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This is from Diana Cooper's page, if you've read her books you've probably run to it by now.

Gold and Silver Violet Flame

The story of the Flame of Transmutation

In Atlantis the people could invoke the Violet Flame of Transmutation to dissolve any negativity in relationships and situations. This high frequency light literally devoured lower energy, so people could keep their auras clear. Unfortunately the power was misused and so it was withdrawn from all but a select few.

At the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, so many Light Workers prayed and meditated for the raising of consciousness of humanity that St Germain, the Keeper of the Violet Flame, was able to approach Source to ask for a dispensation for humanity. Under Divine Grace the power of the Violet Flame was returned for everyone to use.

The Flame includes colours from lavender, through lilac to deepest violet and literally transmutes, dissolves and removes lower vibrations.

In 1998 the Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony merged with the Violet Flame of Transmutation. Beautiful silver light dances in the violet flames. When this is invoked, negative energy is replaced with something beautiful of a higher frequency.

And now the fifth dimensional Gold Ray has merged with the Silver Violet Flame, adding wisdom, angelic love and protection to the qualities of transmutation and harmony – a truly mighty combination that raises your consciousness to the fifth dimension and holds it there.

Where can you send the Gold and Silver Violet Flame?

1. Ask it to proceed you during the day, purifying your pathway.
2. Send it to people who are sick or out of balance.
3. Use it to transmute your anger, fear or negativity
4. Use it to transmute clouds of anger, fear or negativity round others, including people you have not met.
5. Send it to heal disharmony in relationships.
6. Send it to places to purify the energy of war, disease or disharmony.
7. Send it to any parts of your body that need healing.
8. Send it down electricity pylons, phone lines or the internet to purify the web.
9. Send it to the astral planes to help stuck souls who have not passed over.

I've used this one few occasion, it's good transmutating stomach aches to health I've noticed, and has helped the relationship that I had with my father become from stuck and dark to open and funny.

I do have to say getting protected to use this is one heavy armour, Archangel Michael's shield, Archangel Garbiel's aura of light and strenght and Sananda golden light.
It's easy to get unsettled if you use this flame without protection cause it leaves your soul wide open to be affected.


Dear Diana,

I have been asking for guidance on this issue but I'm still not clear.

I am working with a small group of people and we meet regularly and often use the silver violet gold flame of transmutation, and send it many places to help transmute the fear and negativity. However, we are finding that we are left covered in a fine white ash, and the bigger the place we send the flame the more ash there is, but also we can be left feeling tired. I wonder if we are doing it right? Do we need to be more considered or protected? We always ask permission to use the flame, and so any advice would be once again gratefully received.

With love and light



Dear Debbie,

I am often asked this question and do write about it in my books. When you use the violet flame it opens you up, so that you need protection. The gold flame is protective but not enough to protect you from all the energy that comes into your aura when you open up with the violet flame.

You are clearly doing marvellous work and just need to make sure you are well protected. I would suggest Michael’s cloak as well as the gold ray of Christ and Archangel Gabriel’s pure white reflective ball around you.

Protection works to the extent that you unconsciously believe in it, which is why I suggest three protections.

With Love and Blessings,



On other matters... I have few tarot reading to do, two two newer friends.
And one for myself too! Last one came through thoroughly and I am in the mids of change, everything, absolutely everything is in change [well maybe not the marriage ;)] and I couldn't be happier, cause none of them are bad changes. And this trip to Canary Island it could not be at a better time.
I feel like I am finally - truly - letting go of all the things that use to have a hold on me in the past. :)

Life is good!


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