Thursday, February 6, 2014


I love the little gifts my spirit guides give me - the gifts aren't always physical and I love the signs so much. When you open up to having guides and angels in your daily life you open your eyes ( and your 3rd eye ) to signs and symbols like you've never seen them before. They are everywhere and getting attuned to angel and guide energy you see them everywhere, wither its mirrors dropping off the walls or the front desk manager opening to you about their life out of the blue ( aka my Monday at the doctors ), you can tell that it's a sign and the fun part is figuring out "a sign of what"? Usually the main vibe is instant - like the breaking mirror = old breaking new beginning, or the woman's accident story = reminding her of guardian angels and my higher vibrational level calling people to me to open up.

I wanted to tell you about this morning's Sign.

I have my work keys sitting on a shelf, I haven't used them for a month as I've been on sickleave, so they have just been sitting there. This morning I come to the living room and the keys are trying to commit suicide by leap of death, they are half way off the side of the shelf. I immediately know it's a sign as I haven't messed with anything on the shelf in days.

The first thing that comes to mind is the keys are taking the swan dive because my job is dying, it's time for a new one, but to have something new the old has to die, it's the natural cycle of things. I am ready, I've known for a while that I have to start a new job as my body can't handle the current one anymore, and the keys about to fall gave me confirmation that my guides are with me to make sure everything will go great and that death of that job will be supported, I will be supported through this change.


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