Saturday, June 4, 2011


I am reading a Finnish book online at the moment, it was written in 1913 by Pekka Ervast, a Rosicrucian and Theosophian who wrote wonders about the Finnish nation, our History and Culture in spiritual light.

This Book is called Newly Born Finland ( Uudesti Syntyvä Suomi ) it discusses the Deva, the Protective Spirit, the National Spirit of Finland.

I've reached Chapter 3. Where he writes that old Finnish souls from our Golden Age begun to reincarnate back to Finland around 1900. Before this they had traveled the world, being born in India, China, Italy, France and Germany learning from other Cultures. And Being born back to Finland at the time when Finland ( though writing this he didn't know just how right he was ) was raising its head from being oppressed for quite many years, generations. He writes how Finnish people had to hold on to their nature, Finnish nature during this oppressive time and that took a lot of energy, hence the quiet era where not a lot of Finnish Culture was known in Europe and beyond. But as 1900 begun and old Finnish souls from the golden age returned we begun to see such people as Sibelius where he in 1900-1902 breaks through to International Stage.

Why I find this interesting is that have intuitive knowledge of having other lives in Finland, knowledge that I come back from time to time check up on Finland. This is interesting as I just recently had Clearing done on my Akashic Record, two lives to be exact, and one of them was in 900th Finland, the woman who did this Clearing told me I lived in the Oulu area in 900's and I was the Shaman of the tribe.

I channeled my Higher Self this morning ( I'm going to use the term "her" as I am a woman in this life time, but in Finnish him and her are represented by one word "hän" which means both genders ) considering my earlier life in Finland. I asked her if I had an earlier life in Finland, she answered yes. I asked if I had been a Shaman, she answered yes. I asked if I had lived in 900's, she answered yes. I asked if I had lived in Oulu area, she answered yes. I asked if I had been a man or a woman, she answered man. I asked her to show me an image of myself from that time, and saw immediately a man sitting on a rock seat fire in front of him and early night, he had longer hair that had natural dreads mixed in his hair from time to time, he had a short beard, and he was thin, I got the mental image he didn't, I didn't eat a lot. But I saw muscles in his legs so he wasn't sickly thin. I asked her what happened in that life time that had lingered with me before the Akashic record was cleared, she told me the earth changed, I tried to see but she told me it wasn't a catastrophe, but subtle change in the earth, crops didn't grow as they use to. I had tried my best with the knowledge that I had to make the ground fertile, she told me I did what I could but something’s are meant to happen.
I then asked her is there something she'd like me to know, she showed me kissing the forehead of a young girl, platonic kiss and she told me I passed on my knowledge to the girl, what I knew of incantations and medicines.

This self-exploration was brought on by the Ervast book, and I am thinking there are many more to read on the matter of Finns and our Golden Age, The Kalevala and Finnish Spirituality. But these are my thoughts for now.

Love, Light and Joy!

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