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Time to go over the Minä Olen Fair, Day One, that was yesterday. I personally always go only on Saturdays, because I need a day to recover before having to head back to work. This year was slightly different from other, first there seem to be more people, especially teenagers, which is good, but I gave a slight giggle at their hip glasses and  retro stylish clothes. I am sure when I was eighteen and went to my first fair I was just as bad, well perhaps not quite so stylish. I saw a lot of people I remembered from last year, especially on the sales stands. Now the program this year, I have to say I sort of expected more but got less - the absolute best were David R.  Hamilton, a Scotsman who I originally didn't plan to see but turned out to be the best performer as well as giving most of new information in the field of scientific studies on the neuroplasticity of the brain and our DNA.

But let's start at the beginning!

Mom and I waiting for the first lecture to begin, the "Healing Powers of Light and Vibration" by Cosme Castanieto.

As it turned out this lecture couldn't hold our attention, it might be because of the interpreting that threw off his flow of speaking or what, but we decided to leave after 20 minutes to go shop around a little.

We looked around the second floor first, me staying by my books a whole lot of time, but eventually I asked mom if she wanted to go take Aura Photographs, which neither one of us have taken in a long time, me about 5 years, her in 3 years.
In my photo, the man interpreted was a lack on physical (lower part of the photo) which he was completely right, I've stopped working out, which will have to be picked up again. The orange here is healing energy and there is a lot of it, and it's surrounding the blue and white that is my spiritual and intellectual aura, which automatically made me think of my blog and the free readings and healings I give here. At the very top the red orbs are stress, which I can tell are due to my uncle in the hospital, but they are at the edges with spiritual knowledge between them effecting my body. ( I put the photo away too quickly, still bit wet, which caused the few pixels being pulled off, the white)

Now this was the point that mom left, and I staid to go to the rest of the lectures. I lasted few minutes on the Health lecture before heading out to hear David Hamilton's "Mind and Visualisation Healing the Body". I walk into the Hall and he telling about Viagra and how rhyming  it with Niagara conjures up  an image of force and power and crushing flow, all righty, then her goes about saying would the drug work less perhaps if it rhymed different, for example the drug be called Flobby. This got a roaring laugh out of everyone.

He continued to tell of an experiment where married couples we studied one couple at a time in a room for 30 minutes where the couple had to talk about something to do with their marriage. There were two extremes the hateful ones who easily got to argument about nailed each other to the walls, and those who were compassionate, loving, reminiscing on some beautiful memory. They had gotten a full physical before the 30 minutes, and it turned out all the people at the hateful end had hardened arteries, their bodies when hatefully living their lives were physically hardening up. The compassionate ones had bigger soft arteries, with easy blood flow. He gave few other examples after this but returned to why this happened later. When you do to others something loving and compassionate, not to yourself but to others your brain produces oxytocin that travels through your blood to your cells, now as they impact with the cells the cell produces off them nitrous oxide which actually opens up the arteries and softens them giving the heart room to pup blood hence lowering your blood pressure. Now - the interesting thing was there was the same amount of fat, smokers and alcohol user in both end of the couple groups. The only difference was that one side was loving and compassionate, the other wasn't.
Article about it  =

He also talked about something I thought was the coolest thing since sliced bread! There was an experiment where a man was told to curl his pinkie finger for 15 mins, 5 days a week for 3 months. Now this stimulated that part of the brain that actually grew 40 times it size in those 3 months (40 times as in more connections, more intricate and so on not all just size) and his finger could lift 35% more weight since the beginning of the test. Now there was also a man who visualised curling up his pinkie finger 15 mins a day 5 days a week for 3 months and his finger was 35% stronger after three months and his part of the brain 40 times larger. Amazing right!? But that's not all. There was a third man who watched the first guy curl his pinkie finger, and guess what? His pinkie finger was 35% stronger and brain 40 times larger on that area! By just watching it!
What do we make of this then? The brain knows no difference between you doing it - you visualising it or you watching someone do it - results are the same! Amazing isn't it. This interested me beyond words.
He also spoke about mediation, and apparently people who mediate regularly have a thicker frontal lobe of the brain, and meditating switches on 1561 genes in your DNA, and shuts off some 600.
To learn more visit =
"How Meditation effects the grey matter of the Brain?" Article

Well it was hard to top that! But I left the Hall wiser than I stepped on it, I about ran, as fast as you can run  in a crowd of herrings in a tin to fetch the book I had been meaning to buy, "The Ancient Finland's Forgotten Kingdom" by Jukka Nieminen, a great book so far, talks about Finnish Ley Lines, sacred sites and more, it boggles the mind that most people know nothing of these things!

This next one I had truly been waiting for the angel lecture! Maria Zavou's "Healing Energies of Angels". Which I am sad to say didn't suit me, she seemed only to promote her books and workshops with few tid bits of information on angel surgery. Me, as many others as well, left mid way with a bit of a pout. She simply stayed behind the speakers box, looking bored and strict, no smiles no connecting to the audience. I expected much more from it, information for one hand, perhaps angel mediations, but it was all a plug to attend her courses. Well perhaps her books are something else. But it seems Diana Cooper will continue to be my angel lady.


Now Michelle Karén was different. I saw her by her booths before the lecture and she was kind enough to offer me to make an offer on her astrology reading when I told her I was on a tight budget this month, that was truly kind and would have taken up on it had I not been on the super tight budget that only allowed the fair for this month. But to her lecture next! My second favourite of the day! She was very engaging with the audience, smiled a lot and walked on stage, similar to David Hamilton's performance. She managed to laugh at herself and the current state of the world a bit, which always relaxes the audience. She talked about the Mayan calendars, 9 steps, days and nights, which I knew, thought this:

But she also matched astrology with her calendar interpretations. On the photo below she talked about Jupiter (money, finances) moving to Pisces (sharing freedom silence) and how from Jan 17th 2010 to Jan. 22 2011 was all about the beginning of new money, responsibility, sharing, giving for free, trading. It was time of loosing bad money and figuring how to make more of what we already have, recycling.
Then Saturn moving into Libra on July 21st 2010 to Oct 5th 2012 is all about Love, loosing inadequate relationships, finding true love, not settling, this is a time when true relationship, soul mate and twin flames getting together. Uranus entering Mars may 27th to Aug 13th 2010 was and now again is all about corruption being shows and bad companies collapsing, negative energies being wiped out, she mentioned Thailand tsunamis due to drugs and prostitution, Haiti due to corruption and  one more I cannot call right now.
Chiron entering Pisces April 20 to July 19th 2010 was all about ethics, and morals, a sort of silent knowledge of what is right.
She also spoke of time accelerating, it feels like it because karma is instant we cannot hide behind karma anymore, you do it and it is for all to see, there is no more delay where you can hide. And it will pick up more speed as we get closer and closer to Dec 21st 2012.

Now few purchaces and pamphlets from the Fair, to finish off the entry.

Celtic Silver Jewelry you can order from:

Finnish Talismans and Spiritual Jewelry.


 Bought three inscense packages of Sandalwood, Champa and Opium.

And got a Rune Stone Necklace, with the rune Kenaz in black leather string.

That's all! Great day!

Love, Light and Joy!


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