Sunday, June 19, 2011


All this talk about monetary or financial abundance in spirituality is really bothering me. I do not for a second believe that if all the people in the world manifested monetary abundance we could even survive.

Money is an illusion. Think of credit, a loan, card you pay with, imaginary money on your bank account. The only real money is the cash in your hand and even that is so corrupt there are no words for it. There are people who decide how much your cash is worth at any given time, or how much your gold or silver is worth. But gold and silver are more consistent of the three options.

This is what rubs me the wrong way about The Secret is their money, cars, jewelry approach.  They make a good point of taking responsibility of your life but imagining a car believing you have it, won't do it.

Do not get me wrong I believe in the Law of Attraction very much, just not the attachment filled The Secret.

Law of Attraction is attracting with your thoughts experiences to your life.

Like one day I had to go to a meeting at work in the evening, I spend two hours prior thinking I don't want to go, I'm tired, gosh why do I have to go? So by the time I'm standing solidly on the bus stop waiting for my ride to work, two busses miss their shift - which leads to me running to catch a metro and being late from the meeting.
What did I attract there - apparently no transportation, it is as if the Universe was right by my side in the metro looking at me and saying: "But I though you didn't want to go, I just gave you what you wanted?"

Another time I was setting a dentist appointment on the phone without my work calendar, and we set a date for mid May, a Wednesday. Few days after the call I checked the work calendar to find out I had set the appointment for the morning of Spring Celebration day, a morning where we and the kids would put on a show for the parents for the end of the Spring  semester.  I had to change the dentist appointment then, I tried to call them twice not getting through. In my mind I kept repeating I have to change the dentist appointment, I have to change the dentist appointment.  Universe heard me loud and clear and had the dentist  office call me the next day telling me they had to close for Wednesday because of staff training and would I be free the next day, on Thursday.  I couldn't help but to smile when I said, yes.

Yet another example, and I'll keep this short, was when our sofa was at a breaking point and I kept thinking we need a new sofa, we need a new sofa - what did the amazing Universe do, well through my mom and her boyfriend gave us a 300€ gift card to a furniture store.

Another short one, as we were remodeling, having super hard time with getting off wallpaper, I kept asking come off easy, come off easy - modifying my technique a little it did come off as easy as magic.

Now you will never caught me cheating, I will never wish for 100,000€s for Abundance, or sports car for the fun and cool of it, or jewelry for the sparkliness of it. That people is Vanity.

Now is Vanity part of Enlightenment?
Is it part of Love?
Is Vanity part of Light, perhaps?
Oh - no? Well then we will agree. if we disagree then ask yourself this if you are perfect and already have everything you need, if you are perfectly safe as you are then why do you need possessions? Extra Money?  Extra Vacation?  Extra Clothes?  Extra Jewelry? How will that better your light-filled essence who is on its way to Non-Attachment, Love and Compassion?

We can agree or disagree, as all paths eventually lead to same Unity. :)
Here is another view on abundance, letting go and money.


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