Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I write this due to my own struggle with keeping my teeth healthy. It seems every year I have few more cavities, but this year it's a whole whopping different story. And I know the culprit - or at least until few weeks ago I thought I knew!
Sugar, since Christmas I have been a sugar addict, and it's not something I admit lightly or in humoristic way as it is not humorous in any way. We all know sugar is bad for us, not just teeth but the body, natural energy levels and production of natural balance of feel good chemicals by the brain.
Sugar is an addiction, as strong as one to heroine ( some experts say, read here HERE ) though with not quite the withdrawal symptoms.

I kicked sugar four weeks ago for good, deciding to not let myself slip the coming Christmas like I did last, where this begun.
The first two weeks were literally very hard - I do not know if you have tried to cut sugar off after almost daily indulgence for several weeks, but it is hard. I kept purposefully away from the candy isles, but wanted to go them so bad, same with anything else that had sugar, pastries, snack bars, soft drinks...
But I held my ground, with will power, and conscious choices, and it took just like last time 2 WEEKS to get rid of the sugar cravings. 2 weeks! If you think about it that is a long time, people! 
Sugar has 2 week purge time, the artificial sugar leaves the body in 2 weeks, after which the craving top have more more more is diminished almost fully.

Now - It was also that 4 weeks ago that I started searching for information on healthy dental care, and ran across this guy Ramiel Nagal who seems to have a holistic, conscious view on tooth care with his book Cure Toot Decay
"Eating healthy is not just about eating fruits and vegetables. It is about eating mineral dense food sources, regularly, as in twice per day or more." ~Ramiel Nagal
Also right at this time I had my 2 year check up at the dentist appointment.
I immediately liked my doctor a very young woman, who I felt was kind, she talked to me and showed me my scans and told me in a way that I could not deny that I needed to start flossing and begin to use Xylitol after every meal. I took her word and got the things needed at the store afterwards, then at home I ran into Cure Tooth Decay website and begin to do healing work on my teeth.

After reading Mr. Nagal's first free chapter I buy calcium tablets as I eat very little yogurt and milk, phosphorus I discover you have to get from food, and hence buy All Bran Cereal for breakfast, getting my hit of phosphorus every morning. Calcium and phosphorus produce a substance called hydroxyapatite to the saliva which is demineralizing, in other words creates stronger teeth by strengthening the dentil and enamel.
Now I cannot say I yet fully believe in all he talks about, phyctic acid being one, where whole grains and nuts and corn are bad for you.

There is very much contradicting information, but I do believe that as little invasive action on teeth is the best way to go, I am sure we all know about the amalgam fillings are no good and that the best filling these days is ceramic.
This is why before I headed out to camping I made a deal with my teeth and the universe that if it was in the highest good, I would reform my diet and my teeth in return would allow themselves to be healed with Reiki by me. This worked wonders on my sore tooth that my dentist had said most likely had pulpitis and that if the pain continued or worsened I was to have root canal on it. Well the pain went away almost immediately as I begun healing my teeth.
I felt the glands produce hydroxyapatite rich saliva to strengthen the dentin and enamel, making my teeth white inside out, and felt the energies of Reiki impact all my teeth, healing them, showering them with love and light. Helping the enamel's beginning cavities just fade away. And be replaced by strength and health.

On the physical side I brush my teeth morning and evening and floss every evening.
I also use Xylitol gum or tablets after every meal as this is what I learned from Xylitol.
"Most of the early studies on xylitol consumption and tooth decay were carried out with xylitol gum. Since chewing gum elicits an increase in salivation, it was uncertain if the xylitol or the stimulated saliva flow accounted for the decrease in decay rate. Increased salivation does exert a cleansing influence on teeth, has a buffering effect on the bacterial acids, and results in an increase of calcium and phosphate, which causes a healing or hardening of tooth enamel. This question was answered when chewing gums sweetened with different sweeteners were compared in a field study of 4th-grade students in Central America. The highest decay rate was found in children who chewed sugar-containing gum, even higher than those children who did not chew gum. Sugar-free gum did lower the decay rate, but the most dramatic drop in the decay rate was observed in children chewing 100%-sweetened xylitol gum."
Read the whole article here: and see if you want to be doing the same routine.

Wither I believe that regular dental care is right or alternative is right, I see no harm in following them both as best as I can. I firmly believe what we eat effects our health so why wouldn't it affect our dental health.
I believe my whole grain, as organic as possible diet of the vegetarian and non-alcoholic kind will help my teeth be stronger.
As I continue with this journey to find tools and advice on the best dental care I am about to leave for my first dental appointment to fix what needs to be fixed, knowing my healing work has worked it's wonder and what still needs to be done is in the highest good of me.

If you feel so, feel free to send healing to me and my teeth as we continue on our search for the right solutions.


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