Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Art by Abhilasha Singh
Good Morning Tuesday! I sit here with a fresh cup of coffee in my hand to ground me to my work day, time for a morning workout soon. Before I get my paws to Yoga Trance Dance by Acacia I am doing accessory muscle workout's with Tracy Anderson's Mat Workout DVD. I was off the workout cycle for two months after starting work at August after summer vacation - but I did it once this weekend and now I am hooked to being aware of my body, my muscles.
It just shows you how much human body yearns to move and be consciouss of itself.

Another thing about this morning is this following channelling from God.
Now if you recall God's many names, you might recall me calling this divinity in us all "Higher Self" - part of you that is infinitive, divine and easy to talk to.
This is a lovely message of Love from yourself to you. You can hear the peace, and the love in this voice if you listen well enough. This voice is what lets me know what resonates with me, wither a channeling is genuin - it's the voice of Compassion, Harmony and Divinity with a tone of Bliss.

~ ☆ ☮ ☆ ~

Confidence and Trusting Your Choices

Channeled through Leah Levkowitz
October 2010

Confidence comes from alignment with your soul. You are just being who you are. There is no ego. It doesn't matter what others think or believe because you are just authentically being who you are. There is no need to prove, just share. Those who are open to receive will be drawn to you. It comes from an awareness and connection to your soul and to God. When you are not aligned or connected you will experience all sorts of obstacles and problems. This connection is more important than anything else. It is this connection that will move you forward.

Many of you are concerned with manifesting more money? Have you been desiring more and then focusing on how much you need to just get by? Be aware of your limiting beliefs of what you are capable of manifesting on your own.

When you are one with your soul you feel at peace and clear, as your soul will guide you through all obstacles. It is like the difference of walking blindfolded through a room of obstacles in your way. When you are one with your soul, listening and aware, you are walking without the blindfold and though you see the obstacles around you it becomes effortless to avoid them because you see where you are going. This is the difference.

So it behooves you to plug in each day and recharge so to speak. See yourself being clear.
Imagine being one with your soul.

How do I know what to do during my day?

Once you connect in, if you are flowing with your soul you will feel what to do and things will just flow. If an obstacle presents itself, stop and check into where your thoughts are. Maybe you need to do something else. Maybe you need to eat or take a break. Maybe you need to tune in. The worst thing to do is to continue when you are feeling frustrated. It will only bring you more frustration. Get up and stretch and take a walk or exercise. Let go of what you are doing. Ask for guidance and assistance and breath and allow it to come in and receive.

Your world is getting faster and faster. You are being bombarded with so much input everyday that you are constantly feeling like you have to be doing something. God forbid if you did nothing.
There is a balance between taking action and allowing yourself to just feel and go with the flow. It is like feeling the flow of energy around you and where it wants to guide you. Do you feel anxiety, resistance, and emotions around you or within you? It is these subtleties that you are learning to become aware of so as not to be a victim and can be the conscious co-creator that you are meant to be.

If triggers arise then they are something to go into and look at what truly is it that is triggering you. Recognize that you are the one making a choice to experience what you are experiencing in the way that you are. If you say to yourself, I can’t just let this go, then you are choosing not to let it go and continue with the experience. However, if you choose to let it go, then you are changing your experience and something different will occur.

I bring this to your awareness each time, as it is important that you understand and realize how you are creating your experiences and you don’t realize what beliefs you have and how they are manifesting your experience. We are here to assist you find understanding and clarity. It is this understanding that will bring you clarity in all areas of your life, including your connection with your guides and your soul. If you need help and are unable to receive this assistance directly from us, we will guide Leah to help you to clear.

Copyright 2010 Leah Levkowitz. All rights reserved.

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