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This leads into the angels' love for us. Traditionally, angels are viewed as having an adoring love for God's Son, Jesus. They announce and attend his birth. They minister to him in the desert. They show up at his tomb and announce his resurrection. As God's servants, they love all that God loves, and what does God love more than His Own Son? In the Course, this same idea holds true, but now we are God's Son. Therefore, all of the adoration and devotion the angels give to the Son of God they give to us. We can count on their love and care just as Jesus could, for we too are God's Son.
In fact, in the same way the angels showed up at the birth of Jesus two thousand years ago, the Course depicts them showing up at the birth of the Christ in us. Two of the Course's angel passages apply Christmas imagery to our own awakening, and several of the others fall into the same pattern of angels attending a spiritual birth in us. Let me try to weave all of these passages together into a single narrative.
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I agree whole heartedly with this. And with hearing people's stories of stepping into their spirituality it always starts with seeing or communicating with angels. When I first started channeling it was with Raphael...

The name means "God Heals" Archangel Raphael is the archangel that supervises healers and healing for all Earth’s population. It’s sensible for everyone to call upon Archangel Raphael for his help in healing.

Ask Raphael for help when you are in any kind of pain, whether it is physical, emotional romantic, intellectual or spiritual. He will somehow inspire you with sudden ideas and thoughts giving you just the right information to help the healing. Pay attention to and then follow these angelic answers to your prayers.

When asked for healing assistance, Raphael surrounds and nurtures people with the emerald green light of his halo. Green is the color of healing and clairvoyant people may see emerald green sparkles when Raphael is around.

And other people stories seem to begin similarly. Angels in essence, not winged creatures in ropes (a manufacturement iof the physical mind), are there at the beginning of our Awakening to Spirituality. And even better news is that they are with us, surrounding us after awaking.

There is something complitely different in communicating, feeling the presence of angel than there is in human interaction. It really does grow you to realize your full potential as you feel their Love.

Us humans have that potential to be fully within Love and have it fully within us - angels don't have ego, they are perfect in love and inspire us to share that feeling we get from communicating with them.

Be Blessed, Be Love.


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