Saturday, February 17, 2007


You Are What You Eat

For some odd reason my turning into a lacto-ovo-vegetarian to lessen the violance in my life, caused a lot of stir.
Apparently people don't just turn vegetarian, unless they want to lose weight in my near circle.

My point was very clear, I didn't want someone to go through violence for me.
It seems hard to understand by my fellow co-workers and family members.

My husband thinks it's bit hypocritical that I don't assosiate killing plants into "killing anything".
And I do understand no life is more important than the other... but I think our emotions make them still different.
I would love to explain clearly the symbiotic relationship that we (humans) have with plants.
And how it is different from the act violently killing a chicken, cow, pig, dog...

I saw an article in Minä Olen - Magazine that said people shouldn't pay too much attention to what they or others eat. Cause in the end we aren't what we eat, but we are what we think. And seeing differences instead of similarities keeps you from achieving unity and happiness.

So focus on what you love about another person, not how you are different.


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