Saturday, September 25, 2010


I feel blessed that I am so attuned to my body, if something is wrong it usually doesn't take that long to figure out what and why.

To give an example is I have been eating so well this year, vegetarian, organic (as much as possible) and eating foods my body need for its nutrition - blessing the food to fill its highest purpose on earth.
But then somewhere I had a taste of sugar, in a form of candy, and my human genetics took over. Humans are so easily addicted to two flavors sweet and salty, and once you have a taste of them the cycle is tough to break again. See this article on Sugar Addiction by Holistic Health website M. Ed, Cynthia Perkins.

So - I had a taste of sugar and it snow balled! Especially after one child's birthday!

So here am I am, addicted to sugar again, all kinds, candy, cinnamon buns and sweet yogurts and such...
I knew this was a problem, but I had thought of it very little from "How is my body doing?" - view and more from, oh buggers my diets shot to hell. ;)
But on my defence I had thought about at least little, instead being totally clueless. ;)

So yesterday, there I was, at work, having a piece of candy left over from a party and  - TOOTH ACHE.

Oh yes - the worst reminder possible of you are abusing your body, Miss.
That stopped my candy eating pretty darn quickly.

It took me two seconds to realize my body is telling me to stop, I can't abuse my body with toxic, refined-to-death sugar without consequences. I cannot maintain a Healthy Body, Spirit and Mind if I pollute my own body, aura and life force.
It is a small pain, but the message of it was written on my forehead with cat size letters.

So what to do?

  • a) stop eating sugar you fool - you've done it before, you can do it again!
  • b) in visualisation bless and do healing work on you teeth and body, and aura
  • c) brush brush brush 
  • d) if necessary, get an appointment with a dentist

The body gives us notices all the time - all we need to do is listen...

How to do this listening?
If you are new to listening to your body, this is how it is done!

You need few follow up questions:
  • a) Where does it hurt? 
  • b) What is the first cause that comes to mind? (this is where you body-mind intuition needs to be trusted)
  • c) What have you recently been worried about? (health, jealousy, anger, money, relationship?)
  • d) Unite above 3 questions as a whole package and determine what needs to be done to fix it (look at the abcd above this for frame work "stop-heal-act" method)

I believe it was Ken Wilber who stated in Second Teleseminar of Beyond Awakening that  there are stages where You Are (we call this I AM presence in spiritual circles) - for example, right now awake you know you are - when you sleep and dream you know you are existing, right? - when you meditate you know you are still you - when you go beyond normal meditation and become aware that you are spirit, soul, you are still you, you exist in spirit, and when you go beyond, body, mind and spirit to primordial existence where you are the witness to your own existence, you still are, you are there in nothing everything witnessing your spirit, your soul, your body, your life. You are NOT your body but the witness of life in it.
If we communicate with our body we can live in peace with it - it is almost like a loved home that we want to keep in good shape, a lovely home where electricity runs smoothly, windows are intact, plumbing works. ;)
If your stove is broken you don't ignore it for weeks do you?
If at winter you windows leak warmth out you don't ignore that for weeks do you?
Fix your stove, repair your windows, keep your home healthy, beautiful and fully operational - This is not so different from listening to your body, stopping-healing-acting on what your body deems important.

Don't know where to start, but want to try it connecting with your body?

Take notice of these:
  • a) Is there any pains or discomforts in your body or mind?
  • b) How do you feel after you eat meat/fish/sugar/salt?
  • c) How do you feel after a hard day of work, mentally or physically?
  • d) How does "Jane Doe" make you feel, do you like being around her? What feelings spring up? (this is what we could call soul relationship work, reincarnation work and soul mate work)
Have a go at it! If you need help determining anything e-mail me or connect me on comments.


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