Friday, January 1, 2010


Here is something that resonates deep inside of me as MY PERSONAL TRUTH.

An Overview of the Michael Teachings

Long ago you faced a dilemma. You were about to start a grand journey, a new cycle of lifetimes in a human body. In your cycle you would sign on for approximately 10,000 years, or 50-200 lifetimes, in order to learn about the physical plane and about sentience.

You were told that in order to become sentient you needed to be one of seven personality types, or "Roles": Server, Priest, Artisan, Sage, Warrior, King, or Scholar. Your Role, to be chosen by you, would be your underlying personality type through all of your lifetimes in the cycle.

You knew this was a big decision, one you'd have to live with for a long time. Should you be a kind, loving Server? An inspired Priest? A creative Artisan? A fun-loving Sage? What about a brave Warrior, masterful King, or intelligent Scholar?

To make things easier for you, the universal life force or Tao created a system of personality traits called overleaves, to be worn like a cloak over your true Role. You would stay the same Role through each of your lifetimes in the cycle, but every lifetime you would change your overleaves for variety. Overleaves would give you a chance to experiment with the energy of all the other Roles, modify your life experience as needed, and enable you to be complex and sophisticated.

When you began your first lifetime as whatever Role you wanted to be. You chose a Goal for that lifetime: Re-evaluation, Growth, Discrimination, Acceptance, Submission, Dominance, or Flow

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They have it all, Roles, Modes, Attitude, Soul Age, your Centering, you Essence Twin (ET).

I first got introduced to Michael's teachings when I was 16. My father (who isn't exactly spiritual found two book in yard sale and though I would like them... These two books were called:

Tao to Earth
By Jose Stevens.
How do you get here? And what happens when you do? This book covers all the important information about the setting up of a lifetime, from describing karmas, agreements and relationships. Essence twins, task companions, monads and astrological influences are included.


Earth to Tao
By Jose Stevens.
Presents a comprehensive blueprint of spiritual awakening & its relationship to healing. Discusses the support of nature devas, animals, spiritual guides, and the seven steps to "agape".

I went through the first one and from the first sentance on it was what my soul resonated with, it was my truth in a book, by a man and soul group I've never even heard of!
I was flabbergasted - how come I already knew all this and then was presented with these books for resource material?

All I am saying is this truly opened my eyes to synchronicity - divine will - and peace.

P.S: I find myself at 2nd Level Old Soul, in Server Role with Artisan Overleaves which is:

Old Soul: Retired, relaxed-looking, puttering around, usually happy, not getting excited about too much, unambitious, learning to teach and love, finishing off karmas.
2nd: The Explorer. At this level you feel more grounded in the new consciousness, and send yourself out in the world. Here you work most strongly on your self-karmas, testing your personal habit patterns and working on your self-discipline.
Server: This Role was originally called "Slave", but this word gives a connotation to the Role which is not necessarily valid. In the Negative Pole of -Bondage, a Server can be like a slave in the sense that she feels as if she is carrying the world as a burden on her shoulders. She may feel like she is a lowly drudge who is yoked to a menial job. She may feel that her whole life is filled with one obligatory chore after another, just like a slave in past cultures. But the Positive Pole of Service is one of helping, caring, nurturing, sustaining, attending, aiding, and consoling. Of the Roles, the Server would probably be considered the most "feminine" in our culture, because of these "mothering" qualities. Artisans: are impelled to make things. They get restless if they do not create something tangible. It is their nature to produce physical objects. They generate an idea, and from within themselves they spew it out into material reality. They take the raw material in their hands and fashion it into things of beauty or function. Gadgets and gizmos are their stock in trade. Artisans are interested in how things work. As children, they often take things apart to see what is inside -- "What makes it tick?" -- then they put it back together again. They are good at this and have high "mechanical aptitudes." But Artisans are so multi-faceted that they can't be boxed into a single field of expertise. They can be excellent artists, inventors, musicians, actors, writers, surgeons, architects, interior decorators, landscapers, or essentially any occupation that generates something new, different, and unique. They also excel at occupations that involve fixing or manipulating things that already exist, such as draftsmen, machinists, assemblers, mechanics, home-builders, construction workers, painters, auto-makers, manufacturers, repairmen, technicians, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, cabinetmakers, and so on.


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