Friday, February 23, 2007


What if,
If you have never worked or had children, then there is a chance you haven't come across real Responsibility?
If you have worked or are working, there is still a chance you haven't come across real Responsibility?
If you have children, you might need to think wether you are manifesting to real life, real Responsibility?

What are we responsible for?
The pie-chart of the fourth quoter, paying the electricity bill, remembring to pick up the most-important-piece-of-laundry in the world, diciplening co-workers/workers...
I mean that is responsibility.
But what kind of responsibility?

Could there be a difference between your ego's responsibility and your soul's responsibility?
What is ego? What is soul?

Question: Laurie, could you please comment on this sentence from your book Realms of Light: "In this brief life, we are trying to line up our small ego with the soul and its vision so that they work together as one." Can you talk to us about the basic difference between the ego and the soul?

Answer: I think one of the main goals of our life on earth is to align our personal vision with the soul's vision. The soul's vision is already very much in alignment with the Divine, with God's vision for us. And yet, here we are in this body which contains the ego. Ego, in the sense that we are speaking of now, means all our perception. Any of our thoughts, anything we perceive is considered ego - which includes our perception that we are the body. So this definition of the word "ego" is a very different definition than the man on the street's definition of ego, or even a psychologist's definition of ego.

--- On Meditation, the Ego and the Soul: An Interview with author Laurie Conrad by Diana Souza. October 30th, 2004. Ithaca, New York. The whole Article.

Your ego worries about daily things, your bills, your reputation, your honour, your believes, your connections, your friends...
Your soul doesn't worry. It knows exactly what is going on, and it also knows your ego is stopping you from seeing the big picture.

But since when have us humanbeings, bright, loving people listened to our body?
Let's face it, not very often.
We should, but listening to our body is very different than listening to our ego.

Our soul has no worries, no fears. It's all in the ego.
What our soul knows, our ego fears.
What we don't know, what is changing, we fear, OUR ego fears.
Our Soul is calm, knowing all things change, constantly.
Tiny, tiny, tiny changes, or huge mind-blowing changes.
It's not getting better or worse.
Yes! It's true! Comforting isn't it... :)
It's just taking the nessecery turns and up and down hills to reach where it's going.

Where are we going?

Tougher question.
It's individual. There is as many beliefs as there as drops in the ocean.
Mine is that Earth is a big school. Reincarnation exists. This school has leveled classes, first grade, seconds grade -Infant Souls, Baby/Child Souls, meaning we graduate after learning few things in our Soul level and move forward to the next soul level. Eventually searching enlightenment.
This to me means we move back to The Higher Power, we again become part of "God-Creator-HigherPower".

Now after going through what is Ego, what is Soul, what is Earth and it's meaning.... to me atleast, we get to move to the actual point, Responsibility.

Soul's responsibility isn't daily-work-and-fun responsibility. That's ego's area.
Soul Responsibility is responsibility toward your enlightenment. Your responsibility to learn, see connections between what is your plan of your life and what are your actions.
How your actions deroute or keep you on route depending on the actions you have to the situations you encounter.

Is you temper making you snap at someone, and making you later feel ashamed?
Is you incapability to say No, getting you into stressfull state and debression?

Is it your natural state to be ashamed or stressed or debressed?

Ofcourse not.

Responsibility is to make choices that upkeep your natural state.

When you are calm, happy, positive and smiling, you lead by example.

Your children will follow your lead, your co-workers trust and are comforable with you.

So... Take Responsibility! :)


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