Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ken Wilber's map of the Four Quadrons.
Last Beyond Awakening teleseminar touched on Integral world view.

I had heard of it before in passing but hadn't registered it, probably cause the word to a non-native-english speaker was bit too foreign.
I have to credit Ken Wilber for speaking about it in a way that I connected with immeadiately.
It locates four states of consciousness on one axis (the horizontal): Gross (Nature), Subtle (Deity), Causal (Formless), and Nondual; and, usually seven stages/levels of worldview on an orthogonal axis (vertical): Archaic, Magic, Mythic, Rational, Pluralistic, Integral, and Superintegral. Thus it becomes an elegant interpretive device with 28 points of intersection, each representing the results of a particular transitory state of consciousness being interpreted from within one of the more enduring stages/levels of consciousness. They can distinguish and make sense of previous conflations among spiritual experiences, both for individuals reflecting on their own inner life and for researchers. Integral Spirituality (2006) and The Integral Vision (2007) present greater details such as a more graphic representation of the Wilber-Combes grid and several phenomenological illustrations. From
Few things that stuck to my mind from the podcast the other day were how these 7 stages were explained.
Before religion everything was Magic, Religion created the Myth evolution where everything in your chosen book is real, really happened, really existed, Rational appeared with science, Pluralistic divided everything in two and having finally past Pluralistic we are at Integral where Everyone is right to certain degree, no one is flat out all the way wrong (like in myth), we all know part of the whole truth. And after Integral mind set (you don't have to join any church or internet site for this - you either regocnise the values or you do not) gains enough ground (Ken Wilber states 10% of humanity) we evolve again... to SuperIntegral.

But this video will help to understand it as well:
And now that you have heard of the Integral Map:


  1. Hi Niina, it's nice to know that a beautiful woman in Helsinki is sharing how you "see and deal with Spirituality in my day-to-day life".

    I share your enthusiasm for 'Integral Life'! (and blog-share)
    If you wish, pls.visit

  2. Thank you, Theo. ♥, ☆ & ☺!

    Ofcourse I visited! ☺ I enjoyed the entry on "Illuminated mind and What else!"!

    I'd be interested in that video have to see if I can find it. :)

    Do visit often and loads of Love, Light and Joy!



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