all relationships!
Now you are wondering what this has to do with Facebook?
Basic thing about Facebook is sharing. You share your ideas, you share your worries, you share disappointments and you share your love, friendship and caring for each other.
People make a huge deal about how Facebook is fake and you wouldn't do that in real life - to this let me remind you how humanity LEARNS.
Trial and error, we try try and try, we fumble and fall and we get back up and try try and try again until driving that bike is SECOND NATURE.

You see where I am getting with this?

There is a way for mainstream people and us to practise Unity Consciousness, Unity of being a Family, you and me, equal, loving, caring, full of happiness and support, there for each other instantly.
That Practice is Facebook.

I am sure this was not the original idea of the people who created Facebook, but I am sure if you think about it you can see the fine print of the idea that was typed down by OUR Higher Selves.

The most gruesome things appear of our profiles, sadness, depression, divorce in their barest form - and us others feel the pain, we help, support and care - learning to react the same way when one day someone you "currently are pretending" not to know on this earth says this on the street.

And we share the births of babies, finding of true love, amazing joy of merely a walk in the nature or the celebration of a person’s birthday or any other memorable day - we learn to share love, unconditional love, share our happiness instantly!

With 2012 and beyond coming, I can see a timeline, a purpose for Facebook - Can you see it?

Namaste - "The Divine in me, recognises the Divine in you."

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Thursday, September 9, 2010


"Simply ask during meditation to be aligned to the source light of the Celestial White Beings and to receive a boost to your energy and spiritual development."

That was my this morning's boost. If you are familiar with meditation it only takes few minutes, and feels amazing - if you are not it is so worth it, even if it takes a while, the charge is amazing.

More on the article...

"To focus upon yourself as you see and understanding yourself now is essential for your spiritual development and schooling on the Earth but it is also delusional because in many ways you are concentrating on a false aspect of yourself rather than your greater truth. This can be difficult to understand because as you exist on the Earth you must stay grounded and anchored into the physical planes and your reality to enable you to remain as a student of the Earth. To contemplate that everything around you is an illusion can bring thoughts of fear, uncertainty and mistrust but you must remember that you are always taking small steps forward, meaning that you are realising the truth about yourself and your reality with every moment of your life. Therefore you are gradually shifting from a reality that is created from a lower aspect of yourself to a reality that is born from a higher, brighter, finer, clearer aspect of yourself, truth and soul. If you are willing to accept that everything in your life is needed and holds a purpose, that you created situations both good and bad and that you have the ability to transform anything you desire, then you are taking a step forward in awakening your inner power."
Awakening the Power Within by the White Beings
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 06/09/10

Sure the Illusion seems scary, until we realize that if it wasn't an illusion life would actually be a lot scarier. Imagine if you actually were as evil as your most wicked thoughts, as sour as most bitter hate, as scary as your strongest anger - would you be comfortable like that? Or are you Real in your strongest Happiness, your brightest Laugh, your deepest lightest Love?

It is a choice, which is more scary, which do you want to identify with?So I ask again, is your past and future with their emotional and though identified fears, angers and hates Real or Illusion?

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Page 14

Page 15

Conscious Evolution (free e-book on google books)

Makes sense why I felt an overwhelming desire to stop watching/reading the News in 2007.
Haven't watched them sence and I do think it has had it's part in why I feel lighter and less worried of the earth and it's population.

Friday, September 3, 2010


"Sun in Virgo conjunct Mercury retrograde in Virgo: Sept 03- 8.35am (75 W longitude Eastern Daylight)"
Use this energy to focus within and identify what you still need to heal in order to be whole. This is a time to connect with your spiritual path and how that creates meaning in your life.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard
Evolutionary Language Guide:

Quote from Scott London Book Review:
Hubbard discusses the social potential movement against the backdrop of a broader visionary perspective on social and personal transformation. She believes that the human species is poised to take its next evolutionary leap and that the many crises we now face — from environmental devastation and overpopulation to social alienation and dire poverty — represent a dangerous yet natural stage in the birth of a more highly evolved species. Citing recent research in the fields of evolutionary biology, systems theory, and chemistry, she contends that living systems do not change and evolve in a linear fashion, but rather by upheaval, or what she calls "quantum change."

This is an inspiring, if not always inspired, book. Hubbard brings together some of the most hopeful evidence that our culture is evolving in the right direction, but much of it is soft rather than hard data. For example, she gets a lot of mileage out of Paul Ray's assertion that there is a growing subculture in the United States, some 44 million strong, which embodies a new set of cultural values. Yet these numbers are highly questionable, and in any case there is very little to corroborate them. But never mind, they sound persuasive. 
 If you are at all interested in what came before you and how future is actually quite a bright star instead of the grim dream it seems to be molding into - read this.


Last time I posted an entry was Aug. 11th - that is 3 weeks ago. I have been feeling sort of pooped after a heavily active and superbly warm summer.
For some reason I haven't had the energy to invest too much to this blog and looking deeply at my daily business from spiritual view.
It did worry me a little why this was - but this morning I ran into a Channelling by Emmanuel Dagher.
Many of us have been processing some profound inner transformation due to all the extraordinary celestial happenings this summer which included two eclipses, quite a few powerful astrological alignments, the summer solstice, and of course the abundance of solar flares that have poured into our atmosphere and continue to do so.

For many of us, this powerful combination of events has served to peel off even the deepest layers that have been preventing us from being our most authentic self. With all these layers being cleared away so fast, it's absolutely normal that many of us might feel burnt out with almost no energy left, maybe even feeling like we've been put through the ringer.

Although many of us are still processing through this heavy releasing phase for the next few weeks, we are now moving into the next chapter of our lives which is all about anchoring and grounding into physical form, the manifestation of all the inner-work we've faithfully done on ourselves over the past few years.
Read the whole channelling here:
Includes tools to Grounding It All In.

Even having been gone, I haven't dropped of the map, I've started work again (it's great to finally see all the blessings of my job) and I've been running around in the woods inside Helsinki. But it is time again to focus on the next phase - I give thanks to this rest period and look forward to the next wave.

Finnish field of moss and rocks in pinetree forest...

Tangled display of evergreen roots, surrounded by moss, rocks and pine needles.

Kanerva and lychan spotted rock inside the pinetree forest...


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