Tuesday, June 7, 2011


"Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman"
As there was a great Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun three days ago, I thought I'd post my experiences from yesterday, as yesterday should have been the peak day of the "download". 
Why do I say download? There are many people, but in grand scale few, who study the sun and its solar maximum and minimum cycles and see what historical events correlate with those. Some men have come to believe ( perhaps you'll find their names here ) that when the Sun releases particles during CME and flares that effect our body, changing the so called settings in us.
Cosmic rays are high-energy particles from deep space; they penetrate metal, plastic, flesh and bone. Astronauts exposed to cosmic rays develop an increased risk of cancer, cataracts and other maladies. Ironically, solar explosions, which produce their own deadly radiation, sweep away the even deadlier cosmic rays. As flares subside, cosmic rays intensify - yin, yang. ~http://niinac.blogspot.com/2010/12/solar-maximum-effects-2012-solar.html
But also:
But there is scientific evidence that the increase in the solar activity could give a significant boost to human consciousness and to spiritual evolution. It could open the door to a new era, argue some scientists.
This is because we, human beings, constantly generate electromagnetic fields around us depending on the thoughts and feelings we have. And these fields in turn, are constantly interacting with many other electric and magnetic fields on the planet earth, in the solar system and in universe. In as far as solar activity impacts on electric and magnetic fields that affect us every day, the sun interacts directly with our DNA and stimulates changes in biosynthesis in cells. ~http://niinac.blogspot.com/2010/12/solar-maximum-effects-2012-solar.html
So let's move on to yesterday, Monday.

Yesterday was the day that the effects of the Saturday’s CME (coronal mass ejection) were felt in the electromagnetic field of earth, and us, the people. Of course thanks to our planet's magnetic field we never get the full blast of the update but share it planet earth.

On Sunday I had a wonderful day of realizing that my ego was on my spiritual path with me, blocking me subtly from enjoying the Light with trying to educating myself on the information of spirituality. ( the entry HERE )
What I decided on Sunday was to make Monday a Day of Light - not just Monday but the rest of my life. The thing I was worried about was what work would be like when my focus was Light, I decided I won't worry about it as I had intuitive knowledge it would be absolutely perfect for my work, but still my ego was trying to worry me with image of me having to quit my job to enjoy the Light. Well-- it just happens Monday was 1-0 for Niina. ;)

I woke up, lying in bed I opened my eyes and chose that today was going to be light filled, the most blissful, happiest day where I give the universe the open field to manifest through me. On a side note I said the same thing this morning. My day that followed was amazing, the most calm, serene, happy one - usually I am at least twice or thrice stressed when the children at work get into arguments and screaming - it seemed my attitude was rubbing off on them.

I noticed how I was fully present in all the actions I did, with the child I was with. It seemed a fully different experience from last week. I do not know how much of this has to do with the CME but I am not so proud to say I give it no credit of Sunday and Monday and the change at the core of me.

The Universe, it's planets and stars are more mysterious than we give them credit for - just because we can see them and guess upon them doesn't mean all is known and understood about them, ask that of any scientist and they'll agree. This existence of ours... much more amazing than meets the 15% usage capability of our brain.

What happened to you on Sunday-Monday?

Love, Light and Joy!


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