Thursday, February 13, 2014

ANGEL ASTROLOGY 101 ~ A Review ~

Pages: 288 pages
Published: March 4th 2014, Hay House
Form: E-book (from NetGalley for an honest review)
Genre: Spiritual, New Age, Astrology / / BookDepository

"Discover the Angels connected with your Birth Chart.

You can learn about the archangels who work with your birth chart in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Astrology 101. Co-authored by the widely published astrologer and Angel Therapist Yasmin Boland, this is the first book to combine angelology and astrology.

The 12 beautifully illustrated and easy-to-understand chapters describe the personality characteristics of each of the sun, moon and rising signs, plus your Mercury, Venus and Mars, as well as which archangels to call upon in association with them. Angel Astrology 101 is perfect for anyone who is new to these subjects – but it also offers plenty of fresh insights and material for those who have long worked with either astrology or the angels."  ~ Official blurb

I loved this book, its a fresh and new take on Archangels and Astrology, combining the two to a thoroughly entertaining and educational read. The book is so beautiful to read; colorful, soothing and powerfully symbolic, one of the reason why just having a review copy on my iPhone was not enough, so I pre-ordered the hardback, I have to have this as a tangible, can wrap my hands around it and hug it, copy. ;)

I was a Doreen Virtue virgin before reading this - of course everyone in the new age realm has heard of her, just as I had, but before this I mainly knew her as the Angel Oracle Cards lady - now I can't wait to pick up another book of hers, her writing style is effortless and she has a fun side, a positivity that shines through the text. And after reading the book I spent a whole afternoon just looking through Yasmin Boland's website.

It's interesting to know which Archangel is connected with each sun sign, and the parchment with all the areas the Archangel can help you with is something I want to be able to pull off the shelf and look through whenever I'm feeling like I need help or guidance. I've always felt a special connection to Metatron, so I've sort of used him for everything, lol! ( ;) not really though ) but in all seriousness and reverence - knowing which Archangel can help with, what seem at first glance like each Sun signs personal tribulations, what troubles is a valuable tool - and getting to know few Archangels I hadn't previously known of was definitely another plus.

Of course you must know your Moon and Rising Signs, and Mercury, Venus and Mars to get the best possible effect of the book, but worry not these are easily found out here: Free Natal Chart. Now that you have them reading Angel Astrology 101 is an even larger chunk of fun!

Top three likes : Archangels for each Sign + Beautiful Illustrations + Details on what each Archangel can help you with

Top three dislikes : I had none

Rating :

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