Friday, September 17, 2010


You probably still call my entry of Beyond Awakening Free Teleseminar.

Well, it's time to download the free MP3 for the second prodcast! I myself am doing it as we speak and then uploading it to my Nokia XpressMusic (I really didn't know buing a music phone would become so handy - I you are buing a new phone and cannot afford or don't want an iPhone, go for this touch screen phone, I've had mine for 1,5 years, and it's good, pretty and clear to use. I'm not marketing it, heh, just suddenly felt love for the little thing and decided to share. ;) ) so I can plug in my earphones and lay down and really have listen.

25 000 people have signed up already - if you haven't already then now is the time to spread the light, Connect and show that we exist!

This time they have Ken Wilber as guest - and don't forget to sign up!


After listening into this I joined Integral Life.

I especially enjoeyd 00:30 College example of how many of us are actually "Spiritual, not religious"  it reminded me of Barbara Marx Hubbards statement how we are many but like the imaginal discs of catepillar turning to butterfly we haven't quite come to point where we connect, know the existance, of each other. That day is coming. And like Ken Wilber later state in the podcast when we pass the 10% limit we become aware of each other and... Evolve. :)


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